Finding a professional data science service provider that could turn your raw big data into profound business insights is a challenging task. In the US and Europe, you are going to face a shortage of experts in this field. Thus it’s worth considering outsourcing big data analytics to a country with a large talent pool and a big number of providers. One of the most attractive destinations in this respect is Ukraine. Over the last years, this developing Eastern European country has taken the lead in IT outsourcing. Today Ukraine has over 100,000 IT professionals that provide best in class software development including data science outsourcing services.

We’ve gathered information on the Ukrainian IT outsourcing firms that offer expertise in big data analytics and related fields. So this article gives a brief review of the seven established Ukrainian IT vendors that have excellent track record as data science service providers.

  1. N-iX

N-iX is a Ukraine-based software development provider with development centers in Ukraine and Poland and representative offices in the United States and Sweden. For almost 17 years, N-iX has offered IT outsourcing services provided by over 900 skilled engineers, including professionals with data science expertise. They have practical knowledge of the most popular database management systems including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft BI stack (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), Oracle, OLAP, OLTP, Microsoft Azure big data stack (Azure Data Factory and Azure SQL Data Warehouse). Also, N-iX experts have a broad background in database design and architecture. There are many engineers programming in Python, Scala, and statistical programming languages such as R and Octave. Also, they specialize in Hadoop and Apache Spark/Pig/Hive frameworks.

So data science professionals at this company develop custom software tools for data mining and analysis, turning huge volumes of raw data into valuable insights for businesses worldwide. Moreover, the company offers its clients offshore predictive analytics and machine learning services. To be specific, N-iX provides data science expertise for Lebara, Gogo, and Vable – global leaders in healthcare, telecom and information management. 

  1. Lohika

Data science service provider from Ukraine

The company is a vendor of software engineering and IT consulting services with headquarters in the United States. Also, it has software development centers and branch offices in 3 Ukrainian IT hubs, namely Kyiv, Lviv, and Odessa. Their offshore dedicated team in Ukraine assisted Tidemark in speeding up the development of their big data SaaS solutions. Tidemark is a cloud analytics company that offers unique apps for decision makers. The apps give access to valuable data, deep analytics capabilities, predictive forecasting, and actionable visualizations via the desktop and mobile devices.

  1. Intellias

Ukrainian data science service provider

Company headquarters are located in Lviv, Ukraine. It also has several offices across the country and a representative office in Berlin. This data science service provider has already developed some projects using big data. For example, the solution for the facilitation of foreign languages learning based on proven scientific findings, AI, and NLP. This e-learning app enables students to learn from their own mistakes by providing automatic corrective feedback based on Phase6 methodology. Another data solution delivered by this team is a data-driven location platform for mapping and navigation.

  1. Sigma Software

Data science service provider in Eastern Europe

Headquartered in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the company successfully delivers big data solutions for Collective Media, a video advertising company based in the US. Java and Scala developers from the two companies have designed and deployed a series of apps to build the project’s big data infrastructure. They use Apache Hadoop framework and Circonus SaaS monitoring system to deal with thousands of HTTP requests per second and make billions of predictions about customer behavior.

  1. Ciklum

Data science in Ukraine

In terms of big data processing, this company offers data preparation, data modeling and prediction, data visualization, and grouping. The firm’s specialists are skilled in setting up data analytics tools aligned with the business goals of their clients. Their data experts together with DevOps specialists deploy Amazon and OVH ecosystems and provide business answers based on the raw technical data analysis.

  1. Eleks

Data science provider from Ukraine with over 25 years of experience

This Ukrainian data science service provider is a technology solutions company with representative offices in the USA and England. They offer predictive analytics, big data processing with Hadoop and deep learning services. The company experts have developed a two-layer BI solution for quick access to patients’ data for a healthcare network with over 100 facilities across the United States. Also, this company has a data science R&D center that developed a mathematical model to predict grain and sugar yields in Ukraine. The model combines the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages of the existing models for yield forecast.

  1. SoftServe

Data science service provider from Ukraine

Headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine and Austin, Texas, the company has a wide range of software development and consulting services. Its Data Science Group specializes in mathematics, economic optimization, and data systematization and storing. The company employees create analytical models and products for clients, as well as develop internal solutions. Among other data science projects, there is Tiny Neural Network Framework (TNNF), which is a simple open-source framework for building neural nets with different architectures. The idea behind this solution was to use the latest machine learning algorithms and make the framework flexible and easily customizable.

Summing up

Selecting a data science service provider in Ukraine, you are going to consider a number of companies. The thing is, the country has a variety of IT outsourcing vendors that offer data mining, big data analytics, and machine learning services. They differ in size, cooperation style, technological expertise, specific domain knowledge etc. Still, the experience in data science projects development for your particular industry should be the main factor to consider. We advise choosing a company with a broad analytic tech stack and a decent portfolio of data science projects. We hope, our review will help you find a partner that will turn your raw data into actionable knowledge. No doubt, your business will succeed from the cooperation with one of the Ukrainian data science service providers.

This article uses materials collected from companies’ corporate websites and LinkedIn profiles.

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