N-iX resilience in the time of russian invasion

A global company with Ukrainian roots

N-iX is a global software development company with Ukrainian roots. Founded in 2002 in Lviv,
we have been expanding our team of over 2,200 people all around Ukraine and abroad. Over its
history, N-iX has demonstrated resilience and stood through several global and local crises,
including the 2008 financial crisis, Russian aggression in Donbas and annexation of Crimea in
2014, as well as the hardest waves of the Covid pandemic.

2021 was a successful year for our company with over 60% growth, 200+ open vacancies every
month throughout the year, 60 new clients, and numerous industry awards. Just as we stepped
into Q1 with ambitious plans for 2022, Russia started an unprovoked full-scale war in Ukraine
on February 24. The whole world witnessed the acts of pure aggression and terrorism, while the
Ukrainian people stood united in their fight for democracy and freedom.

Our top priority is the safety of our people

Although most N-iX associates are located in Lviv in the west of Ukraine, 22 regions of Ukraine are homes to our colleagues. The well-being and safety of our people has always been our top priority, so since day one of the attack, we have focused on evacuating the people from the affected territories. Thus almost 600 of our colleagues have evacuated to Western Ukraine and Poland since the Russian invasion.

Our office in Lviv became a 24/7 Help Center for colleagues, their families, and friends from different parts of Ukraine. We understand how difficult it must be to leave your home, so we’ve tried to always be in touch with our colleagues, provided them with temporary housing and necessities and created a Relocation fund so that all N-iXers who have to leave their homes receive financial aid.

Also, we organized the evacuation of female associates and the families of male colleagues to Poland. N-iX has an office in Kraków and a representative who helps our specialists there. Around 150 N-iXers are working from outside of Ukraine, mainly from Poland.

Business continiuty plan

N-iX has successfully implemented its BCP and keeps service delivery above 95%

Right after Russia started its several-month military buildup on Ukraine’s borders, N-iX gathered an emergency response team and started working on its Business Continuity Plan. We considered even the worst case scenarios but no one believed they would actually happen. Since the most important task of our BCP was to ensure our people’s safety, a week before the invasion, we offered them relocation support - to Western Ukraine and Poland.

Other contingencies included ensuring cybersecurity and IT infrastructure, legal aspects of relocation, financial contingencies, monitoring the political and military situation, maintaining government relations and working with local IT Clusters, expanding our Polish operations, and more.

In the first weeks of the war, N-iX management team worked 7 days a week with daily situational meetings to cover all aspects of our BCP with the main focus on the evacuation of our specialists and constant communication with our clients.
Successful implementation of the BCP allowed us to maintain over 85% of service delivery in the first week of the war (when people were still moving and settling), and surpass 90-95% of service delivery levels in the next weeks.

Deep gratitude for the worldwide support from our partners

Since day one of the Russian invasion, N-iX has been flooded with the support messages from our partners and friends. This overwhelming support came not only with kind wishes for safety, peace, and freedom but also through numerous donations to the Ukrainian people, giving us strength and hope.

Almost all of our clients maintained the scope of our engagements or even decided to expand our cooperation. The Ukrainian tech sector has become a vital contributor to the country’s economy, so the business support has been no less important than charitable donations. We are truly grateful to all businesses that supported Ukraine in these difficult times.

N-iX stands with Ukraine
  • Supporting mobilized colleagues. To support the colleagues who decided to join the fight against the aggressor, N-iX has created a special Fund which is used to save their jobs and continue payments. Apart from the initial contribution of $200,000 by the company, the fund is also supported by N-iXers. Also, N-iX bought 20 sets of bulletproof vests and helmets for our colleagues in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Supporting Ukraine’s fight. Since the beginning of the war, N-iX has gathered and donated $450,000 for the Ukrainian army. The company bought 4 SUVs for the front and 3 evacuation buses, delivered 85 units of computer equipment for the military needs; bought ammunition, tactical clothing, tents, pillows, mattresses, and more.
  • Supporting humanitarian activities. N-iX has purchased medicine for the children of the Kyiv City Hospital and our colleague’s battalion as well as allocated $20,000 to support the projects of Lviv IT Cluster and set up centers for temporarily displaced persons. Also, a lot of our colleagues volunteer for different causes and fight in the ranks of the Ukrainian cyber army.
Info and cyber security

Information and cybersecurity hold an important place in our Business Continuity Planning. The company’s infrastructure, information security and quality management systems meet the highest industry standards (GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS etc.).
Since the beginning of the war, we’ve been paying extra attention to security matters but haven’t recorded any Information Security and Data Protection incidents with impact on N-iX internal Infrastructure or Customers’ environments. All our security controls and the standard requirements are in place and valid.

N-iX Leadership about the tech sector amid invasion
Continuing to function during the war is critical for supporting the Ukrainian IT industry and our economy,
says Andrew Pavliv, N-iX Founder and CEO, in the article by Bloomberg.
We (the IT industry) own this third place in the world and we can still generate this GDP… We can still keep people busy and pay salaries,
shares with Euronews Pavlo Deshchynskyy, Сhief Operating Officer at N-iX.
If you have a well-built team which works for years, it’s easier to pass even the hardest times,
says Nazariy Zhovtanetsky, Chief Strategy Officer at N-iX, in the recent podcast of The Resilient Journey.

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