Modern companies that consider Java outsourcing look for skilled engineers, not just the lowest price. Thus, more attention turns to Eastern European development companies, known for their high-quality software services. If you’ve decided to outsource your Java project development to one of the Eastern European locations, it can still be a challenging task to identify a service provider that meets your business objectives. In this article, we aim at giving some useful insight into the Eastern European IT industry. We’ve gathered the information on several outsourcing markets and some of the best Java development companies in these locations.


We have analyzed several resources, including,, LinkedIn, and reports on Central and Eastern European tech hubs. We’ve grouped the companies by the country of origin, making sure we’ve chosen the companies one can trust. In addition, we’ve studied their websites and Java-related case studies to give some relevant information about companies such as the number of employees and their Java projects.

Java development companies in Ukraine

Over the last decade, Ukraine has become one of the leading software engineering centers in Eastern Europe. Today, there are roughly 184,700 Ukrainian IT professionals. Almost half of them work for outsourcing and outstaffing tech companies in 5 big cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Odessa. Besides, in 2017, the value of the Ukrainian software development outsourcing export reached 3.6 billion USD. Such impressive growth of the Ukrainian IT sector can be explained by several factors:

  • high quality of services;
  • a large pool of talented engineers;
  • dynamic development of the Ukrainian IT market;
  • favorable business environment;
  • moderate pricing.

All this makes Ukraine the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe.

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Java developers in Ukraine, number of developers in Ukraine

There are roughly 27,700 Java developers in Ukraine. It is the most popular and the most widely used programming language among Ukrainian software developers. Almost 18% of the country’s engineers code in Java. In addition, Ukrainian Java developers are in high demand on the Eastern European IT outsourcing market. Such global brands as Samsung, Oracle, Gameloft, Lebara, Siemens, Fluke, and many others have outsourced the development of Java-based software solutions to Ukrainian engineers. Let’s take a closer look at these companies.

N-iX employs Java developers in Ukraine (Kyiv and Lviv), Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria

With almost 17 years of experience in delivering scalable and secure Java solutions, N-iX currently holds the first position among the top Java development companies. Headquartered in Lviv, N-iX has development centers in Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, and global offices in Sweden and the US. The company provides offshore Java development services to clients from across the globe. In particular, N-iX cooperates with Fluke (control and maintenance of automated systems for airports, warehouses, distribution centers, and power stations, etc.), Origin Enterprises ( integrated agronomy services), and Lebara (backend components in Java for a variety of Lebara software products).


It is an outsourcing company that focuses on the development of software solutions and IT consulting. The company specializes in enterprise software, mobile applications, e-commerce and cloud-based solutions. The tech stack includes Java, PHP, .NET, C++ and Delphi and has experience in a range of other technologies like Objective C, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Sharepoint, etc.


Another outsourcing provider from Ukraine with offices in the US and the UK is Eleks. The company offers a full spectrum of software development services. It was chosen by Carrus as a partner to develop a hybrid mobile application and prepare the product for release to market. As for other Java projects, the company developed a medical equipment delivery tracking system for Android and a web-based gaming platform.

Java development outsourcing companies in Poland

Poland is another prominent IT center in Eastern Europe. In 2016, the Polish IT services market reached 7.9 million USD. The country has a lot of companies that provide software development services and employ highly skilled developers with a strong technical background. Another advantage of Poland as an outsourcing destination is its transparent legal system and governmental support of IT business. The country offers attractive tax incentives and has low inflation rate. Also, Poland is constantly improving the business environment. As a result, the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2019 named Poland among the most innovative countries. Java developers in Poland, number of developers in Poland

As of April 2019, there are roughly 46,000 Java developers in Poland. However, the competition for talent in Poland is higher than in Ukraine. Here are some of the best Java development outsourcing companies in this country.


The company is an experienced offshore software development service provider focused on Microsoft technologies, Java, PHP, and mobile development. Trapeze Group UK collaborated with to build an internal desktop app used to manage tens of thousands of everyday processes like ordering a taxi, scheduling and staff management. Other solutions include a Java-based software that helps to manage real estate for Ista, a Java-based application and advanced behavioral analytics engine for Alderbrooke.

Codedose The company specializes in Java development outsourcing services for both B2C and B2B clients. Some of its Java projects include an accounting system for banks and insurance companies, a search engine for financial sector companies and an energy performance calculation and forecasting system delivered as a SaaS web application.



It is a software firm focused on PHP/Symfony, Java, and mobile technologies. The company has created more than 250 products and projects for clients in different industries such as hosting, television, marketing, energy, automotive, software, e-commerce, banking, and publishing.

Java development firms in Belarus

Another popular Java development outsourcing destination is Belarus. Its availability of skilled workforce, good infrastructure and limited domestic demand for IT services make the country an attractive destination for offshore software development. Although Belarus has a population of 9.4 million people and a state-directed economy, the number of IT professionals grows year by year. Currently, there are about 30,000 IT professionals working in almost 800 local companies. The number of professional developers in Belarus reached 49,000 in 2018, with approximately 15,000 Java developers. Java developers in Belarus, number of developers in Belarus Belarusian government supports IT industry development by the introduction of special tax rates for software companies. Moreover, the share of the ICT sector in the country’s GDP reached 5.7% in 2018.


Founded in 2008 as a mobile applications development startup, is now a full-cycle software engineering company that focuses on three major areas: mobile app development, software quality assurance, and web app development. Such firms as Thicket Labs (a knowledge sharing solution for healthcare organizations), SADAD (mobile payments solution) and RAY (e-payment management system) outsourced Java development to this vendor.


A software development, testing, and IT consultancy company that provides a wide range of services across a number of industry verticals, including banking, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing. Its specialists have good knowledge of design, software development, and quality assurance and offer their services to small,medium-sized businesses, and big corporations.

Java development outsourcing providers in Hungary

Back in 1985, Hungary was named an emerging Eastern European leader in software exports as it was one of the first countries to offer IT outsourcing in the region. Hungary ranked 32nd in 2016 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index. The Index shows that the country is rather attractive financially and has a favourable business environment, so a lot of international companies have established their IT centers in Budapest. Yet the availability of engineering talent is a bit limited. Java developers in Hungary, number of developers in Hungary It’s worth mentioning that Hungarian IT outsourcing firms are very popular for nearshoring among the German-speaking regions of Europe mostly because of the geographical proximity. On the other hand, compared to other competitors in the region such as Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Romania, Hungarian hourly rates for software development services are higher. According to the anonymous survey conducted by Glassdoor, the Java developer’s average salary in Budapest, Hungary is higher than in Belarus, for instance.


A small team of software developers, animators, designers and managers who build innovative technology products. Using Java and Dropwizard frameworks to expose an API for the frontend, it has built the Telebond app – a mobile communication platform. Among other interesting projects created with Java is Gifie – a machine that takes pictures, generates a gif to the screen, and prints the picture sequence in high quality. covered all the aspects of development: from selecting the appropriate hardware including a camera and a touchscreen tablet to the software, which runs the machine, takes pictures, uploads the images to the server and to the website where the gifs are shown. End clients using Gifie include Red Bull, Telenor, and Opel.

Java development outsourcing firms in Bulgaria

Overall, Bulgarian IT market is relatively smaller, compared to Ukrainian. The ICT talent pool comprises nearly 70,000 people. A yearly turnover of 2.5 billion Euros (as of 2018). According to LinkedIn, there are nearly 14,400 java developers in Bulgaria.

Java developers in Bulgaria, number of developers in Bulgaria

As of March 2019, N-iX has expanded its operations to Sofia, Bulgaria as well.


This company provides software development and IT consulting services. It has 120 experts working on multiple projects. Over the years, this company has worked on 80 projects for 55 clients in many domains, including eHealth, Smart Cities & Transportation, Telecommunications, and others.


Valued for their competence, flexibility, enthusiasm, and English proficiency, Eastern European developers are a great choice to build long-term partnerships for either nearshoring or offshoring. Today, more and more British, American, Canadian, and European companies choose Eastern European IT firms to reinforce their businesses with remote dedicated development teams. As for the best Java development outsourcing companies in the region, many top Java development companies in Eastern Europe are located in Ukraine, making it a leader in this service. It can be explained by the rapid development of its IT market and the wide availability of skilled Java engineers. All in all, the whole region is very attractive for Java development outsourcing. Therefore, we may expect more solutions to be developed by the IT outsourcing providers in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

Why choose N-iX as your Java software development company?

Java outsourcing is trending, and finding a reliable provider is not an easy task. You should pay attention to the reputation, the size of the Java development company, partners they have worked with and many other things. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose N-iX:

  1. We provide Java software development for such well-known companies as Lebara, Fluke Corporation, HotSchedules, Vable, Origin Enterprises, and many others.
  2. We delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Bulgaria. Therefore, you can get access to the pool of 110,000 Java developers in these 4 countries.
  3. We have a well-earned reputation of a trusted IT partner and recommendations on various platforms, such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and others.

Contact us now and let us help you gather a team of the best Java engineers in Ukraine and Europe!

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