The demand for Java talent is soaring, and so is the competition for it. To solve this pain, many companies from the UK, the USA, and Nordic countries opt for Java software outsourcing to Eastern Europe.

They do it for two key reasons: the best price to quality ratio and the largest pool of Java software developers. Eastern Europe has 9 of the top 30 global outsourcing destinations, and is distinguished as one of the top software outsourcing markets.

That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of companies that have benefited from Java development outsourcing to such countries of Eastern Europe as Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Hungary.

Research methodology

We’ve chosen the companies based on the following criteria:

  • their leading positions in the corresponding industries,
  • location in Western Europe or the US,
  • cooperation with Java development companies from Eastern Europe.

We’ve grouped them acсording to the destinations they outsourced to: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Hungary (according to our Linkedin research, those countries have the largest talent pool of Java software developers).

Java software outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the top destinations for finding experienced Java software developers. Here are some stats to back it up:

  • According to the findings of the survey, Java is the most widely used coding language in Ukraine, and it occupies more than 20% of the software developer job force market.
  • According to the LinkedIn survey, there are 7,833 Java developers in Ukraine.
  • According to Clutch, there are 40 reliable Java development companies in Ukraine.

Now let’s take a look at companies that successfully outsourced their Java software development to Ukraine:

1. Lebara

Java software outsourcing

Industry: MVNO

Company size: 501-1,000 employees

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2001

Technology partner: N-iX

Lebara is a global telecom company that uses mobile network operator business model, and serves more than 5 mln active customers. It provides users with prepaid mobile SIM cards and meets the needs of migrant communities. The company was awarded as UK’s Best MVNO for 7 years in a row.

Lebara has built many of its products in collaboration with N-iX, one of top Java development companies, according to Clutch matrix. N-iX applies its expertise in building Java-based solutions to both web and mobile application development. Thus the two companies cooperated in developing back-end components on Java for a wide range of Lebara products.

N-iX team is currently responsible for code quality, stability, high performance, and maintainability in such products as LebaraPlay, LebaraMoney, MyLebara, Lebara Mobile, Community, 4G, and others.

2. Vable

Java software outsourcing

Industry: Information Management

Company size: 11-50 employees

Location: London, UK

Founded: 2004

Technology partner: N-iX

Vable is a London-based digital information management and analytics platform that enables handling multiple information streams on a single site. The user can add information sources, including RSS feeds, websites, email attachments, and even the company’s own files.

Vable and N-iX started their cooperation in 2015. A dedicated development team at N-iX is engaged in full cycle software development of the improved version of the product. Almost the whole backend of the platform and the business logic of the application are built with Java. Also, the team has started NLP development using Java.


Java software outsourcing

Industry: Manufacturing, Hi-Tech

Company size: 11-50 employees

Location: USA, UK, Germany

Founded: 2007

Technology Partner: N-iX

SCHAD (now part of Fluke Corporation) Mobile Work Management integrates SCADA and CMMS functionality to enable seamless workflows to be completed on a mobile device. Its products are designed for companies where downtime is crucial. They include airports, warehouses, distribution centers, water treatment facilities, manufacturing operations, and power stations. The product is used to facilitate automation at Toyota, Honda, Dubai Airports, ASDA, DPD etc.

SCHAD and N-iX have been cooperating for 5 years. The Java-based product built by SCHAD in cooperation with N-iX engineers combines IBM knowledge management system, SCADA, and CMMS.

Java software outsourcing to Poland

Poland is another attractive destination for Java development outsourcing. According to LinkedIn, the number of Java developers amounts to 10,606 engineers. As Clutch ranking indicates, there are 35 Java development companies. Here are the businesses that cooperated with Java software development providers in Poland:


Java software outsourcing

Industry: Energy management

Company size: 5001-10,000 employees

Location: Germany

Founded: 1902

Technology Partner: FutureProcessing

Ista is one of the leading energy management service providers. The company helps to enhance energy efficiency in apartment buildings and commercial properties.

FutureProcessing and Ista have been collaborating on a Java-based project that helps property managers manage real estate effectively. They have delivered a customized corporate solution that meets the demands of the Ista’s target market.

5. Trapeze Group UK

Java software outsourcing

Industry: Transport

Company size: 5001-10,000 employees

Location: Ontario

Founded: 1993

Cooperation Partner : FutureProcessing

Trapeze Group is a provider of software solutions that are used to improve public transport and solve its key problems. It serves more than 2,500 customers globally.

Trapeze Group UK cooperated with FutureProcessing to develop EVO SOLUTIONS – an internal desktop application written with Java, used mainly to manage tens of thousands of tasks every day. They include ordering a taxi, scheduling, and staff asset management.

Java software outsourcing to Belarus

Belarus offers good access to qualified Java engineers. According to LinkedIn, the number of Java developers in Belarus totals 2,117 results.

6. Sadad

Java software outsourcing

Industry: Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Company size: 201-500 employees

Location: Saudi Arabia

Founded: 2004

Technology Partner: SoftTeco

The client is an independent payment system «SADAD». The company was founded in Bahrain and operates through over 700 terminals in the kingdom. The company specializes in installing and maintaining payment terminals in Bahrain, Philippines, and Turkey.

SoftTeco and SADAD have cooperated to deliver an independent, Java-based payment system.

Java Software Outsourcing to Hungary

Hungary is a favourable destination for nearshore Java development outsourcing. As Linkedin results indicate, the number of Java developers in Hungary amounts to 1,879 specialists.


Java software outsourcing


Industry: Communication

Company size: 2-10

Location: Austria

Founded: 2016

Technology Partner : Pulilab

Telebond is a professional communication solution for online business owners to deliver real-time video consultations and get paid for them.

Pulilab has cooperated with the Telebond team to design a system that can both handle a video conference, keeping track of its time, and ensuring payments are collected and distributed to online business owners.


Many companies choose Eastern Europe as the destination for their Java software outsourcing. It provides the best price to quality ratio and gives access to the largest pool of Java software developers.

To help you choose the Java development services provider that meets your specific business needs, we’ve compiled a list of companies that benefited from such cooperation and grouped them according to the countries with the biggest Java talent pools: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Hungary.

To learn more about outsourcing your Java-based project, contact our experts.