As powerful workstations and fancy offices became an industry standard, technology companies operating in Lviv unite to find other ways to lure talent from other regions nationwide and keep current employees happy. In order to raise living standards of tech professionals, Lviv IT development companies together with the City Council are building new residential area for local IT developers, a project called IT House. Local professional community initiating infrastructure development projects is a unique case for Ukraine, and IT House, if successful, could inspire similar projects in other regions. The initiative drives attention to IT professionals’ needs and brings important social changes by providing comfortable and affordable accommodation.


Brand new residential area for IT professionals will be built on the site provided by Lviv City Council. Selected location is only in 4 km distance from the city center and the surrounding area is actively developing. According to the draft project presented last week, IT House will be a modern 9-floor building containing 72 apartments. It is designed considering community needs and includes conference hall and a large public space on the ground floor. The construction project was selected by the Cluster during an open contest. IT House is a non-profit community project. As the construction process and selection of contractors will be fully controlled by IT Cluster, it allows to cut project costs up to 30% as compared to the average market price.

IT house

All employees of IT Cluster companies living in Lviv are eligible to participate. They can join the project by submitting a package of documents and paying a registration fee. After the project final approval, each contributor may ask for a personal payment plan that divides initial price into regular payments equally distributed during the construction period.

Lviv IT Development Companies Lure Talent with Real Estate

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