Despite having a smaller developer population than regional giants, Peru is making a name for itself in staff augmentation in Latin America. The industry is growing fast, with around 80 tech companies listed on Clutch and a projected market value exceeding $1.2B by 2028. This rapid growth makes Peru an attractive option for companies seeking to hire software developers in Peru. Let's explore Peru's business environment, its tech hubs, the expertise of its engineering pool, its services, and the most effective strategies for hiring top talent in this compelling market.

Number of software developers and vendors in Peru

A brief overview of Peru’s business climate

A quick assessment of Peru's business climate reveals a promising environment for software development outsourcing. Its competitive edge further bolsters Peru's strong export presence in IT services (over $121M in 2022). The Peru ICT market size was valued at $9.17B in 2022 and is expected to reach $16.89B by 2027, with a projected CAGR of 12.98%. This growth signifies Peru's robust and rapidly developing information and communication technology sector.  

Ranking 43rd globally and 5th in Latin America on the Kearney GSLI, the country emerges as an attractive destination for outsourcing and an excellent choice for businesses planning to hire software developers in Peru. The Network Readiness Index showcases its strengths in ecommerce legislation, clean energy, and e-participation. Additionally, Peru's 8th place ranking among the 19 economies in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Global Innovation Index demonstrates the country’s commitment to innovation. 

Peru performs above the regional average in several aspects, such as creative outputs, business sophistication, market sophistication, human capital, research, infrastructure, and institutions. 

According to the TMF Group's 2023 Global Business Complexity Index, the country is the 14th easiest Latin American market to do business in, making it a viable destination for software development outsourcing. 

Peru in international rankings

IT talent pool overview

Boasting a skilled workforce of over 38,000 developers, Peru is a compelling option for companies seeking top-notch software development talent in Latin America. According to Coursera’s Global Skills Report, Peru ranks 5th in Latin America and the Caribbean for technology skills and 4th for Data Science expertise, which makes it 20th and 15th globally, respectively. 

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, nearly 30% of Peruvian graduates pursue STEM degrees. ICT specialists are trained at several top-ranked universities in Lima. Peru's tech specialists have moderate English proficiency, as indicated by its ninth ranking on the EF English Proficiency Index 2023. As a result, hiring software developers in Peru gives you access to a talent pool with strong communication skills. Peruvian developers are able to actively participate in discussions, understand technical documentation, and collaborate effectively with international teams, ensuring smooth project management and clear communication throughout the development process.

Peruvian developer expertise and services

Peru offers highly skilled developers across various IT domains. Coursera's 2023 developer skills assessments reveal Peru's leading position in Data Science, ranking first globally in Machine Learning. Additionally, Peruvian professionals excel in other technology areas, showcasing exceptional proficiency in cloud computing, databases, operating systems, and web development. 

Skill proficiency levels of developers in Peru

Further, there's a notable trend toward honing business skills crucial for leadership, including negotiation, innovation, and emotional intelligence. By prioritizing business acumen, developers in Peru can offer a well-rounded skillset beyond technical expertise. This means you can expect developers who understand your business needs, effectively communicate and collaborate, and are adept at finding innovative solutions.

Software developers in Peru deliver diverse services, with a clear focus on mobile app development, followed closely by web development. The significant presence of UI/UX design services further reinforces this emphasis on user-facing technologies. Beyond core development, hired developers in Peru offer various consulting and managed services, including IT strategy, cloud solutions, and Big Data expertise. 

Services provided by software developers in Peru

There is a strong alignment between the services provided by software developers in Peru and the industries they target. Mobile and web development, their top offerings, cater perfectly to ecommerce, retail, and consumer product sectors. Their expertise extends beyond commerce, with services sought in business services, healthcare, and the IT industry. While the focus leans towards technology and commerce, the presence of developers serving the automotive industry highlights their adaptability to diverse client needs.

Industries served by the software developers in Peru

Lima: Peru's booming tech hub

As Peru's capital city and home to over 70 software development companies, Lima is a technology powerhouse. Here's what makes the city a key tech hub in Latin America:

  • Thriving tech ecosystem:  The city hosts a high concentration of tech startups, software development companies, coworking spaces, and universities offering computer science and engineering programs. This vibrant ecosystem fosters collaboration, innovation, and access to a skilled talent pool.
  • Government support: Peru's government actively fosters the tech industry's growth through initiatives such as tax breaks and innovation hubs. This supportive environment attracts foreign investment and fuels the tech sector's expansion.
  • Convenient time zone alignment: Lima's advantage relative to North America and Europe (eight and four hours of overlap, respectively) facilitates smoother collaboration with international teams.

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Partnering with the right outsourcing company to hire software developers in Peru 

Building a successful outsourcing partnership and hiring developers in Peru starts with finding the right company. Look for a reputable firm with a history of staff augmentation, a strong client portfolio, and high employee satisfaction. Beyond technical expertise, a cultural fit is crucial. Your ideal partner should understand your company's needs and communication style and how to align them with their talent pool. Clearly define your project scope and desired skills to ensure a tailor-made solution. Finally, establish clear communication channels for seamless collaboration. 

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As a trusted partner with a solid regional presence, N-iX can help you navigate the Peruvian software development field. With 21 years of industry experience and presence across LatAm and Europe, we focus on regional growth to access top talent and better serve clients.  Our expertise spans diverse industries and technologies, from cloud solutions to Big Data. A client list boasting the Fortune Global 500 companies, combined with adherence to strict security standards, reinforces our commitment to excellence. Recognized by prestigious organizations, N-iX empowers you to access Peru's skilled developer pool and achieve your software development goals.

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