In November 2023, N-iX, a global software solutions and engineering services company, joined the UN Call-to-Action against corruption, an appeal issued on the 20th Anniversary of the UN Convention to intensify efforts in tackling corruption that impacts business communities worldwide.

By signing the Call-to-Action, N-iX, in accordance with its code of ethics and its corporate social responsibility vision, reaffirms its commitment to fostering a transparent and accountable business environment for a sustainable and inclusive global economy.

“N-iX recognizes the importance of a collective approach to strengthen governance and combat corruption, serving as the blueprint for a better and more sustainable future. As a global tech company, we acknowledge our significant role in driving positive change. Our organizational governance is rooted in principles of accountability, transparency, and ethical behavior, which we extend to our people and all our partners. Joining the UN Call-to-Action is a testament to our dedication in contributing to the causes that shape a brighter future for all,” says Sviatoslav Kavetskyi, Director of Industry Affairs at N-iX.


The Call-to-Action was developed during the 2023 UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, in New York. It calls on Governments to:

1.     Effectively implement the tenets of the UN Convention against Corruption to level the playing field, taking into account the diversity of contexts and the challenges faced by the business community worldwide. On that basis, strengthen policies, legal frameworks and mechanisms to incentivize business integrity in companies along the supply chain and to tackle impunity by detecting and sanctioning wrongdoing.

2.     In Government decision-making processes, especially for investments and public procurement, increase the use of corporate sustainability criteria in order to advance SDG focused business. In public-private interactions, strive for greater transparency, including in the management of conflicts of interest and through the prevention of undue influence.

3.     Foster a Collective Action approach to strengthen governance and anti-corruption by means of public-private partnerships, dialogue and the engagement of all relevant actors to generate inclusive and innovative solutions for the broader benefit of people and the planet.

4.     Leverage information and communication technology (ICT) along with artificial intelligence to manage corruption risks and make evidence-based decisions while strengthening oversight and transparency. To boost accountability, encourage the use of ICT to monitor, evaluate and report governance and anti-corruption efforts undertaken by the public and private sectors.

5.     Promote the principles of ethical leadership in education by instilling skills that nurture the minds of future business leaders, ensuring their commitment to standards of fairness and integrity in the workplace of tomorrow. 

N-iX Impact Areas

For over two decades, N-iX has been pursuing a mission to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients, our people, and our society by leveraging technology and innovation.

We have focused our efforts on those areas where we can make the most impact, concentrating on Empowering our people, Improving Education, Empowering Communities, and more.

Check out our CSR Report for more information.

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By N-iX November 27, 2023

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N-iX is a global software solutions and engineering services company that helps world’s leading organizations turn challenges into lasting business value, operational efficiency, and revenue growth using modern technology. With over 2,000 professionals in 25 countries across Europe and the Americas, N-iX offers expert solutions in cloud, data analytics, embedded software, IoT, AI, machine learning, and other tech domains. Being in business for over two decades, we have worked with dozens industry-leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies creating value across a wide variety of sectors, including finance, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, and more.

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