Dedicated Development Team for a US Security Management Provider

AlienVault’sis an AT&T company which enables organizations with limited resources to accelerate and simplify their ability to detect and respond to the growing landscape of cyber threats. Their Unified Security Management (USM) platform provides all of the essential security controls required for complete security visibility and is designed to enable any IT or security practitioner to benefit from results on day one.

Hi-Tech Telecom Dedicated Development Team Software QA & Testing High Load Systems C/C++ PHP Python DevOps North America
  • Location USA
  • Industry Telecommunications, Network Security
  • Partnership period 2015-present
  • Team size 12 people
  • Team location Ukraine (Lviv)
  • Services Dedicated Development Team, Software Product Development, Software QA and Testing
  • Expertise delivered High Load Systems, DevOps
  • Technologies C, Python, Bash, Perl, PHP, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Suricata, OSSEC, Nmap, OpenVAS, Hyper-V / VMWare ESXi

AlienVault (part of AT&T) is the world’s largest crowd-sourced threat intelligence network that delivers a unified, simple and affordable solution for threat detection, incident response and compliance management.

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Unified Security Management (USM) platform

Unified Security Management (USM) v5.x provides built-in security controls in addition to SIEM functionality. In this offering the SIEM functions are supported by built-in asset discovery (network scanning, host-based software inventory, and passive network discovery), vulnerability assessment (active network scanning), threat detection (file integrity monitoring, HIDS, NIDS, WIDS), behavioral monitoring (netflow analysis, service availability monitoring, full packet capture).

USM consists of three main components: Sensor, Server and Logger. You can deploy them separately or as All-in-One integrated system. Among the customers using USM for their businesses are: U.S. Air Force, Frontier Communications, Subaru, TrustNet, Hard Rock casino, Focus Brands, National Bank of Commerce and many others.


N-iX started its partnership with AlienVault (AT&T company) in the second part of 2015. Our team has been working on AlienVault USM improvement and maintenance. The project is aimed at enhancing AlienVault’s core product – a Unified Security Management platform that enables coordinated security monitoring, simple security event management and reporting, continuous threat intelligence and fast deployment.

It is powered by the latest AlienVault’s products such as Labs Threat Intelligence and the Open Threat Exchange – the world’s largest crowd-sourced threat intelligence exchange. Since November 2015, N-iX dedicated development team has performed several patch releases that include hotfixes and some new features added to the product. Our experts have significantly improved the performance and maintainability of the solution.

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