Nowadays businesses realize the need to develop tailor-made software solutions to deliver personalized experiences to their customers and address the changing digital market landscape. Custom software development also enables companies to launch new directions while operating with the software packages they already use. However, finding a bespoke software development vendor which can cover all your digital needs and provide enough expertise in the latest technologies like blockchain and AI often proves to be quite challenging. And if your business operates in the UK or you are targeting the UK customers, the IT provider’s experience in working with this market may play the crucial role in the success of your project. Software development vendors that have already cooperated with UK clients are most likely to have the necessary knowledge of the market specifics, its diverse norms and regulations, the business culture etc. This experience will definitely help your provider understand your needs and the needs of your customers too.

We’ve prepared a list of IT vendors providing custom software development services to the UK companies to help you choose a reliable partner.

1. N-iX

Development center(s): Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria

UK clients: Lebara, Currencycloud, Orbus, Vable

N-iX is one of the leading European bespoke software development vendors with development centers in Poland and Ukraine. With over 2,200 technical experts, the company helps companies implement digital transformations in industries like banking, fintech, telecom, healthcare, insurtech, hospitality, media & entertainment, aviation, etc. Moreover, N-iX provides a wide array of services in different verticals such as big data analytics, BI, data science, AI, blockchain, cloud solutions, VR & AR, enterprise mobility, etc.

The availability of qualified resources and strong technical expertise within the company makes it a reliable partner for many established UK providers. For instance, N-iX partnered with Lebara – a London-based telecom giant with five million active customers and more than 1,400 employees worldwide. N-iX development center for Lebara managed to deliver multiple projects including Lebara Money, MyLebara, LebaraPlay, Lebara Talk, Lebara Hub, Lebara Travel etc. In addition, N-iX engineers have worked on improving the functionality of many products and provided ongoing support of multiple applications, while BI developers and consultants helped the company manage and analyze their data.

N-iX has also partnered with a UK-based B2B platform Currencycloud, a global cloud-based payments platform, which has recently raised £20 million funding led by Google. The dedicated development team at N-iX has worked on the development of a client-facing application Currencycloud Direct, which runs with CC Payment Engine and allows web access to the major Currencycloud services . Furthermore, N-iX specialists developed a new enhanced version of CC RESTful API and actively maintained and supported the existing services within the company.

What’s more, N-iX partnered with a major peer-to-peer lending company in the UK and Australia with more than 250,000 active customers. The company addressed N-iX with the need to upgrade their services with the help of cloud solutions and microservices. Also, N-iX team was involved in the full cycle software development of the new product’s version for a UK information management company Vable. N-iX engineers migrated the system from hosting to cloud as well as aggregated and analyzed loads of data.

2. Geeks

Development center(s): UK

UK clients: Mitie, Hmv, Rexam, easyJet

This London-based software development provider creates solutions for business automation, online portals, content management, e-commerce, etc. and specializes in Microsoft technologies. Among their UK clients is an entertainment retailer of music, films, and games HMV. The team built a front-facing site with a full e-commerce solution enabling the client to manage members, process orders and include partners to the platform. Moreover, Geeks provided custom software development services to the European Airline provider easyJet and British-based multinational consumer packaging company Rexam.

3. DataArt

Development centers: Ukraine, USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany

UK clients: Macfarlane, JacTravel, Fintratech, Coller Capital

Headquartered in New York, the company is a technology consultancy with offices in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, etc., operating in such industries as finance, travel & hospitality, healthcare, media, telecom, retail, and others. It specializes in enterprise application development, system integration, and business automation tools. The scope of cooperation with UK clients includes partnerships with a multichannel customer communications company Macfarlane, the supplier of online hotel bookings and travel services JacTravel, and financial companies like Fintratech, Apex and Coller Capital.

4. Solstice

Development center(s): UK

UK clients: Sweett Group, Balfour Beatty plc

This UK company specializes in the development of custom, fully engineered software solutions for the web, mobile, and desktop. Their services encompass business analysis, conceptual design, software development, hosting, and support. Solstice has provided custom software development services for a UK physical assets management consultancy Sweett Group, which is now a part of Currie & Brown. Additionally, they cooperated with a British multinational infrastructure group Balfour Beatty plc specializing in construction, support services, and infrastructure investments.

5. Ajoft Technologies

Development center(s): India, US

UK clients: Aviva plc, Cadbury

This India-based custom software development company specializes in developing scalable software applications, as well as business and automation software. The company provides services in such areas as retail, human resources, internet services and hospitality. One of the company’s UK clients is Aviva plc – a multinational insurance company headquartered in London with an active customer base in 16 countries. Also, the company provided development services for a well-known British confectionery company Cadbury.

6. Rokkmedia

Development center(s): UK

UK clients: Screwfix, HSBC

This custom software development company, operating in Exeter, London, and Bristol, has been providing business and automation software development services since 2002. They specialize in web and mobile app development, digital marketing, and web design. Rokkmedia’s experience includes cooperation with UK’s multi channel retailer of trade tools, accessories and hardware products Screwfix. Moreover, the company provided development services for HSBC Bank plc with offices in over 80 countries in Europe.

7. Blueberry Systems

Development center(s): UK

UK clients: Mechatherm, Crane Electronics Ltd

This bespoke software development company is located in Cheltenham, with a track record of delivering different types of business projects. For instance, Blueberry Systems created a new database system for their UK client – Mechatherm International Limited which specializes in designing and supplying furnace equipment for the aluminium industry. Additionally, the development team cooperated with Crane Electronics and created an Android-based program to collect and graph real-time data for a hand-held torque data collector called IQVu.

All thing considered, bespoke software development vendors can create software which addresses the most complex business challenges and successfully meets your needs and expectations . They may smoothly integrate digital technologies into your current business processes with the help of tailor-made solutions. The main challenge rests in finding a reliable IT provider to reap the maximum benefits from this cooperation. We hope that the list we provided will help you choose the best partner and establish  lasting business relationships.