Dimitar Manevski

Dimitar Manevski

Director of N-iX Bulgaria

Dimitar is the Director of N-iX Bulgaria, focused on expanding our footprint in the country and ensuring the strong performance of the company‚Äôs delivery centres. Under his leadership, N-iX team in Bulgaria has grown significantly, with established hubs in Sofia and Plovdiv. 

With nearly two decades in tech and a solid engineering background, Dimitar ensures service excellence and the adoption of the latest tech innovations across our Bulgarian development centres. He has built strong partnerships with many clients and ensured the successful delivery of multiple projects, ranging from custom product development to expert consulting, focusing on client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

In addition, Dimitar has a distinguished track record in the financial sector. As  Development Manager at Currecycloud, a leading UK fintech company, he was instrumental in transforming the startup into a global leader in payment solutions, underscoring his expertise and strategic acumen in the fintech domain.

His approach and dedication to excellence continue to drive N-iX in Bulgaria forward, with plans for future growth and innovation.

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