N-iX, a leading global software development company, has received Amazon Redshift Designation, and become an Amazon Redshift Service Delivery Partner. As an Amazon Redshift Service Delivery Partner, N-iX helps businesses load, transform, and analyze data, as well as architect and implement analytics platforms.

To achieve the designation, N-iX has undergone thorough technical validation, demonstrated proven customer success, and ensured following the best practices with Amazon Redshift. 

“Becoming Amazon Redshift Service Delivery Partner is another differentiator of N-iX Data & Analytics Practice with 200+ experts. This service is at the core of numerous solutions we developed for our enterprise customers. Successful implementation of Amazon Redshift by a skilled partner as N-iX could benefit a business in multiple ways: provide data-driven business insights to improve operational efficiency, make more accurate financial and demand forecasts, optimize business intelligence, and increase collaboration. We appreciate the recognition from AWS and look forward to bringing more value to our customers together,” commented Orest Furhala, Head of Alliances and Partnerships at N-iX.

One of N-iX success stories using Amazon Redshift: developing the data platform based on AWS

Our client is a global provider of in-flight connectivity and entertainment with over 20 years of experience. The company needed to migrate its solutions to the cloud, build a unified data platform, and ensure the high speed of the in-flight Internet.

The N-iX team has helped the client develop the AWS data platform that aggregates all the data from over 20 different sources. Moreover, we integrated various data sources to build reporting and analytics solutions. In particular, we built and maintained the data lake on AWS with Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, and Amazon EMR.

These solutions helped the company reduce the operational expenses, improve the quality of the in-flight Internet, find the reasons behind the ill-performance of antennas, predict equipment failures, and reduce the number of no-fault-found rates.

Leverage the power of cloud with AWS and N-iX!

N-iX is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner providing a wide range of services, from AWS cloud strategy development to on-demand implementations and maintenance. 

Besides Amazon Redshift, N-iX has earned a number of AWS designations and competencies, including AWS Data and Analytics Competency, Amazon RDS Designation, Amazon Kinesis Designation, AWS Lambda Designation, Amazon API Gateway Designation, Amazon DynamoDB Designation and AWS Immersion Day Partner Status. 
With over 400 cloud engineers and dozens of certified AWS experts, we help build secure, scalable, and efficient AWS cloud solutions for companies across various industries including fintech, telecom, healthcare, retail, and others. Learn more about N-iX AWS expertise.

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By N-iX January 18, 2023

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