N-iX, a global software solutions and engineering services company, has published an in-depth report examining the tech landscape of Latin American countries, including Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Chile, and others.

Latin America has a tech talent pool of almost 2 million professionals. As a result, the region’s growing tech industry and talent pool make software development outsourcing an attractive option for businesses looking to tap into the region’s potential. The comprehensive analysis done by N-iX aims to assist senior executives, tech and business leaders seeking software development partners, strategic sourcing destinations, and development centre locations.

For over two decades, N-iX has been helping industry-leading enterprises and Fortune 500 companies expand their tech expertise and engineering capabilities. With an R&D centre in Medellin, Colombia, and team extension services in Latin America, N-iX understands the local market dynamic and provides clients with access to top engineering talent in the region. To prepare the report, N-iX team has utilized its market knowledge as well as tapped into 150 various sources, such as government publications, market research reports from reputable organizations like the World Bank, OECD, Statista, and industry studies.

The report delves into the business climate, technological infrastructure, innovation potential, talent pool and key tech hubs of Latin American countries. Education and English proficiency levels are also explored since effective communication and a highly skilled workforce play significant roles in the success of future cooperation.

To access the full report and learn more about N-iX's software solutions and engineering services, please, download the PDF version. 


Get a complete overview of the 2023 software development market in Latin America!

Software development in Latin America 2023 market report will help you make an informed decision when looking for a tech partner in South America.


By N-iX August 02, 2023

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