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Speed up application development, improve collaboration, cut development costs, and automate enterprise workflows with Pega and N-iX.

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Harness BPM low-code capabilities
of Pega with N-iX

Pega is a low-code Business Process Management platform designed for automating workflows and making data-driven decisions. Thanks to its visual modeling capabilities allowing intuitive app creation, Pega enables even business users with little or no coding experience to assume the role of a citizen developer to participate in the development process. This empowers enterprise leaders with greater BPM capabilities, a higher frequency of low-cost experiments leading to new products and services, more control over the development process, visibility into the resources used for building an app, and innovative culture attracting top talents.

Our team builds Pega software solutions based on PRPC and base BPM capabilities, as well as helps enterprises implement and configure particular Pega solutions, such as Pega Customer Service or Financial Services.

Our Pega services will help you build a roadmap to BPM ecosystem implementation, evaluate your business case, develop applications, coach and mentor your team, and start the process of Pega adoption. This will ultimately provide you with strategic control over your application development process while reducing the time and cost of development.

  • Accelerated development and deployment cycles
  • Sustained improvement in business performance
  • Improved collaboration among the departments
  • Simplified digitalization of most complex manual processes
  • Integrated diverse applications and data
  • Enhanced relevance and compliance of applications
  • Reduced maintenance workload
  • Increased agility

N-iX Pega consulting services and solutions

N-iX helps enterprises harness the power of low-code Pega BPM platform to
streamline and automate their processes to improve the customer experience and drive revenue. We will assist
you in building and implementing your automation strategy with the low-code capabilities of Pega.

Pega consulting services

Our team devises an outcome-driven strategy for your automation-powered transformation. We conduct a tech gap analysis, capture your requirements, and define a solid business case for Pega implementation. N-iX helps you define and leverage Pega-powered solutions to optimize business operations

Pega implementation and development

N-iX experts implement Pega-based solutions, including system building, testing, and deployment while establishing mechanisms for continuous real-time feedback to enhance business operations. We can help you get an application to the end-user at 3X speed. We provide Pega customizations and develop tailored features to bridge functional gaps, resolve design inconsistencies, and enhance security.

Support and scaling

N-iX experts will expand the capabilities of your Pega-powered applications as your business needs grow and change. Our team will help you maintain the current landscape, monitor and optimize the processes, and train your in-house developers. We will release and continue improving your application with Pega’s scaling capacity.

Faster and simpler enterprise-grade app development

3X development speed

Pega development services improve IT efficiency by reducing development timelines, IT burden, and the cost of retiring legacy software.

Robust digital experience

Wrap and renew existing platforms to enable a robust digital experience.

45% back-office boost

Pega professional services, low-code and robotic process automation, and task mining by N-iX lead to a 45% increase in back-office operational efficiency.

70% reduction in manual tasks

Our clients experience a 70% reduction in time spent on non-essential tasks and a 20% reduction in average task handle time.

Simplified compliance

Standardization of workflow automation resulted in compliance, regulatory, and audit savings, and improved tracking for compliance teams.

Better visibility

Pega provides increased visibility into enterprise operations, enabling you to enhance performance and improve data traceability.

Improved user experience

Our Pega implementation services optimize business processes and employee performance, which results in improved customer experience and loyalty.

Collaboration across business and IT

N-iX’s Pega development capabilities facilitate collaboration between business and IT teams, resulting in better idea testing, early fail detection, and faster development.

Confident technical decisions

Intelligent automation with Pega allows you to make the right technical decisions, leading to less rework and improved time to value.

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