Development of a Forex Trading Platform

Baxter-FX is an authorized financial intermediary regulated by the Irish Financial Regulator that provides access to an electronic trading network to some of the top tier 1 banks in the world.

FinTech Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Software QA & Testing Blockchain Cloud Solutions DevOps High Load Systems Finance & Banking Java Other EU
  • Location Ireland
  • Industry FinTech
  • Partnership period 2011 - 2015
  • Team size 3 people
  • Team location Ukraine (Lviv)
  • Services Dedicated Development Team, Software Product Development, Software QA & Testing
  • Expertise delivered Cloud Solutions, DevOps, High Load Systems
  • Technologies Java SE/EE, JMS, Swing, Servlets, Networking, CI (continious integration), CloudBees

Baxter-FX is a technology group that allows banks and traders to trade foreign exchange on all of the most popular and liquid multibank platforms through its enhanced Forex trading platform.

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Baxter platform’s web

Baxter platform’s web interface offers a cost effective way to access the Forex market and allows for sophisticated professional trading despite its simplicity. By opening one clearing account with Baxter-FX, a trader can buy on one platform, sell on another, and see margins and P/Ls across all platforms – in one account.

All Baxter systems are built and supported with proprietary technology, which makes Baxter systems more reliable and adaptive than any white-labelled system or platforms using 3rd party technologies. Every aspect of Baxter’s trading systems can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.


The team has been involved in all Baxter development projects including the development

of the trading platform, automated testing, CL (continuous integration) and system integration on Clouds.

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