We help software companies develop complex, large-scale software products on the Hybris platform to provide seamless omnichannel customer experience and grow their business.


Delivering omnichannel solutions with SAP Hybris to get you closer to your customers

N-iX provides software development services with Hybris leveraging Java and Spring frameworks. Our Hybris engineers have expertise in both upgrading existing projects using this technology and building new ones from scratch.

We help companies across the globe implement digital transformation and deliver highly targeted omnichannel user experiences using scalable SAP Hybris technology. N-iX Hybris developers implement omnichannel solutions for e-commerce and help companies to avoid disruption of the customer journey, integrate inventory data from all points of sales, and provide customers with consistent, relevant and personalized omnichannel experiences across all devices and touchpoints.

By employing SAP Hybris you can get a 360 view of your customer activities and priorities, tailor unique offerings, and substantially boost your profits.

  • Integrated omnichannel solutions
  • Hybris development for B2B and B2C
  • Building Hybris platforms for retail
  • Scalable Hybris-based solutions for telecom
  • Hybris integration with third party services
  • Performance tuning
Dedicated R&D Center for a Global Telecom Company

Lebara is one of Europe’s fastest growing mobile companies with five million active customers, 1,400 employees worldwide and operations in nine countries.

8 Reasons to Choose Hybris for e-Commerce Project Development
Hybris is chosen as the most efficient solution for e-commerce project development by many world-known brands. The technology provides them with solid benefits such as flexibility, adaptability to various business demands, little dependency between modules, multi-language, multi-vendor and multichannel opportunities, and more.
5 Main Challenges in Developing Omnichannel Marketing Solution
Developing an omnichannel marketing solution will enable businesses to collect and aggregate all the data on customers and inventory information, and thus deliver a contextual, uninterrupted, and relevant customer experiences. However, omnichannel is a complex challenge which calls for a comprehensive and technically advanced solution.

Our Hybris Expertise

Building Integrated Omnichannel Platforms

N-iX engineers have hands-on experience in integrating all selling channels and solutions into a single, unified platform. We place omnichannel Hybris expertise as the foundation for all payment, customer, and order management operations thus enhancing your brand engagement and successfully mapping your users’ buying journey.

Full-cycle Hybris development for B2B and B2C

We provide our clients with end-to-end development of B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions. Our expertise includes business analysis, solution architecture, development, implementation, integration, deployment, and solution maintenance. What’s more, N-iX Hybris specialists offer multi-country application support including different types of business logic, views and data types.

Hybris Integration with Third-party Services

Our team has completed Hybris integration with such 3rd party systems as Payment Services Provider (Adyen), Enterprise Service Bus, Buyapowa’s refer-a-friend program (SaaS), Experian QAS address finder; Google Analytics; Online Customer Identification (WebID, DeutschePost), and more.

System Management Tools Customization

N-iX experts have implemented such features as product cockpit for consolidated management of products from various sources, storefront content management including custom add-ons, marketing promotions engine, searchandizing (tailoring a customer’s journey to improve purchasing experience), country-based catalog structure, dynamic internationalization of resources with Zanata, and gathering statistics for custom reporting.

Scalable and Customized Hybris-based solutions for telecom

By leveraging our long term experience in Telco, we’ve enhanced industry-standard approaches and solutions to improve customer engagement with the product. Our Hybris developers have improved the subscription logic in the existing Telco Module and implemented industry-tailored checkout flows.

Quality Assurance of Hybris Solutions

To guarantee high quality of our deliverables, we make sure they go through all stages of quality control such as Unit Testing, Automated Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing (including ESB, CRM, OCS and PSP), Manual Testing, and Pull Request testing.

Continuous Integration

We build agile and customizable CI environments to ensure compliance with the best practices and decrease time-to-market. This entails such activities as Code Quality Analysis, Frontend Optimization Techniques, and System monitoring (AppInsight, NewRelic).

Continuous Deployment

To ensure maintainability and scalability of our solutions, we deploy them in the cloud using cutting-edge technologies including AWS ECS (autoscaling clusters), AWS S3 Buckets storage, and Docker containers. Our engineers leverage Automated Deploy Action, hot deploys of translation resources, and centralized logging base (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).

We are familiar with

N-iX has strong Java expertise and experience in delivering Java solutions across multiple industry sectors including Hospitality, Healthcare, FinTech and others. Java is the core technology for cross platform software development within the company and probably the most widely used in N-iX projects.

Spring is the most popular open source Java application framework and the foundation for Hybris e-commerce platform. N-iX Java developers use Spring as full stack for developing services and web applications to make J2EE development easier.

Hybris is a well designed modularized software built on top of Apache components. Our developers are experienced with Hybris built-in modified Apache Tomcat servlet container, fast search engine Apache SOLR and Apache Ant, a Java library and command-line tool.

Why Hybris for e-commerce

Flexible architecture and deployment models

Hybris built on open standards speeds up time to market, lowers operational costs and increases ROI. It is designed to grow alongside your business providing flexibility to meet your changing needs. You can wire and quickly configure both new and existing components with the Spring Framework, and quickly add your own business objects and processes.

Omnichannel commerce

Hybris is a platform for omnichannel commerce. It has a special B2B tool called Multichannel Accelerator that provides a true omnichannel foundation that integrates Web, Customer Service, Print, Mobile and Social Commerce. It delivers all the best-practice tools required for the management of complex B2B relationships and the specific needs of multi-layered B2B omnichannel selling.

Social media integration

Hybris Social Commerce module allows to enhance brand engagement, site traffic and customer loyalty via ratings, reviews, and integration to the most popular social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Big data processing

Designed for large-scale projects, Hybris gives an opportunity to manage multiple streams of big data down to individual customer level in real time. This feature is particularly important for large telecom providers.

Advanced Personalization

Hybris provides opportunities to target content to customers based on who they are and what they do. This behavior-based approach provides you with a whole new level of personalization that can dramatically boost sales and customer loyalty.

Data management

Hybris Marketing Data Management is the foundation of the Hybris Marketing suite. It helps to build up consolidated customers profiles, anticipate their behavior, define target audience segments and use SAP HANA platform advantages to receive valuable insights cross all channels.

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