More and more businesses turn to cloud solutions to streamline operations, enhance scalability, and foster innovation. One of the leading cloud service providers is Amazon Web Services (AWS), offering over 200 fully featured services as of 2024. However, to harness the full potential of AWS, you need to understand which AWS services best fit your unique needs, how to optimize costs while maximizing performance, and how to ensure data security and compliance in the cloud. This is where AWS consulting companies come into play, offering the specialized knowledge and experience required to navigate the AWS ecosystem effectively.

But how do you find a reliable vendor among a multitude of consulting firms that will be able to maximize the benefits of AWS for your unique business needs? To help you make an informed decision, we have prepared a list of the most prominent players in the field of AWS development and consultancy.

Selection methodology

Once you've decided to partner with a vendor that will help you optimize your use of AWS cloud services, you might stumble across the problem of choice. For instance, Clutch lists over 3,100 companies that provide AWS consulting services. If you try to narrow down the AWS partners list and filter the vendors that specialize in consulting, you will still get 1,195 results. To assist you in selecting the most reliable partner among a myriad of AWS consulting companies, we have compiled a list of the best service providers in the field. For your convenience, we filtered the companies in our through four main criteria:

  • AWS partnership. We included only those vendors that are AWS partners. This ensures that the companies have direct access to AWS resources, training, and support, providing a level of expertise and credibility that is essential for high-quality consulting services;
  • 250+ tech experts on board. Midsize and large companies usually provide quicker access to the workforce and have streamlined processes, which, in turn, ensures prompt project launch;
  • 15+ years of industry experience providing AWS consulting and development services;
  • Extensive portfolio of AWS projects with client references and testimonials.

Top AWS consulting companies in the world

1. N-iX

N-iX is a leading global engineering enterprise with 21 years of experience in software development and tech consulting. With over 2,200 well-versed tech specialists on board, the company offers assistance with Cloud services, data analytics, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, and more. N-iX has proven experience in delivering projects for a wide range of domains, including finance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, as well as logistics and supply chain, among others.

A notable player among AWS consulting companies, N-iX holds the status of AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and AWS Migration Competency Partner. N-iX's team comprises around 100 AWS-certified and accredited experts, including AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professionals. Our service list spans strategy assessment and development, migration to AWS, AWS Well-Architected Review, as well as AWS's Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning services. In addition, our specialists can assist enterprises with AWS cloud cost optimization and DevOps maturity assessment. The enterprise possesses several AWS designations that prove our expertise in serverless cloud-native computing and data analytics, namely AWS Lambda Delivery, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR Delivery, Amazon API Gateway Delivery, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB Delivery, and AWS Glue. Among the global market players that leverage N-iX's AWS expertise are top enterprises such as Cleverbridge, PrettyLittleThing, Lebara, and Gogo.

N-iX: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

2. Beyondsoft Consulting

This AWS consulting company was established in 1995 and since then has cooperated primarily with businesses from the automotive, financial services, healthcare, and ecommerce industries. The vendor has a Data & Analytics Consulting Competency and has AWS-certified professionals on board. Besides AWS consulting, the company's specialists help clients with cloud optimization on AWS, application and data migrations to AWS, cloud-native application development on AWS, and other services.

Beyondsoft Consulting: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

3. Xebia

A well-known player among AWS consulting vendors, this company has been delivering engineering and advisory services since 2001. They possess several AWS consulting competencies, such as Migration Consulting Competency, DevOps Consulting Competency, and Data & Analytics Consulting Competency. Their team is well-versed in cloud strategy development, AWS cloud migration, as well as the implementation of cloud-native solutions. The list of their clients mostly spans midsize and small companies that operate in business services, finance, ecommerce, retail, and automotive domains.

Xebia: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

4. Adastra

With more than 20 years in the industry, this is one of the top AWS consulting companies. The vendor's domain knowledge includes automotive, logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and other industries. Their consultants and engineers specialize in AWS migration, AWS data lake implementation, AWS data warehouse modernization, AWS cost optimization, and other related services.

Adastra: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

5. MentorMate

Established in 2001, this is one of the top engineering companies with a long history in cloud consulting. The vendor's domain experience covers education, manufacturing, healthcare, business services, finance, and other industries. The company has solid AWS DevOps consulting expertise. Moreover, they provide advisory services on cloud architecture, deployment strategies, or other cloud-related issues.

MentorMate: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

6. Wipro

One of the largest AWS consulting companies on our list, this enterprise originates from India. The vendor typically works with businesses in the logistics and supply chain, telecommunications, retail, energy, and financial services industries. They possess several AWS consulting competencies, including Data & Analytics Consulting Competency, Migration Consulting Competency, and others. Besides cloud consulting, the vendor deals with cloud modernization, infrastructure, and cloud security requests.

Wipro: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

7. Knowit

With over 30 years of market presence, this is one of our selection's most experienced AWS consulting vendors. The company's domain knowledge includes banking, finance, energy, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications industries. They possess AWS competencies in migration consulting and DevOps consulting. Their focus areas cover AWS-based architecture planning, migrations, and AWS cloud environment optimization.

Knowit: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

8. NTT Data Services

This company is another example of a large engineering and consulting enterprise specializing in AWS services. They offer AWS cloud advisory, AWS cloud implementation, AWS cloud management, as well as security services for AWS cloud. The vendor's portfolio spans partnerships with enterprises from banking, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and other domains.

NTT Data Services: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

9. GlobalLogic

The vendor was established in 2000 and has been providing consulting and engineering services for telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, media, and manufacturing industries. Among the AWS competencies they possess are DevOps Consulting Competency, Financial Services Consulting Competency, and Migration Consulting Competency. As a part of their AWS-related services, the company's specialists provide cloud advisory, assessment, migration, and optimization.

GlobalLogic: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

10. Perficient 

This digital consultancy enterprise was founded in 1997 and has been mainly involved with projects for automotive, energy and utilities, financial services, and healthcare domains. The company's AWS service suite spans consulting, migrations, DevOps services, and Amazon Redshift modernization. In addition, the tech vendor's experts specialize in developing customer service solutions with Amazon Connect.

Perficient: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

11. Endava

Another company with the Migration Consulting Competency from AWS, this vendor was established in 2000. The enterprise has experience in banking, healthcare and life sciences, insurance, retail, telecommunication, and other business verticals. Their AWS consultants and engineers assist clients with cloud readiness assessments, cloud migration, and application modernization.

Endava: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

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12. Sigma Software

This representative of top AWS consulting companies has been delivering software development and consulting services since 2002. This large enterprise provides services to clients in automotive, real estate, telecommunications, media, banking, and other industries. The company's AWS cloud migration consultants and engineers conduct workflow assessments, design AWS architecture, and plan the AWS migration strategy. In addition, the vendor offers AWS DevOps consulting, AWS cloud management, and AWS software development services.

Sigma Software: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

13. Andersen

Among the clients of this IT vendor are predominantly businesses from the finance, healthcare, logistics, telecommunications, and automotive industries. The company provides AWS consulting services that cover a wide range of areas, from AWS application development to AWS application integration and security issues. Their cloud specialists are also well-versed in AWS cloud development, business analytics for Amazon Web Services, DevOps for AWS, and migration to the infrastructure.

Andersen: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

14. 10Pearls

The company's in-house team of AWS consultants and engineers spans around 100 experts. Their portfolio spans projects for a wide range of domains, including healthcare, energy, education, telecommunications, and retail. Their specialists assist clients in devising cloud strategies, cloud-native development, application modernization, and workload management. Besides AWS services related to cloud migration, the company also has expertise in AWS data and analytics, database modernization, DevOps, and AI/ML.

10Pearls: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

15. Netguru

Founded in 2008, this Polish tech consulting and software development company has delivered IT services to clients from finance, retail, healthcare, education, and other domains. As of January 2024, their in-house team consists of around 30 AWS consultants. Apart from AWS consulting, their expertise areas include design, implementation, migration, and management of workloads and applications on AWS. 

Netguru: year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

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Why should you choose N-iX as your AWS consulting partner?

Choosing N-iX as your AWS consulting partner brings multiple benefits:

  • Expertise validated by AWS. N-iX is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has earned a multitude of AWS designations and competencies.
  • AWS-certified experts. N-iX employs over 100 AWS-certified and accredited experts, including AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professionals.
  • Diverse industry specialization. N-iX boasts a broad range of industry expertise, encompassing sectors such as finance, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, among others.
  • Vast experience and customer success. The company has showcased its ability to help businesses utilize AWS services, proven by numerous successful use cases and positive client reviews.
  • Funding advantage. Being a MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) Eligible Partner, N-iX offers their clients additional funding benefits. In addition, N-iX, as an AWS Partner, provides an opportunity to join the PoC Funding Program and receive a one-time AWS service discount.

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