Since cyberattacks evolve just as often as techniques to prevent them, it's in the business's best interest that cybersecurity service providers notice the weak spots before the hackers do. Penetration testing, or "ethical hacking," is one of the techniques that help IT teams find these vulnerabilities.

Pen tests identify possible targets for hackers by simulating a system, device, app, or network attack. Their results are important for designing and implementing better security mechanisms and improving the system's resilience. 

The penetration testing market is estimated to be around $4.25B in 2024 and is expected to hit $12.76B by 2029, indicating the companies' will to invest in better security. It also means there will be more tech companies offering penetration testing services. But how do you choose the right one for your business case? 

N-iX has prepared a list of 15 carefully selected penetration testing companies for you to choose the most optimal tech vendor for your business. Here's what we paid attention to during the selection process.

Selection methodology

As of February 2024, Clutch lists over 2,780 companies offering penetration testing services. The number of pen testing vendors worldwide is even higher, making choosing the right one quite difficult.

In the case of the best penetration testing companies, opt for the ones with over ten years of expertise in providing pen testing services to clients from various industries. Since hacking techniques evolve rapidly, an experienced team is more likely to simulate the newest attacks effectively.

In addition, the more tech experts the vendor has, the higher the chance of having available security experts who can start working on your project immediately. It will help you detect the vulnerabilities before the potential hackers do. On top of that, having testimonies from real-world clients is another proof of the trustworthiness of penetration testing service providers. 

Here are a few criteria we applied to make a list of penetration testing companies:

  • 10+ years of experience in providing pen testing services;
  • Published pen testing case studies;
  • An in-house team of at least 250+ tech experts;
  • Three or more client reviews on Clutch and similar platforms;
  • 4.5 or higher global rating on Clutch.

Top 15 trusted pen testing companies

1. N-iX

N-iX has been a reliable software development provider for enterprises for 21 years. It's one of the global penetration testing companies that also offers technology consulting, digital transformation, custom solution development, and team extension services.

Our services help clients fortify their systems, identify vulnerabilities, and ensure robust protection on every level. We apply industry-leading application security practices and simulate hacker attacks by penetration testing using advanced tools for web and mobile apps. Our comprehensive services include external and internal network pen tests, employee vulnerability assessments, Red vs Blue team evaluations, SOC operations, and incident response to safeguard your tech infrastructure and minimize risks.

N-iX assists organizations in achieving regulatory compliance, particularly in heavily regulated sectors such as finance, banking, energy, and healthcare. Holding certifications like PCI DSS, FSQS, CyberGRX, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and ISO/IEC 27701:2019, we ensure cybersecurity policies and standards adherence. N-iX's extensive industry experience spans finance, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, retail, automotive, energy, and more domains, positioning us among the best pen testing companies.

N-iX is one of top 15 reliable penetration testing companies

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Operating globally since 1993, this vendor specializes in penetration testing as a part of their cybersecurity services. The company helps businesses across sectors like public services, retail, manufacturing, and finance identify and address vulnerabilities in their systems effectively. The vendor also offers engineering, automation, design, and other services.



This vendor can help discover potential vulnerabilities in your desktop, web, and mobile applications. It also offers penetration services to assess cybersecurity on infrastructure and system levels. The company can also help clients with software optimization, data and AI, engineering, and consulting on tech issues. 


3. Infopulse

As one of the penetration testing companies, this vendor provides a broad range of security assessment services. It includes network infrastructure and application testing, vulnerability assessment, embedded device pen tests, red and purple teaming, and pen tests for remote workstations. They mainly partner with businesses from agriculture, telecommunications, food, and other industries.


7. Apriorit

This company provides this type of security assessment services for various platforms, including client-server systems, web services, networks (both external and internal), Android and iOS applications, smart contracts, SaaS platforms, and more. It caters to the needs of finance, healthcare, automotive, telecom, and other businesses.


4. Sikich

For over 30 years, this tech company has offered various cybersecurity services, including penetration testing. With the help of such controlled tests, the vendor's cybersecurity experts can detect vulnerabilities in the client's websites, systems, and applications. The tech company has offices in the USA and India and mainly serves clients from manufacturing, life sciences, and agriculture industries.



This vendor has offered a wide range of tech services since 1993. As one of the pen testing companies, it helps businesses get actionable insights into the quality of their defense mechanisms. By utilizing various penetration test types on different levels, its team helps detect and eliminate vulnerabilities in the projects by VC-backed startups, SMEs, and enterprises.


8. Cegeka Romania

Since 2012, this company has delivered a range of IT services, such as consultancy, team extension, outsourcing, and end-to-end software development. Penetration testing is one of its cybersecurity services. The vendor helps identify client security vulnerabilities by testing web applications, internal networks, servers, red teaming, and employee behavior.


9. CyberDuo

The company can assist you with IT, security, cloud, and professional managed services. It's based in the US and partners mostly with US businesses. It provides penetration testing services and helps clients fortify their channels and entry points. Together with pen testing, the vendor also offers managed EDR, cloud security, and training services.


10. TechMagic

The vendor has mainly been catering to the needs of martech, HR tech, fintech, and healthtech businesses since 2014. As a part of security assessment services, it offers realistic cyberattack simulations to provide comprehensive solutions that mitigate cyberthreats. In addition, it delivers detailed pen testing reports and helps its clients design and create a more robust security framework.


11. Red River

This company provides pen testing as a part of its broader managed detection response package. Its portfolio includes end-user security, compliance and governance, identity access and data protection, and secure service edge services. The vendor operates in the US market and has headquarters in New Hampshire.

Red River

12. Dataprise

The next penetration testing company on our list offers various managed tech services to private equity, SMEs, and non-profit businesses. It helps clients proactively detect both known and unknown threats, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity risks across its people, processes, and technologies. The vendor also provides managed detection, managed response, and vCISO services.


13. Executech

Headquartered in Utah, this company specializes in managed IT, cloud, and cybersecurity services. As a part of its managed firewall services, it offers pen tests to help strengthen network infrastructure against cyberthreats. The vendor has offices across the US and serves clients from government, construction, healthcare, and other industries.


14. Applaudo

The company provides various security services to assess the cybersecurity grade of a client's system or network by simulating a cyberattack to identify weak spots. Based on the test results, the company can help clients strengthen their attack response, create a better risk management plan, and improve system or network resilience.


15. 1Path

The final entry on our list of penetration testing service providers, this enterprise was founded in 1997 as three separate tech companies, which later merged into one and became a managed services provider. It features penetration testing as a part of its cybersecurity service offerings. The vendor partners with clients from the legal, healthcare, senior living, finance, and manufacturing industries.


What makes N-iX one of the best pen testing companies?

At N-iX, we prioritize your business's security and offer you a full spectrum of cybersecurity services, including pen testing. If you're looking for penetration testing services from a reliable tech vendor, N-iX is the right company for you. 

We've effectively completed more than 100 security projects for companies of all sizes. With a team of seasoned cybersecurity experts, N-iX offers tailored solutions to identify and mitigate risks across web and mobile applications, networks, and compliance requirements. Backed by certifications including PCI DSS, FSQS, CyberGRX, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and ISO/IEC 27701:2019, we prioritize compliance with cybersecurity policies and standards to ensure the utmost security across our operations.

By partnering with N-iX, businesses from automotive, healthcare, banking, and other industries can safeguard their assets, meet regulatory standards, and bolster their reputation for security excellence. Contact us to discuss how we can help you protect your company against cyberthreats!

Want to ensure your assets are protected? Let N-iX pen testers find it out!


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