This report covers information about  Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Moldova, their IT market size, number of IT professionals, and well-known IT companies.

Digital skills are becoming the key to success of any organization. Every business strives to increase their technological capacities and strengthen their market positions, as well as offer new advanced products to their customers. However, with the shortage of tech talent and diversity of modern technology, the IT market needs some boost from the outside.  That’s when outsourcing comes into play.

Many entrepreneurs and CTOs have considered outsourcing to Eastern Europe. Due to constant growth of the region’s software development sector and high levels of digital technology adoption this region has a well-deserved reputation of a reliable IT outsourcing destination. Moreover, 10 Eastern European countries take leading positions in 2019 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index in terms of financial attractiveness, human capital availability, and business environment.

However, choosing the best destination for outsourcing software development services is a tough decision. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve analyzed data from reports and surveys by PwC, Deloitte, Bloomberg, Tholons, A.T. Kearney and other reputable sources. We also covered the latest outsourcing trends and presented a comprehensive overview of the IT market dynamics in Eastern Europe and in the Baltic region. Upon the thorough analysis of a myriad of vendor profiles and global rankings, we created a list of leading IT companies in every country. 

What does this report cover?

The report aims to help businesses, investors and decision-makers choose the most advantageous IT destination for mutually beneficial cooperation. On this page, you can download both full report and an executive summary. The summary has brief information about the latest trends, number of IT professionals and software development market size in every location, as well as position of every country in international rankings. Full report compiles information in the following topics: 

  • Software development market size

As of 2018, the IT market reached $30B mark and kept growing. You can find information about export of IT services and it’s share in the national GDP of every country. 

  • The number of IT professionals

Did you know that by the end of 2018, the number of IT professionals in Central and Eastern Europe reached almost 1M? There are three Central and Eastern European countries that have the tech talent pool that exceeds 100K IT professionals. Find more in the report.

  • Major IT cities

What cities host the largest number of IT professionals in the region? What IT hubs have been recognized in world-class rankings? Discover the most vibrant IT cities in Eastern Europe to choose the location which fits your specific business requirements.

  • Leading IT companies 

Learn more about the countries which have the biggest number of trusted IT companies cooperating with Fortune 500 clients. After thorough analysis, we create a sample representation of some of the most trustworthy IT firms with diverse tech portfolios.

  • The number of annual IT graduates

The quality of technical education determines the level of tech expertise and powers development of software industry within the country. Learn more about the number of IT professionals graduating every year with certificates and degrees in technical disciplines.

  • IT industry growth rates

Ukrainian IT sector grew by 26% in 2018, while the Romanian experienced a 15% growth rate, and the Czech – 10% accordingly. The report reveals the key facts about IT market growth in popular Eastern European destinations.

  • R&D sector development

What tech giants and IT companies trust Eastern Europe with their innovations? Global enterprises such as Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Boeing, Skype, eBay, Siemens, IBM, and others established their R&D centres in this region. 

  • Positions in global rankings

Discover which countries are taking the lead among Eastern European software industry in terms of innovation adoption, size and competitiveness of the IT market, including Global Services Location Index and Innovation Index. 

A strong educational system that provides highly skilled workforce, as well as favorable business climate, modern infrastructure, and adoption of innovation are the core of a strong software industry within any country. These criteria, along with moderate costs of services and decent number of IT professionals, are also prime factors that influence the choice of an outsourcing provider.

So where to look for the most talented and skilled IT professionals? Which country has the strongest technological expertise for delivering projects of any scope and complexity? What IT companies are leading the IT market in the country? How do Eastern European countries perform in the global outsourcing rankings? Our report provides the answers to all these questions about the software industry, simply click below to download.

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