Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider dynamically allocates machine resources on demand. In such a way, a cloud solution provider takes care of the servers on behalf of their customers. 

This approach liberates developers from the intricacies of server administration and instead lets them focus on creating the product. With such an infrastructure, you can accelerate software development and scale easily.

Now let's dive deeper into what serverless development is and find answers to a few more questions, such as: Why do you need serverless engineers? What skills and qualifications should they have? And finally, learn how to find and hire serverless developers who can leverage cloud services and create cost-effective solutions.

What is serverless development?

Serverless development is an approach that enables the dynamic integration of additional server resources. Moreover, it provides more flexibility and responsiveness of the technology, meaning that server resources can be added in real-time to accommodate fluctuations in demand.

While the serverless approach helps to create and operate applications without the burden of server management, the servers are still present. It is a cloud provider that maintains and manages them instead of your employees. The pay-as-you-go model ensures that charges are applicable solely when code execution takes place, making it a suitable choice for certain cases.

If you still use on-premise servers, a decision to hire serverless developers can significantly accelerate your migration to the cloud. Moreover, these specialists can enhance your development capabilities, introduce modern technologies, and improve the efficiency of your projects. Their collaboration can be particularly valuable when transitioning existing applications to a serverless architecture or implementing serverless components within your software stack.

Why do you need them?

Even though serverless development is a relatively new approach to development, the demand for it grows constantly. The division of feature development from underlying infrastructure is exceptionally advantageous, offering benefits such as:

Benefits of working with serverless developers from N-iX

Key factors to consider when hiring serverless developers

Serverless computing requires expert hands. In this section, we'll explore the crucial criteria for selecting the perfect serverless developers to lead your projects.

1. Qualifications

Solution development

Serverless developers actively collaborate to design and implement highly optimized and functional solutions.

Cloud platform management

They are responsible for monitoring, managing, and administering cloud platforms within various systems, such as Linux, Windows, and others.

Development cycle enhancement

These experts enhance and add value to the development cycle, ensuring continuous improvement in the software development process.

Critical IT operations

Serverless developers assume ownership of critical IT functions, including tasks such as automation of deployment processes, surveillance, and security.

Serverless computing expertise

Proficiency in serverless computing services, such as AWS Lambda or equivalent platforms, is an essential requirement for serverless developers. They must possess in-depth knowledge of the functions and features of these services.

Best practices

Serverless developers are expected to provide expert-level design and adhere to best operational practices, guaranteeing the highest standards of performance and efficiency.

2. Certifications

The certificates can be platform-specific, such as those offered by major cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. They often encompass a range of proficiency levels, from foundational to specialized, endorsing competencies in serverless architecture, application development, and deployment within these platforms. 

Furthermore, there are general certifications like the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), which endorse broader security training and skills applicable across various cloud environments. These certifications testify to the developer's capabilities in ensuring robust security measures within serverless applications and infrastructure.

3. Seniority level

The level of qualification presumes the knowledge and experience of a developer. Going serverless will require finding developers with a high level of proficiency to manage the transition effectively. 

For this purpose, you may need to hire serverless developers of the middle and senior levels. Here at N-iX, most of the developers have 5+ years of experience and are at least middle-level specialists. If you need a lead developer, such experts have at least a seven-year track record.

4. Skills

Technical proficiency 

  • APIs and microservices architecture expertise;
  • Programming languages (Java, Python) according to your tech stack.
  • experience in a database that fits your technology stack (MySQL, SQL, Oracle, or DB2);
  • A comprehensive understanding of MySQL.

Cloud and serverless development

  • Proficiency in serverless architecture for cloud-based software development;
  • Ability to architect and shape cloud-based applications;
  • Established history of effectively working on high-level AWS cloud-based solutions and capacity to integrate AWS services with existing applications.

System security

  • Experience with AWS security architecture and solutions.

Best practices to hire serverless developers

Understand your project needs

Before you begin the hiring process, have a clear understanding of your project's requirements. What kind of application are you building? What specific serverless technologies or platforms are you using? What are your project goals and timelines?

Estimate your budget

Establish a budget for your project. Serverless development vendors, like N-iX, offer flexible pricing models, so having a clear budget helps in negotiations.

Contact a vendor

Contact N-iX or a similar vendor with your project details and requirements. They will assess your needs and provide insights into how they can assist.

Learn about vendor expertise

Research companies with a proven track record in serverless development. Look for vendors with extensive experience in your specific industry or domain, as this can provide valuable insights and expertise tailored to your project's unique needs.

Define the project requirements

Provide a clear overview of your project, its goals, and the challenges you aim to overcome. Sharing any existing assets, documentation, or prototypes you may have can help the vendor gain a deeper understanding of your project's scope.

Partake in solution discussion

Engage in discussions to understand how the vendor can tailor their services to your project. A good vendor will actively seek to align their solution with your specific requirements, providing suggestions to optimize the development process. They may propose strategies for building a resilient, cost-effective, high-performance serverless architecture.

Choose a technology stack

Part of the initial discussions with the vendor should revolve around the technology stack. This includes identifying the ideal serverless platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.), programming languages, and third-party services that will form the backbone of your application. A seasoned vendor will guide you in choosing the stack that suits your project's needs.

Ask for a proof of concept

Depending on the project's complexity, it may be beneficial to request a proof of concept (PoC) from the vendor. A PoC can demonstrate the vendor's approach to solving your specific challenges and give you a tangible preview of what to expect. It's an opportunity to validate the vendor's capabilities and ensure they are a good fit for your project.

Nurture a relationship

Effective communication and a collaborative approach will be essential for a successful project. A good vendor should actively engage in a two-way dialogue, listening to your feedback and providing clarity and transparency throughout the hiring process.

Companies that benefited from cooperation with dedicated developers

Our client delivers e-commerce and subscription management solutions with a cloud-based e-commerce platform. Their product simplifies recurring billing, enhances customer experiences, and ensures global compliance and payment features.

To improve their email marketing campaigns, our client sought to integrate ML models into their platform. In such a way, it would be possible to predict customer churn and allow for more effective personalized email campaigns to increase customer retention. Moreover, the client aimed to boost efficiency by implementing automation in campaign creation, reducing the need for manual work.

The N-iX team has successfully implemented an ML-powered serverless solution within the client's e-commerce platform. This solution enables precise subscription churn prediction, making it easier to reach subscribers effectively. Our AWS-based solution follows a cloud-native approach, incorporating serverless best practices to reduce maintenance costs and enhance the platform's flexibility for integration with an ML system.

To streamline email campaigns, we have established a serverless workflow utilizing AWS Lambda and AWS Step Functions. AWS Step Functions outlines the sequence of steps necessary for executing email campaigns. AWS Lambda generates personalized email content, email dispatch, user interaction tracking, and campaign analytics updates. This migration to AWS allows customers to configure email campaigns via APIs, offering flexibility in customizing recipient lists, email schedules, and churn probability segments.

Our client has received several significant benefits from these improvements:

  • Automation of marketing interventions based on subscription churn probabilities for user segments.
  • Implementation of client segmentation to enhance customer retention through personalized marketing initiatives.
  • Reducing maintenance costs and increased system flexibility by migrating to the AWS stack.
  • Improved operational efficiency and customer experience via a template manager that simplifies the creation of targeted email campaigns, minimizing manual efforts.

Hire serverless developers from N-iX

Why go serverless with N-iX?  

  1. N-iX is a reliable tech partner listed by IAOP's top 100 outsourcing service providers and advisors, CRN’s Fast Growth 150, and others;
  2. We are a global software engineering company with 21 years of experience in solution development and tech consulting;
  3. Our partners are industry leaders, major technology companies, and corporate clients spanning the US, the UK, Nordic countries, and Europe, such as the UK, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and Austria;
  4. Our tech team comprises 2,200+ qualified experts, including certified AWS and Azure serverless developers.


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