N-iX, a leading European software development company, has joined the Nordic partnership program launched in 2021. Nordic Semiconductor is a Norwegian fabless company that specializes in the development of wireless communication technology that powers the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Nordic decided to strengthen its ties to the world’s technology leaders by launching a Partner Program that aims to help its customers to speed up the development of wireless solutions. 

Pioneering the ultra-low power wireless connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy solutions and further expanding its technology range by Thread, ANT+, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and more, Nordic Semiconductor has rightfully become one of the leaders in low power connectivity for IoT. N-iX has been applying Nordic’s tech across numerous projects for clients in industries like telecom, manufacturing, logistics & supply chain, healthcare, automotive, and more. The new partnership is a natural next step in a long-time cooperation between two companies.

The Nordic partnership is an important step for our team as it acknowledges our years of experience with Nordic’s tech and allows us to deliver high-quality IoT and embedded solutions to clients across industries. As a Nordic partner, we apply its connectivity solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals and meet their technology needs,” says Mykhaylo Kohut, an Embedded and IoT Solution Architect. “As we observe the demand for efficient and scalable IoT and embedded solutions growing higher every year, it is especially critical that we use the industry’s best connectivity solutions to ensure our clients’ success.”

Mykhaylo Kohut, an Embedded and IoT Solution Architect at N-iX

Reshaping global IoT practices with a network of industry leaders

Since 2021, the Nordic Partner Program has already gathered a strong band of technology leaders that leverage the capabilities of Nordic’s wireless connectivity technologies. All of the partners have a solid understanding and profound experience with Nordic technologies. 

Nordic partners help the clients deal with specific aspects of project design, provide turn-key solutions, or a combination of the two. Moreover, partners have experience with a wide range of connectivity technologies offered by Nordic Semiconductor and can apply them to develop high-quality embedded and IoT solutions.

N-iX Nordic partnership

Delivering value through Nordic-powered IoT and embedded solutions 

N-iX works with clients across industries and uses a wide range of technological solutions to deliver the desired business and technology outcomes to the clients. Our IoT and Embedded expertise has proven to be vital for Fortune 500 companies and global leaders across industry verticals. We offer full-cycle development services – from product discovery to market launch and maintenance – N-iX experts cover all the development stages and system layers.

N-iX has been implementing Nordic-powered products across numerous projects for nearly ten years. We’ve utilized the capabilities of Nordic nRF chips and their expanded functionality to support a network of ultra-wideband sensors. Our team created an IoT product that is being used in manufacturing facilities for smart inventory management and positioning. 

We also built a solution that helps transportation companies to monitor the goods’ transportation conditions. The solution relies on nRF91 Thingy by Nordic as a primary IoT device, NB-IoT as a communication technology, and low power features from Nordic Semi.

Our experts also developed a smart lighting solution using nRF52 chips and a Nordic mesh network. We’ve used the capabilities of Nordic to create a lighting solution that reacts to the changes in the environment and adapts to the surrounding lighting conditions.

N-iX has been using connectivity solutions developed by Nordic across a wide range of projects. Paired with broad technology expertise, it allows us to develop industry-grade embedded and IoT solutions from start to finish.

Strengthen your IoT ecosystem with a reliable partner

N-iX is a one-stop shop for IoT and embedded development that supports the full cycle of hardware and software development, including consulting, product discovery, development, provisioning, commissioning, testing, training, and maintenance.

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By N-iX August 23, 2022

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