More and more companies deploy extra resources to keep their tech infrastructure and tools updated. According to Statista, increased security, improved efficiency, and cost reduction are the top three reasons driving businesses worldwide to modernize their legacy applications. 

As the recent Konveyor survey states, 34% of businesses will turn to in-house teams to upgrade their tools, 31% will use software engineering services from external vendors for that, and 35% will have it led by external partners with in-house staff execution. While delegating this part of digital transformation to external teams makes sense cost- and time-wise, it’s essential to choose the right tech partner to benefit from this approach. With the growing number of application modernization companies worldwide, what should you consider when choosing the right one for you?

With 21 years of global experience as a renowned app modernization firm, we've distilled some key insights to simplify your search and enhance your prospects of finding a trustworthy tech partner. Here’s how we made our list of the top 15 application modernization service companies that have all it takes to provide quality tech consultation and implement changes necessary to revamp your IT landscape. 

Selection criteria

As of April 2024, Clutch lists over 2,800 application modernization companies globally. To narrow the list, we have sifted it through the following criteria:

  • Over 250 tech experts on board;
  • More than ten years of software engineering and application modernization experience;
  • Ten or more reviews on Clutch;
  • No less than 4.5 rating on Clutch.

We opted for medium and large tech enterprises to ensure they have enough resources to quickly launch application automation projects for large companies. We also reviewed whether they had case studies and reviews for similar projects from their clients so you can choose the vendors with relevant experience. In addition, we listed here those companies that partner with businesses from various industries. It increases the chances that the vendor has updated knowledge of the target market and offers the most suitable solutions. Let’s review the best application modernization firms.

Increased security and improved efficiency are among top reasons driving companies' modernization of legacy applications and data worldwide in 2023

Best 15 application modernization companies for legacy transformation projects

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the leading application modernization companies operating in Europe and the Americas. Its application modernization services include modernization consulting, monoliths to microservices migration, application re-architecting and re-engineering, migration to/between clouds, infrastructure cost optimization, technical debt management, and more. In addition, the company also helps businesses change their approach to developing and maintaining applications by augmenting teams and redesigning processes. 

This app modernization firm also improves user experience through UI/UX reimagining and modernizing software with API lifecycle management, enabling secure and efficient deployment. Additionally, N-iX provides cloud-enabled app modernization and remediation services to enhance business flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency.

The company has more than 2,200 tech experts, including 400 cloud and 200 data engineers. Over 160 enterprises from finance, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, retail, telecom, automotive, healthcare, energy, agritech, and other industries have trusted us with various modernization and transformation projects.

N-iX is one of the application modernization service companies that are partners of major cloud hyperscalers, such as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure. We help businesses upgrade SAP, OpenText, Mendix, and other enterprise platforms. In 2023, Forrester recognized N-iX as one of the leading Application Modernization and Migration Services providers, offering valuable expertise and solutions to clients seeking to modernize and migrate their applications.

N-iX is one of the top 15 application modernization companies in the world

2. Software Mind

Since 1999, this vendor has offered UI/UX design, custom software development, cloud consulting, team extension, digital transformation, generative AI development, nearshore software development, and other services. As a part of its application modernization services, it helps businesses migrate from on-premises to cloud, redesign architecture, and upgrade enterprises’ tools.

Software Mind

3. Icreon

This is one of the application modernization service companies offering various tech services. It deals with digital product development, customer experience solutions, digital transformation, and commerce solutions. It also consults companies on cloud readiness, helps with application modernization planning, assists with database migration, automation testing, and more.


4. Infopulse

This vendor specializes in application modernization, offering services such as application re-engineering, software inspection, and application retirement. It also provides businesses with various managed services, integrates innovative technologies, and improves clients’ digital experience. It serves agriculture, food, energy, telecom, and manufacturing industries.


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5. Endava

As one of the app modernization firms, this tech provider has offices in 65 cities worldwide. It helps businesses modernize their solutions and transform their architecture to become cloud-first. In addition to application modernization, the vendor also provides application management, enables digital product acceleration, and offers digital engineering services.


6. Symphony Solutions

With over 15 years on the market and more than 450 tech experts on board, this vendor serves clients from gaming, healthcare, e-learning, and airline industries. The company’s application modernization includes experience design, application assessment, proof of concept, planning and roadmapping, cloud build-out, and application transformation. It also offers AI services, digital analytics, experience design, and digital marketing.

Symphony Solutions

7. SoftServe

Since 1993, this vendor has helped businesses with various IT tasks, ranging from product design to software development and team augmentation. It enables application modernization through their infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), or platform as a service (PaaS). It partners with tech accelerators like AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.



It’s one of the application modernization firms with over a decade of experience in developing, maintaining, and upgrading solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Its app modernization package includes technical audits, performance and load testing, benchmarking and market analysis, and release planning. 


9. Future Processing

This company helps businesses from marketing, media, non-profit sector, insurance, and other industries migrate, modernize, and optimize their infrastructures. Besides modernization, the enterprise consults on software development and product strategies, enables cybersecurity, and integrates AI/ML technologies. It has been an AWS Partner and a Microsoft Partner since 2007.

Future Processing

10. Dreamix

As one of the application modernization companies, it offers tech audits to identify improvement areas, reengineering services to enhance efficiency, and migration assistance for a seamless transition to modern cloud platforms. Since 2007, this vendor has provided various businesses with API integration, AI/ML development, cloud development, QA, testing, and other IT services. 


11. NashTech

This enterprise offers application modernization as a part of its app engineering services. Its modernization package includes consolidating, migrating, re-architecting, replacing, and automating applications. Besides this, the vendor also builds digital experience platforms, business processes and data solutions, and provides tech consultancy.


12. Veltris

Formerly known as West Agile Labs, this tech vendor cooperates with businesses from retail, life science, communication, travel, and other industries. It helps clients modernize their approach to IT infrastructure and build adaptive app architectures. The firm also offers consultative solutions encompassing UI/UX design, software engineering, quality assurance solutions, and DevOps services.


13. Softwire

With over 300 engineers on board, this software development vendor assists its clients with digital engineering, product strategy and development, data engineering, and tech consultancy. It has helped small and medium-sized businesses in the media, government, and financial sectors modernize their applications.


14. Eleviant Tech

This is one of the global application modernization companies specializing in various tech domains. It assists businesses from manufacturing, finance, logistics, transportation, healthcare, and other sectors in updating and reforming their tech infrastructure using various cloud solutions and technologies. The vendor is a partner of Microsoft Azure.

Eleviant Tech

15. Mindfire Solutions

As one of the app modernization firms, this vendor specializes in application assessment, discovery, re-engineering, rehosting, and language, data, and platform migration. Its service offerings include custom software development, QA and testing, third-party integrations, maintenance, and IT support.

Mindfire Solutions

What makes N-iX stand out among the top application modernization service companies?

At N-iX, we excel in modernization to swiftly transform legacy systems without any disruption to your business operations. With proven experience in providing app modernization to global enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, we have the resources and knowledge needed to choose the most suitable modernization strategy that aligns with your business goals and prepares your IT landscape for further advancements.

The company has helped businesses shift their development approach and augment their in-house teams to focus on microservices and DevOps practices, increasing the clients’ ability to adopt and deploy changes more often.

We hold various specializations from major tech accelerators like AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure, certifying our capability, knowledge, and extensive experience of deploying their solutions. N-iX also complies with the requirements of PCI DSS, FSQS, CyberGRX, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and ISO/IEC 27701:2019 certifications to provide secure solutions. 

If your business needs modernization consultation, team extension, or end-to-end modernization solution development, contact our team to discuss the approaches, tools, and processes that will help you improve performance, resilience, and competitiveness!

As one of the leading application modernization firms, N-iX will help you get your business ready for an innovative future!

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