Eastern Europe is a prominent destination for hiring dedicated development teams, trusted by large market players from North America and Western Europe. According to the ABSL report, the Eastern European combined talent pool counts 1.1M of well-versed specialists. The lion’s share of them, namely 330,000, reside in Poland, making it the most promising outsourcing location in the area. 

With a large talent pool of skilled software developers, Poland has new R&D centers constantly emerging on its map. As for 2022, Clutch lists around 900 outsourcing companies in Poland that offer software development services. But how to choose the best outsourcing vendor that will be able to meet your business needs? And what aspects should you consider before making the final choice? This article will give you an overview of 15 top Polish outsourcing companies that can responsibly take software development of your solution into their hands.

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Selection criteria

To help you choose from dozens of outsourcing companies in Poland, we selected 15 best local market players. In our research, we referred to Clutch as the reliable source of B2B services reviews and rankings.

  1. To begin with, we searched for top software development companies in Poland and selected IT enterprises with more than 250 employees. Mid- and large-size vendors usually have optimized development processes and a bigger number of talent accessible.
  2. The next step was to choose Polish outsourcing companies with at least 5 reviews from clients that will prove the company’s credibility. In addition, we included only IT enterprises with high (4.8+/5) review scores.
  3. Moreover, our selection consists of software development companies that have been on the market for 10+ years.
  4. Lastly, we included only outsourcing companies in Poland with a proven portfolio of successfully delivered projects to our list.

Software development outsourcing in Poland: a market overview

The Polish IT outsourcing market is thriving. Due to the stable economy, it is considered to be secure and favorable for long-term investments. The country is ranked 40th in the Doing Business report, leaving behind Romania, Hungary, and other Eastern European countries.

With the largest talent pool in Eastern Europe, Poland has high workforce accessibility. Local engineers are well-recognized for their expertise and positioned third in the Skillvalue ranking. Moreover, Polish specialists take seventh place in the latest TopCoder report. 

Polish tech specialists already have robust experience in outsourcing software development. As stated in the Ideamotive report, 66% of local tech talent are currently delivering IT projects for foreign businesses. Since the 1990s, outsourcing companies in Poland have successfully provided software development services to such tech giants as Cisco, IBM, Intel, and many more.

Software development in Poland in numbers: number of specialists, IT vendors, AT Kearney rating

Top Polish engineering outsourcing companies 

1. N-iX

N-iX is a reliable European outsourcing company with 20+ years of software development experience on the international market. Staffing more than 2,000 seasoned IT professionals, N-iX is one of the largest outsourcing companies in Poland. Their teams are well-versed in the implementation of cloud solutions, big data development, data analytics, Internet of Things, and enterprise VR production.

The company’s sound knowledge of engineering practices has been validated by long-term cooperations with 30+ enterprise clients, including Fortune 500 companies from the US, the UK, and Europe. The vendor’s tech specialists have provided innovative solutions for manufacturing, logistics, retail, fintech, telecommunications, and agritech industries. Among their most remarkable collaborations are successfully delivered projects for Gogo, AVL, Fluke, Currencycloud, and many others.

N-iX: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

2. Ciklum

This is one of the large-size outsourcing companies in Poland that employs over 4,000 engineering professionals. The vendor offers product engineering, intelligent automation, and data analytics services for finance, e-commerce, gaming, and other business verticals.

Ciklum: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

3. Elinext

Founded in 1997, one of the most experienced IT outsourcing companies in Poland provides services mainly for healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and retail domains. Its service list spans custom software development, business analysis, web and mobile development, and UI/UX design.

Elinext: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

4. j-labs 

Set up in 2008, this software development vendor is among the youngest Polish outsourcing companies on our list. Custom software implementation makes up 20% of their services. The IT enterprise offers help with microservices, blockchain development, as well as DevOps. 

j-labs: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

5. Deviniti

This is another reliable Polish company with 15+ years of experience on the market. Over this time, the IT outsourcing firm has established about 500 successful collaborations with Western clients. Their expertise includes custom solution implementation, maintenance, and IT consulting services. 

Deviniti: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

6. Exadel

One of the oldest outsourcing companies in Poland, this IT enterprise also has offices in Ukraine and Lithuania. The vendor has over 2,000 engineers on board and offers help with big data and analytics, AI and machine learning, mobile application development, and quality assurance services for media, telecommunications, e-commerce, and education domains.

Exadel: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

7. Software Mind

Founded in 1999, this is a software development vendor with robust engineering experience in fintech, telecommunications, and healthcare. Like most  IT outsourcing companies in Poland, the vendor is mid-size and employs around 500 tech experts. They are well-versed in product engineering, digital transformation services, financial software implementation, and startup development acceleration.

Software Mind: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

8. Qulix Systems

In Poland, outsourcing companies mostly focus on custom software development. For this IT firm, it makes up 30% of all the delivered services. Some other company’s expertise areas cover backend and frontend implementation, cloud app development, and software integration, mostly for banking and insurtech industries.

Qulix Systems: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

9. Euvic

Being one of the large-size IT outsourcing companies in Poland, this firm staffs 3,500 tech specialists that are skilled in handling projects for education, logistics, fintech, and energy business verticals. As for the software development, the vendor has a record of fruitful mobile development, software testing, DevOps, as well as UI/UX consulting projects.

Euvic: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

10. Britenet

If you decide to embark on a partnership with a team from Poland, outsourcing companies like this can provide you with talent quickly. The vendor staffs over 1,000 engineering specialists that provide Java-based solutions development, frontend implementation, BI development, and software testing. The key business verticals covered by their teams are fintech, automotive, and government.

Britenet: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

11. JCommerce

Being one of the mid-size Polish outsourcing companies, this vendor employs 300 skilled engineers that offer software development, business analysis, IT software architecture, and cloud services. Custom software development makes up 35% of the vendor’s engineering potential. Their industry expertise includes fintech, e-commerce, telecommunications, and more.

JCommerce: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

12. Netguru

Another representative of reliable IT outsourcing companies in Poland, this firm’s cooperation record includes more than 1,000 projects. They mainly deliver projects for fintech, retail, healthcare, and education enterprises. The vendor has its R&D centers not only in Poland but also in Germany and the UK.

Netguru: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

13. Svitla Systems

Apart from Krakow, this Polish outsourcing company has offices in Ukraine, Mexico, and the US. Their tech specialists dedicate 40% of their efforts to custom software development. The vendor’s expertise also covers AWS cloud development, web solutions implementation, and Big Data.

Svitla Systems: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

14. Codete

One of the youngest outsourcing companies in Poland appearing on the list, this vendor was founded in 2010. For over 10+ years on the market, it has established 120+ fruitful collaborations with global hospitality, automotive, retail, and crypto business verticals. Apart from product development, the vendor’s specialists offer help with big data and data science, cloud computing, DevOps, and UI/UX design.

Codete: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

15. Solwit

Another mid-size vendor among IT outsourcing companies in Poland, this IT enterprise has been providing software development services for HR, transportation, and automotive domains. Key focus areas of their engineers are custom software development, product design, embedded systems, and IoT implementation.

Solwit: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

How to select a reliable outsourcing company in Poland?

  1. Opt for a mid- or large-size vendor. The company’s size is directly related to its outsourcing capabilities. Such IT enterprises have more resources to scale and, therefore, are able to embark on a partnership much quicker.
  2. Check the potential partner’s tech expertise. Before you opt for a particular vendor in Poland, outsourcing companies should undergo some assessments in terms of the services they provide. Make sure that the vendor’s teams are skilled in technologies, relevant to your project and stay updated with the latest technology trends.
  3. Look through the vendor’s portfolio. Check out the list of the company’s prior collaborations to see if they have already delivered similar solutions. It would be a huge plus if the company has already handled projects in your industry.
  4. Research the company’s cybersecurity guidelines. Make sure that your potential partner adheres to international security standards such as ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2015, HIPAA, and others.
  5. Pay attention to clients' testimonials. Take a look at extended client reviews of your outsourcing company in Poland.

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Why choose N-iX as your outsourcing partner?

  • N-iX is a credible European software development vendor that has been on the international market for over 20 years and successfully delivered projects for manufacturing, retail, fintech, telecom, healthcare, and agritech domains.
  • The company’s expertise areas include cloud solutions development, data analytics and big data services, business intelligence, Internet of Things, embedded software development, and UI/UX design.
  • Being one of the most trusted IT outsourcing companies in Poland, N-iX has established durable cooperations with global market players such as Gogo, Fluke, Currencycloud, Ringier, and many more.
  • N-iX is compliant with international cybersecurity standards, namely GDPR, ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, and ISO 9001:2015.
  • The IT enterprise is well-recognized in the industry: N-iX is included in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, and named a Rising Star in Data Engineering by ISG.
  • For over two decades, N-iX has worked with American companies - from our first client Novell, a large tech company we partnered with back in 2003, to dozens of established US industry leaders.
  • N-iX specialists have sound expertise in cloud development: the vendor has earned AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Google Cloud Partner statuses and achieved Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency.

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