Today, on April 21, the hackathon “Technologies. How to develop digital competency in school?” has finished at N-iX office. N-iX joined the organization to boost the digital awareness in Ukrainian education and implement cutting-edge technologies in the studying process. The main objective of the hackathon was to face the problems that appear in our schools because of the technology boom and to resolve them. 10 teams were working during Friday and Saturday to deliver the excellent result. Finally, 5 winners were announced and shared prize 50 000 UAH.

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The first place and 20 000 UAH were taken by the project of the open space observatory, accessible for everyone on the roof of the school. Space will be improved with VR observing of constellations and galaxies.

The other 4 projects also impressed the jury:

VR at school. The plan is to organize the process of teaching students and demonstrating the environment using VR technology. Prize: 10 000 UAH

Steam at school. The creative school space, where critical thinking, robotics, 3D modeling will be studied. Prize: 10 000 UAH

Step by Step. The project is a platform intended to assist teachers to be in trend by developing themselves and adopting new needful skills. Prize: 5 000 UAH

Labyrinth of Life. The goal of the project is to show children in the gamification manner how to act in emergency situations using VR technology. Prize: 5 000 UAH

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“I was surprised that the projects are so cool. They overcame my expectations. I take part in hackathons a lot, and now I see these ideas – they are great, cool. The only thing the teams need more, as for me, is more entrepreneurship. You should always think how you will be implementing the project and scaling it in the future.” – comments Andrew Pavliv, CEO and founder of N-iX.

This hackathon is the second of the series of education hackathons. Such events are planned to be held in different Ukrainian cities to boost the digital awareness in Ukrainian schools.

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The event is organized by Center of Innovative Education “Pro.Svit” in partnership with IT Office of Lviv City Council and N-iX.

N-iX congratulates the winners and wishes the best luck in the development of their projects!

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By N-iX April 21, 2018
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