Rostyslav Fedynyshyn

Rostyslav Fedynyshyn

Head of Data and Analytics Practice, Data Solutions Architect at N-iX

Rostyslav Fedynyshyn directs the Data & Analytics Practices at N-iX. He has 10+ years of professional expertise in Big Data, Analytics, and strategic management. His core responsibilities involve orchestrating Data Strategy creation, enforcing Data Governance protocols, and crafting comprehensive Data & Analytics platforms.

Certified as an AWS Solutions Architect Professional and an SEI Software Architecture Professional, he brings advanced technical qualifications to his leadership role. He's all about crafting data solutions that are not only scalable and secure but also tailor-fit to what the client's business is evolving into. Rostyslav, a member of the N-iX Technical Office, previously contributed to the Solutions group, specializing in client consulting and leading Discovery phases.

Rostyslav has been instrumental in improving N-iX's data capabilities, ensuring that projects meet and exceed industry standards. He's practical, cutting through the complexity to provide clients with clear direction on data management and utilization that drives growth and efficiency.

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