Widely used in web, desktop, and mobile applications, Java keeps the leading position among other programming languages. Recent research done by DOU.UA shows that 25% of Ukrainian developers are involved in Java projects. Java shapes a powerful tech community whose members are organizing various events such as JavaOne conference. Ukraine followed the global trend five years ago by introducing annual Java Day. This year, event organizers (Java User Group Kyiv) have chosen Lviv as Java Day 2015 host city and N-iX is proud to be one of the partners for this event announced on June 14th.

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We asked Yulia Baranova from Java Day Partnership Relations Committee, to tell us more about the event background and its role for Ukrainian IT-community. How and why did the idea of this event emerge?
Every fall, over 10 000 engineers from 100 countries are gathering in JavaOne conference, organized by Oracle, in the sunny city of San Francisco to reflect on the future of Java technology and discuss the latest developments of the industry. We started JavaDay Ukraine in 2010 as an attempt to bring the world famous JavaOne to our country. With the support from Oracle, JavaDay Ukraine is successfully held throughout five years and every year it gathers more and more participants and speakers.

Java Day participants

How many participants are you expecting on JavaDay 2015?
Our previous event, held in October 2014 was attended by over 500 participants from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnitsa and other cities of Ukraine and we hope this number to increase in 2015. Everyone knows that the last year was very difficult for Ukraine, and some of the invited foreign speakers didn`t dare to visit Kyiv and take part in the event. We were very grateful to Java-experts who accepted our invitation and came to JavaDay Ukraine 2014 despite the circumstances.

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Why Lviv?
Lviv is a city of talented engineers and unique Ukrainian identity. It`s a city with a developed infrastructure where we found everything we need for the conference. There are numerous hotels and conference halls, good railway connection with major Ukrainian cities and a new airport. Lviv is a home for many Ukrainian tech companies interested in latest industry news and knowledge sharing, so we get their strong support regarding Java Day organization. In addition, Lviv is a famous historical, cultural and gastronomic center of Ukraine. We hope JavaDay Lviv will be a wonderful opportunity to visit this picturesque city.

Java Day

How Java Day contributes to the development of Ukrainian IT?
For Ukrainian Java developers, JavaDay creates an opportunity to discuss the topics of current interest and to stay up-to-date with Java technology news. This year we will offer up to 10 workshops and over 25 professional talks on such topics as Core JVM platform and Java SE (Java 8), JVM languages and new programming paradigms, web development and Java Enterprise technologies, software engineering practices, Architecture & Cloud, BigData & NoSQL. As for companies, it’s a good way to demonstrate their Java expertise and to invest in employees’ professional development. JavaDay provides a unique platform where speakers are able to share their experience, observations, and life-hacks with other Java engineers.

Photos are provided by Java User Group Kyiv.

Ukrainian Java Developers Meet in Lviv

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