ERP systems have become essential for businesses striving to integrate and streamline their processes. However, implementing and managing these complex systems is no small feat. Organizations often struggle at the first step—establishing a foundation for automation. Here's when specialists in ERP tech consulting come to the rescue. Experienced ERP consulting companies help businesses assess the change readiness, and conceptualize the future ERP solution.

But how do you choose the most reliable players in the ERP advisory market? In this article, we have analyzed dozens of vendors around the globe and selected 15 best firms that would guide your business transformation process. 

Selection criteria

Choosing a reliable vendor among a multitude of ERP consulting firms is a challenging task for businesses. As of July 2024, Clutch lists over 3,650 companies that provide ERP consulting services worldwide. To help you narrow down the list, we've selected top tech vendors according to the following criteria:

  • More than 250 skilled tech experts on board. Large and midsize enterprises usually have access to more available talent, ensuring quicker project launch. In addition, if you need ERP implementation, such vendors usually have optimized development processes. This translates into high product quality as well as minimizes errors and rework.
  • Over 10 years of industry experience in ERP consulting and development.
  • An extended list of ERP-related case studies with testimonials and client references.
  • No less than five reviews and a higher than 4.5 rating on Clutch.

Best ERP consulting vendors in the world

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the trustworthy ERP consulting companies operating in Europe and the Americas. The tech vendor has a talent pool of more than 2,200 IT experts, well-versed in end-to-end custom software implementation, development of enterprise platforms, digital transformation, and other service lines. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries, including finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

ERP consulting and development are among N-iX's specializations, with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, and SAP ERP software. A certified SAP development partner, N-iX provides professional SAP consulting services in different areas for ECC, S/4HANA, Basis, BTP, and SAP сustom development. In addition, we help businesses implement Odoo and NetSuite ERP solutions.

N-iX: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

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2. TechWize

Since 2000, this representative of ERP consulting firms has offered various IT services, including BI consulting, web, mobile development, AI/ML advisory, and implementation. The vendor delivers projects primarily for manufacturing, banking, retail, logistics, supply chain, and healthcare clients. According to Clutch, ERP consulting makes up 25% of their services. Besides advisory, they provide ERP & CRM customization services, APIs and integrations, system automation, testing, technical support, and maintenance. 

TechWize: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

3. Fingent

With more than 12 years of experience, this engineering company assists businesses with custom software development, AI implementation, digital transformation, and ERP and SI consulting. Its domain expertise spans financial services, real estate, education, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and other industries. Their experts help businesses with ERP system implementation, domain-specific customization, integrated operations, and application management.

Fingent: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

4. Webvillee Technology

One of the youngest ERP consulting companies in our selection, this Indian tech vendor was established in 2011. It mainly serves clients from the finance, real estate, healthcare, and retail industries. The company's service list spans ERP consulting, ERP/CRM evaluation, assessment, and roadmap development. In addition, their specialists are well-versed in ERP planning and implementation, ERP project recovery and optimization, as well as ERP client team support.

Webvillee Technology: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

5. Stridely Solutions

ERP consulting is the primary focus of this firm—according to Clutch, 20% of this vendor's services are related to ERP system advisory and development. The vendor's portfolio includes clients from the manufacturing, energy and utilities, water treatment, and building and engineering industries. The vendor's in-house specialists help clients select, implement, and optimize ERP solutions. They build ERP systems based on SAP, Microsoft ERP, and Oracle NetSuite.

Stridely Solutions: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

6. TGV

One of the most experienced ERP consulting firms on our list, this vendor has been in the market for more than 30 years. Among their clients are businesses from energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and other domains. ERP consulting and SI make up around 15% of their services. The vendor's expertise includes the implementation of Oracle and SAP-based enterprise resource planning systems, as well as SAP Fiori, SAP HANA, and other tools.

TGV: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

7. Digicode

This representative of ERP advisory firms works predominantly with manufacturing, ecommerce, retail, and logistics enterprises. Their services include ERP consulting and implementation, custom functionality development, integration with other platforms, and user adoption training and support. The vendor specializes in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, customizing and expanding the existing solutions with additional packages.

Digicode: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

8. Folio3

Since its foundation in 2005, this ERP consulting vendor from the US has expanded its presence to UAE, Canada, Pakistan, and the UK. With 20% of their services related to ERP consulting, this is another vendor on our list focusing on Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. Besides advisory services, they also offer ERP implementation as well as maintenance and optimization of the clients' systems.

Folio3: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

9. Dev.Pro

It's one of reliable ERP consulting companies with over 12 years of market presence and around 850 tech specialists on board. Their industry expertise spans fintech, hospitality, healthcare, blockchain, and other domains. Experts from this company are well-versed in ERP consulting and custom ERP development, as well as third-party integrations for clients' existing systems.

Dev.Pro: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

10. 360 Degree Cloud Technologies

Headquartered in the US, this representative of ERP consulting companies has most of its major R&D centers in India. Among its clients are predominantly midsize vendors from advertising, energy, financial services, hospitality, and healthcare domains. This tech enterprise focuses on NetSuite ERP development and consulting. Their in-house experts also help clients with NetSuite customization, third-party integrations, and platform optimization.

360 Degree Cloud Technologies: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

11. Velosio

With 60% of their services devoted to ERP consulting and development, this US vendor specializes in Microsoft and NetSuite Cloud ERP solutions. This firm partners primarily with midmarket and emerging enterprises from consumer products, construction, and non-profit domains. They have a rather wide range of tech expertise that covers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementations, as well as AXIO advanced projects for Dynamics 365 Finance.

Velosio: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

12. CCS Technologies

One-fourth of the vendor's services is related to ERP consulting and SI, according to Clutch. This representative of ERP consulting firms delivers projects mainly to manufacturing, finance, and engineering companies as well as government institutions. As for ERP implementation, their key focus is SAP development, migration, and QA validation. 

CCS Technologies: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

13. Natsoft Corporation

Since 2004, this vendor has offered ERP consulting, CRM implementation, system integration, custom software development, design and development of data ingestion strategies, automated modernization, and other services. Its ERP expertise spans the implementation of Oracle, JD Edwards, and SAP on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud infrastructure. Among the company's clients are organizations from finance, manufacturing, insurance, retail and healthcare domains.

Natsoft Corporation: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

14. Osiz Technologies

This is another representative of trustworthy ERP consulting firms with more than 15 years of industry experience. The vendor's ERP consulting services include the assessment of the clients' current business processes and the development of ERP software implementation plans. Besides advisory, they also specialize in custom ERP solution development, ERP application development, and managed ERP services. 

Osiz Technologies: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

15. Webkul

One more Indian company on our list, this vendor has more than 12 years of market presence. This firm partners predominantly with ecommerce, retail, consumer products and services, and advertising companies. The key specializations of this vendor include ERP consulting, integrating CRM Into ERP, customization of the clients' ERP systems, and continuous improvement.

Webkul: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

What makes N-iX stand out among other top ERP consulting companies?

At N-iX, we excel in delivering comprehensive ERP consulting and development services that transform and optimize your business processes. With extensive experience working with global enterprises across many industries, including manufacturing, energy, insurtech, telecom, and others, we offer tailored ERP solutions that align with your strategic goals and drive operational efficiency.

N-iX's expertise spans the full spectrum of ERP services, from consulting and implementation to customization and integration. Our in-house team of more than 2,200 includes experts well-versed in leading ERP platforms such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. 

If your organization needs to automate and upgrade daily operations management, contact us to discuss how our ERP consulting and development services can help you achieve your business objectives!

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