N-iX, a global software solutions and engineering services company, has obtained the AWS Database Migration Service Delivery specialization. It is the company’s ninth designation within its partnership with AWS.

AWS Database Migration Service Delivery Partners are AWS Partners who help customers use AWS Database Migration Service to migrate databases to AWS easily and securely while minimizing application downtime and following best practices. 

To become AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) Delivery Partner, N-iX has undergone a thorough assessment by AWS Partner Solutions Architects, demonstrated proven customer success, and provided a track record of implemented case studies helping customers migrate databases to AWS.

“Attaining the AWS DMS Delivery Partner status is a source of great pride for us. It showcases our expertise and strengthens our alliance with AWS. By successfully migrating databases to AWS, we empower businesses with seamless data management and real-time insights. We understand that each migration case is unique, and we tailor our approaches to meet the specific needs of our clients,” shares Rostyslav Fedynyshyn, Head of Data and Analytics Practice at N-iX.


N-iX experience with AWS Database Migration: featured success stories

  • Data aggregation for a leading global technology marketplace

Our customer needed expertise to optimize the data management of their business. The client engaged the N-iX team to aggregate data and replicate it from PostgreSQL to Snowflake; create a unified approach to data management and storage; gather real-time data about customer behavior for reports (previously, the data was loaded once a day); monitor data deletion in the source database.

Together with the client-side team, the N-iX team has set up two CI/CD pipelines. The first pipeline performs data migration to Snowflake, while the second pipeline processes real-time events that demonstrate the users’ behavior on the website.

By using AWS DMS, the N-iX team has managed to decrease time to load data into the storage: from once a day to near real-time mode. This provided transparency of business processes. Also, in the newly developed Snowflake storage, the operating expenses are minimal, since there is no need to maintain and support multiple databases.

  • Development of a comprehensive data analytics solution for Cleverbridge

As a comprehensive e-commerce provider, cleverbridge is constantly seeking solutions to fulfill every customer requirement. To meet the demands of their largest client, cleverbridge initiated efforts to enhance their analytics solution and sought assistance from a technology partner with relevant expertise. The primary objective was to upgrade the existing tool that generates reports on client subscriptions, such as revenue and the number of new customers, while also incorporating visually engaging and informative data to complement the reports.

The N-iX team successfully leveraged AWS DMS to extract data from the client's on-premise Oracle database in near-real-time mode. This approach enabled N-iX experts to promptly receive Change Data Capture (CDC) data and construct upstream tables based on all the changes that occurred. 

​​Furthermore, the N-iX team played a vital role in enhancing cleverbridge's data security by implementing effective data governance. This data governance framework is divided into two parts: one based on AWS and the other on Snowflake, ensuring comprehensive protection and compliance measures are in place.

Choose N-iX as your AWS database migration services provider 

As an AWS partner, N-iX comprehensive service offering covers a full range of AWS services, from the development of a robust cloud strategy to on-demand implementation and ongoing maintenance. 

N-iX helps organizations develop new or migrate existing Big Data and Analytics solutions to AWS, using a modern technology stack and AWS-managed services like Amazon Glue, EMR, Redshift, Kinesis, and more.  Here at N-iX, we know that there’s no silver bullet that fits each migration case, and thus we choose the approach that would achieve the needs of our clients in the most efficient manner.

Besides being an AWS Database Migration Service Delivery Partner, N-iX has achieved a number of other AWS designations and competencies, including AWS Glue Service Delivery Partner Status, AWS Data and Analytics Competency, Amazon EMR Designation, Amazon Redshift Designation, Amazon RDS Designation, Amazon Kinesis Designation, AWS Lambda Designation, Amazon API Gateway Designation, Amazon DynamoDB Designation and AWS Immersion Day Partner Status.

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By N-iX July 25, 2023

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