Developing a digital solution for the healthcare industry requires a lot of technical expertise, in-depth market research, and legal knowledge. And while healthcare is among the most regulated industries in the world, there are a few tech companies you can turn to for competent advice at any project stage. 

The services these companies offer vary from consultations and Product Discovery to augmenting your team with top experts to outsourcing healthcare software development. The question is: how do you find a company to trust your project with?

After thorough research, N-iX created a list of reliable healthcare IT consulting companies to help you get a high-performance yet compliant tool or solution for a medical setting. Here's the methodology we used to select the best tech vendors.

Selection methodology

Among 4K+ companies offering healthcare IT consulting and development services globally, we picked the best 15 you can trust your project with. Below, you'll see the companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Over ten years of proven experience in the market;
  • 250+ tech experts on board;
  • At least three documented healthcare projects in the portfolio;
  • 4.7 or higher rating on Clutch;
  • Five or more client reviews on Clutch.

Best 15 healthcare IT consulting companies with proven expertise

1. N-iX

Since 2002, the N-iX team has helped Fortune 500 companies improve their performance with secure and scalable solutions. The company is a tech partner for European, Canadian, and American businesses operating in pharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing, clinics, biotech, healthcare management, and insurance. Its project portfolio includes partnerships with Weinmann Emergency, Brighter, Think Research, and Cure Forward. N-iX also has a number of clients under NDA, which indicates the vendor's respect for privacy. These partnerships across various healthcare verticals grew the vendor's knowledge of the healthcare legal framework and helped establish the best practices for future projects.

Being one of the top healthcare IT consulting companies, N-iX specializes in healthcare IT consulting, team augmentation and extension, and custom healthcare software development services. The company has proven expertise in cutting-edge technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Cloud computing.

Currently, N-iX operates in Europe and the Americas and has delivery centers in Poland, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Malta, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. The company hires tech experts globally from 25 countries and ensures each professional in its team has the skills, experience, and certifications needed to deliver expected results.

N-iX is one of top reliable healthcare IT consulting companies

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2. Kellton

This company provides IT consulting and development services across North America, Asia, and Europe. Its offerings include the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT), Big Data and AI, AR, and Blockchain. The company also consults on healthcare solutions and platform development. 


3. Indium Software

Since 1999, this software provider has offered consulting and development services to healthcare manufacturers and providers like Brighton Health Plan Solutions and Striim. The company is also a tech partner for various health insurance payors and pharmaceutical enterprises. Apart from healthcare, they serve automotive, energy, and other industries. 


4. Euvic

As one of the global healthcare IT consulting companies, this vendor has the knowledge, expertise, and skills to create tech solutions for the industry. Its recent partnership included Medsphere System Corporation. The developers worked on the electronic health record (EHR) management tool and consulted on the digital transformation of the provider's legacy system.


5. Andersen Inc.

With a team of 300+ engineers, this tech vendor can offer full-cycle solution development services from consultation to development and maintenance. It builds custom telehealth applications and has a diverse portfolio of healthcare solutions. This company also creates software tools for other industries.



This software development company also offers various services for healthcare, including consultancy, custom solution development, and R&D. It uses modern technologies to provide clients with robust tools for doctors, medical facility administrators, insurers, researchers, and patients.


7. CIS

Founded in 2003, this company develops healthcare and fitness platforms and mobile apps. In addition, they consult healthcare providers and medical businesses on digital transformation and the adoption of healthcare solutions. Its team has over 1,000 developers with expertise in other industries.


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8. Edvantis

As one of the healthcare IT consulting companies operating worldwide, this business can help you create a solid digital-first strategy for your healthcare company. Moreover, it provides end-to-end software development services. This vendor works with clinics, research centers, insurance companies, and private healthcare providers. 


9. Inetum Poland

Skilled in healthcare and biotech software creation, this tech company can consult you on elevating your medical tech landscape and building a future-proof digital strategy. Its portfolio includes partnerships with HealthTech and Medim, for whom they developed an app for mobile medical plan management and ERP solutions.

Inetum Poland

10. Waverley Software

This software developer offers various services to improve your medical setting and service provision. You can choose from various engagement models and request consultations regarding your healthcare project. This company also develops custom solutions and tools for companies in other industries, such as e-learning and fintech.


11. VentureDive

Since 2004, this tech vendor has been a tech partner for many companies from healthcare and other industries. It specializes in IT consulting, team augmentation, and custom solution development for various healthcare-related businesses, such as biotech laboratories, clinics, private practices, and medical equipment manufacturers.


12. Eleviant Tech

Founded in 2004, this tech vendor helps healthcare companies digitally transform and innovate their tech solutions to provide better patient services. The company's tech team consults on healthcare solution adoption and develops custom web and mobile tools to improve the provider's performance and patient outcomes.


13. Mobisoft Infotech

With 14 years of experience in software development, this tech company has over 100 clients in more than 35 countries. In addition to serving clients in the retail, logistics, and media industries, it provides various healthcare solutions. Its offerings in this domain include healthcare IT consultancy, tailored healthcare software development, and team extension.


14. Symphony Solutions

This software development company has a great portfolio of healthcare solutions created for various medical businesses. It specializes in full-cycle software development and consults healthcare market participants on solution adoption. Its recent partnership includes Spoedtest, the Corona speed testing systems manufacturer from the Netherlands. 

Symphony Solutions

15. Netguru

Headquartered in Poland, this tech vendor offers various IT services to global companies like Spendesk, Zeller, and Cosmo. It's also known for its partnerships with medical research and treatment businesses. Besides healthcare, this company caters to the needs of businesses from manufacturing, education, and proptech.


What makes N-iX the best healthcare IT consulting company for your project?

N-iX has 21 years of experience developing complex custom software for international enterprises from various industries. As one of the global healthcare IT consulting companies, we offer our clients a thorough analysis of their healthcare IT ecosystem to identify the areas for improvement and vulnerabilities. 

Data security and safety are top priorities for any healthcare software. We comply with data processing regulations, such as GDPR, and have obtained various certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 27701:2019, proving that we provide high-quality services and can be a reliable partner for your business. In addition, we are a PCI DSS-compliant company that creates a secure environment for payments, including those associated with the provision of healthcare services.

N-iX follows the industry's best practices to ensure your enterprise benefits from your investment. Contact our team today to discuss how technologies can help you improve your healthcare business!

Develop a compliant healthcare software with N-iX!


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