N-iX, a leading European software development provider, has partnered with Wirepas, an innovative Finnish technology company, and became its system integrator. It allows us to help integrate and configure Wirepas connectivity technologies while having access to the latest technology upgrades, tech support, and Wirepas expert advice. 

“Our partnership with Wirepas enables us to bring more value to our clients on all levels, including device and connectivity layers. As a Wirepas system integrator, our key role is to help unlock the power of Wirepas products by utilizing their unique technologies to our clients’ specific business needs,’’ says Igor Kozakevych, a Delivery manager at N-iX. “We have seen a rising need for efficient and highly scalable solutions for asset tracking and monitoring, smart manufacturing, and metering. And that’s exactly what Wirepas has to offer.’’

Wirepas products allow creating resilient, scalable, and efficient enterprise-grade IoT solutions. For instance, one of its products, Wirepas Massive, is a wireless mesh connectivity technology, which can support up to 4 billion devices in a network. What’s more, it enables creating fully battery-operated networks with more than 5 years of battery lifetime. 

The positioning system based on Wirepas Massive is used for smart tracking and improved inventory. The technology is also used to power smart buildings, smart metering, and smart manufacturing. Its key competitive advantage is that it allows creating massive, low power, failure-free networks. 

“Wirepas is a strong believer in an IoT ecosystem play. The broad expertise of N-iX in technologies and products together with a large ecosystem of their own makes our partnership powerful. Our products Wirepas Massive and Wirepas Private 5G have been designed for and proven at industries N-iX covers. This further amplifies the potential of this partnership. We are excited to have N-iX as our partner and see a large number of products powered by Wirepas with great market fit by N-iX,’’  Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas

N-iX is a one-stop IoT development shop and provides the whole life-cycle of hardware and software development services, including consulting, product discovery, design, development, testing, training, and support.

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By N-iX December 13, 2021

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