Finding a reliable game art outsourcing company with strong industry experience and portfolio is challenging. To help you shorten the searches, we prepared a list of the top 15 art outsourcing companies with a proven reputation and talented teams of artists.

How We Selected Top Art Outsourcing Companies

Our researchers have analyzed multiple sources, such as profiles of game art outsourcing companies on, the Manifest,, and other research platforms and rankings. Also, we have browsed LinkedIn accounts of the companies, looked through their websites and checked their portfolios and Artstation pages. We selected these particular companies since they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Experience working with AAA game titles
  • Cooperation with leading game publishing companies
  • Their art outsourcing services include 2D art, 3D art, & animation production
  • Available portfolio of high-quality game art
  • The company has no less than 100 specialists
  • Active social media presence

The list below includes some of the industry’s best game art creators that can become reliable outsourcing partners for your future projects: 

  1. N-iX Game and VR Studio

n-ix game and vr studio art projects

  • Location: Ukraine / Sweden / USA / more
  • Number of Specialists: 200+

N-iX Game & VR Studio is a part of N-iX, an established Ukrainian software development company with over 1,600 software engineers and 19 years’ market presence. The company is a long-time art development partner of Paradox Interactive and Wargaming. N-iX Game & VR Studio also cooperates with Supermassive Games, CI Games, Tempo Storm, and other eminent game publishers.

Over the last few years, the studio has contributed to such AAA and large projects as World of Tanks, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2; Remothered: Broken Porcelain; Stellaris, Crusader Kings III, and developed unique art style and game mechanics for the upcoming competitive game, the Bazaar. 

N-iX Game and VR Studio provides a full range of art outsourcing services, including concept art creation, 2D/3D art and animation, motion capture, visual effects, UI/UX design. The company offers art direction guidance throughout all production stages, as well as guarantees style consistency and visual excellence. Apart from that, N-iX Game and VR Studio’s team is proficient in full-cycle development, co-development, VR & AR, AWS services, Unity, and Unreal Engine development

  1. Nuare Studio

nuare studio art projects

  • Location: Canada
  • Number of Specialists: 100+

Located in Windsor, Canada, the company has been working in the video-game industry since 2006 and is known for its expertise in full art-style development, animation, 2D art, 3D high and low poly modeling, texturing, and VFX. The company specializes in concept art, promo art, rigging and animation, and unreal engine/unity, as well as creating illustrations, storyboards, 3D characters, and 3D environments for game art outsourcing. Apart from art outsourcing, this game art outsourcing company also offers its clients web development, AI development, VR/AR, cross-platform porting and remastering, app and tool development, co-development, social media integration, QA services, process automation, plugin integration, and development.

The studio cooperated with Gameloft, Capcom, Bethesda, etc. and worked on Marvel’s Avengers, The Last of Us Part II, Fallout 76, and more.

  1. Viking Corporation

viking corporation art projects

  • Location: China / Taiwan / Singapore
  • Number of Specialists: 400+

This is an art outsourcing and game development company located in Shanghai, China. They provide full-fledged art outsourcing services, including 2D concept art, 3D modeling, in-game animations, and are able to deliver character /environment art, level design, and more. Apart from that, Viking Corporation also offers full-cycle development services.

This game art outsource company has experience working with such massively multiplayer online (MMO) games as Blade & Soul, AION, Lineage 2M, as well as contributing to such big projects as Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty. Viking Corporation worked with well-known companies like Square Enix, Ubisoft, SEGA, Nintendo, and more.

  1. Concept Art House

concept art house art projects


  • Location: China / USA
  • Number of Specialists: 100+

Concept Art House is an art development outsourcing company headquartered in San Francisco. It was founded in Shanghai, China, and focused strictly on 2D art production, but later became a US-based company and expanded its services to cover 3D art, animation, VR production, console games, and more. Today, the company provides a complete list of art outsourcing services that you might need and has experience working with well-known clients on large game projects. In particular, the company created monster icons and weapons for Fortnite, 2D illustrations for Hearthstone and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and more.

  1. BOSi Art Studios

bosi studios art projects

  • Location: China / USA
  • Number of Specialists: 201-500

This is a game art outsourcing company based in Shanghai, with a business center in San Francisco and art studios in Nanjing and Zhangjiakou. The company has two main focuses: it is both an art training institute, with over 5000 graduates so far, and an art outsourcing provider. BOSi offers 2D and 3D art and animation production services.

Like other game art outsourcing companies on this list, the studio has experience working with big titles, including 3D models production for Fortnite and Warcraft III: Reforged, illustration creation for Hearthstone. Also, it contributed to the recent Amazon’s MMO New World. 

  1. Keywords Studios

keywords studios art projects

  • Location: Ireland / Italy / Japan / more
  • Number of Specialists: 1001-5000

Founded in 1998, this company is among the old-timers of the video games industry. Over this time, the company has grown dramatically and now has facilities in 22 countries across the globe. Keywords Studios offers numerous game development services and owns several art outsourcing studios that cover the art development part. Hence, through these studios, the company can deliver 2D concept art, 3D concept art, 3D character and object models, animation, visual effects, UI/UX design, and more. 

The company's game development portfolio includes multiple triple-A game projects like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mafia 3, For Honor, and more. 

  1. Lakshya

lakshya art projects

  • Location: India / USA / Japan
  • Number of Specialists: 500+

This is a notable art production studio founded in 2004. The company’s team is based offshore in India and onshore in the US and Japan. Lakshya offers 2D & 3D art production and animation services and cooperates with well-known clients like Microsoft, Disney, or Bandai Namco.

Lakshya has a proven track record of working with big game titles like Just Cause 3 and WWE 2K16, and it develops assets for Sea of Thieves and illustrations for Full Throttle.

  1. Room 8 Studio

room8 studio art projects

  • Location: Ukraine / USA / United Kingdom / more
  • Number of Specialists: 800+

Established in 2011 in Kyiv, the company is an art production and game development solutions provider. It deals with game art from concept to ready-for-implementation models and offers pre-production, UI/UX, 2D/3D design, modeling, and animation services. Besides, Room 8 Studio offers full-cycle development, game porting, level design, and other game development services.

The studio cooperated with large game publishers like Ubisoft, Gameloft, Wargaming and worked on Fall Guys, Control, World of Tanks, etc.

  1. Lemon Sky Studios

lemon sky studios art projects

  • Location: Malaysia
  • Number of Specialists: 200+

Lemon Sky Studios is a game art outsource company based in Malaysia that specializes in art and CGI animation creation. The company offers an extensive variety of art outsourcing services including game art production (3D/2D art & animation), VFX, game cinematic, CGI animation, concept art, IP development, animated feature film, animated series, and VR / AR services.

The studio has experience creating art for big titles: 3D modeling for Warcraft III: Reforged, illustrations for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, or concept art for Mortal Kombat 11.

  1. Gameshastra

gameshastra art projects

  • Location: India
  • Number of Specialists: 201-500

This is a game development and art outsourcing studio based in Hyderabad, India. The company specializes mostly in casual games development and art production, but it also managed to contribute to several eminent game titles, including the production of 3D vehicle and props models for Mafia III and Civilization VI. Gameshastra is among game art outsourcing companies that cooperate with Ubisoft and Activision. 

  1. Kevuru Games

kevuru games art projects

  • Location: Ukraine / USA
  • Number of Specialists: 200+

This art production and game development studio headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine, and specializes in 2D/3D art, 3D environments, concept art, spine animation, and casual game art. Also, the array of services provided by the company includes AR/VR Development, UX/UI Design, Mobile App Development, Product and Graphic Design. The company takes on and manages full-cycle game development, engages in co-development projects together with the clients, and offers additional operational services. 

The company has experience working with casual games and participating in big projects. For example, it helped to create concept art for Fortnite Season 10 and 3D models for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge.

  1. Ulysses Graphics

ulysses graphics art projects

  • Location: Ukraine
  • Number of Specialists: 100+

This art production studio, located in Kyiv, Ukraine, has been present on the market since 2005 focusing on 3D/2D Art, Concept Art, 3D Animations, Scans & Photogrammetry for games. Ulysses Graphics has a proven track record of working with AAA projects, including Farming Simulator, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Hitman 2, and others. This game art outsourcing company also cooperated with leading game producers, including Capcom, Deep Silver, Activision, etc.

  1. 1518 Studios

1518 studios art projects

  • Location: Canada
  • Number of Specialists: 100+

This is a 3D art production and game development company with headquarters in California. Its services encompass 2D art including concept design, illustrations, UI, logo design, 3D art and animation, motion capture, cinematics, and others.  

The company has cooperated with Redemption Games, Brainseed Factory, Splash Damage. The company contributed to such notable projects as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Borderlands 3, and others.

  1. Virtuos

virtuos art projects

  • Location: Singapore / China / Vietnam / more
  • Number of Specialists: 2000+

Set up in 2004 and headquartered in Singapore, this company is one of the leading game art outsourcing companies with production studios across Europe, Asia, and North America. Virtuos’ specialty is offering outsourcing support to other gaming companies and rendering video game development and 3D art production services, among which are character and environment design, 3D animation, and concept art, illustrations, and more.

The company’s portfolio includes Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc. Virtuos works with Arkane Studios, Avalanche Studios, Activision Blizzard, and others.

  1. Art Bully Productions

art bully productions art projects

  • Location: USA
  • Number of Specialists: 100+

Based in the USA, the company has 13 years of experience in providing game art outsource services. Its team of artists delivers a full range of art outsourcing services, including 2D/3D art (characters, vehicles, weapons, etc.), concept art, and animation creation. 

The company’s portfolio includes Fortnite, Godfall, Rage 2, etc. Art Bully Productions has a history of working with Epic Games, Activision, Valve, and other publishers.

Why Choose N-iX Game and VR Studio Over Other Art Outsourcing Partners

  • N-iX Game and VR Studio has proven to be a reliable partner with high client satisfaction and return rate. 
  • Being part of the N-iX company, the studio has access to vast resources that provide huge flexibility and scalability.
  • N-iX Game and VR Studio can cover your back not only in art outsourcing but also in whatever else you might need, including AWS and VR services, full-cycle development, etc. 

Contact us now and let us help you gather a team of seasoned artists suited specifically for your project!

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