Hybris is one of the most efficient e-commerce software solutions used by the global market leaders. Among companies which use it as their ecommerce platform are Samsung, O2, Vodafone, Audi, Lebara, and many more world-known brands. Those companies often use the services of offshore Hybris developers. Offshoring Hybris development services to Eastern European countries like Ukraine offers solid benefits such as ample resources to staff the project, cost-efficiency, and more flexibility (a customer can choose either to extend the in-house team or order a complex SAP Hybris solution for e-commerce management).

Some of the benefits Hybris technology offers :

  • Hybris provides businesses with the ready for use accelerators which include the best practices: accelerators for B2C (omnichannel and direct engagement with customers), B2B (a different scope of sales, and long-term payments),Telco (ordering a product together with a service or a subscription), and Hybris Commerce China Accelerator (specifically designed for Chinese market, with different layout and integration with local social media, etc.).
  • It is a very flexible ecommerce solution, and it can be customized to meet various customers’ requirements. You can change business logic which is already there and implement specific business processes depending on your business needs.
  • The platform has it’s own WCMS (Web Content Management System), Customer Service, integration with payment, available Build Framework, Backoffice Administration Cockpit, etc.
  • There is little dependency between the modules, what makes it rather flexible and convenient to use.
  • It offers multi-language, multi-vendor, and multichannel opportunities.
  • Hybris enables handling many streams of big data. This is particularly relevant for large telecom providers, for instance, Lebara, one of Europe’s leading telecoms operators for migrant communities which has based its eCommerce platform on the hybris B2C Commerce solution.

So it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are considering Hybris as a technology to base their e-commerce platforms on. Countries where demand for Hybris developers is the highest are the US, Germany and the UK.

Locations of businesses using Hybris

Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/shop/Hybris

How to find offshore Hybris developers

Hybris development is in huge demand now and finding an adequate number of qualified and experienced engineers to implement a project may be quite challenging.

Thus the US and the UK markets face a serious shortage of Hybris developers, and the rates are very high. According to indeed.com, a salary for Java Hybris Developer ranges from approximately $111,878 to $132,717 per year for Senior Java Hybris Developer.

Offshoring Hybris development provides businesses with sufficient resources, time-saving and cost-efficiency, and it is reasonable to offshore Hybris development to Eastern European countries like Ukraine. The country has a rich talent pool of developers (more than 100 000 developers ), many IT hubs, and according to LinkedIn, there are more than 450 people engaged in Hybris development and 1000 people engaged in Java development. Top Ukrainian companies which provide Hybris development services: N-iX, Sigma Software, Softserve, GlobalLogic.

How to hire offshore Hybris developers in Ukraine. What skills they should possess:

  1. Expertise in front-end: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, back-end : Java, Spring, Apache set of tools; operational networking; experience with Java for more than 1 year; good understanding of design patterns (multi-tiered software architecture).
  2. More than 1 year experience in Hybris development. Hybris recommends developers to get certified after one year of work because Hybris is a rather complex system which takes time to master.That’s why a skilled architect with good understanding of a Hybris system and its different modules is an indispensable part of your team. If a developer doesn’t know Hybris well enough and all its capabilities, they won’t be able to use all its potential and may spend time on creating features which are already there.
  3. Availability of certified experts. Certification is a guarantee of both deep knowledge of the solution and practical experience. Hybris company recommends to have at least a year of experience to successfully pass the certification. Look for companies which encourage and partially or fully reimburse certification. For instance, N-iX has now more than 25 Hybris developers, and majority of them are either Hybris-certified or are undergoing the process of certification.
  4. Multi-faceted expertise in Hybris projects. For instance, Hybris centre at N-iX provides Hybris technology expertise to Lebara, a global telecom provider. The expertise includes consultancy and front-end development for Hybris project as well as Business Intelligence expertise which covers current enterprise BI solution performance optimization, support and development.
  5. SAP Hybris integration expertise. Hybris provides a development framework that enables you to add additional custom and SAP Hybris applications.


The key problem with technologies like Hybris is that the specialists are scarce and thus you can’t scale your project fast when you need it. Outsourcing alleviates this pain, and Ukraine is one of top destinations to look for qualified engineers. Hiring offshore Hybris developers in Ukraine provides businesses with tangible benefits such as an access to ample resources and enhanced flexibility. When hiring a team of offshore Hybris developers, consider hiring an experienced architect and developers who have expertise in a wide range of technologies such as Java, Spring, Apache, and solid understanding and experience in Hybris development.


Guide on How to Find and Hire Offshore Hybris Developers in Ukraine

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