According to Clutch, there are around 8.3K engineering enterprises around the globe that have DevOps on their service list. These vendors help businesses streamline their processes and enhance infrastructure agility with their DevOps expertise. However, only a few provide consulting services, and even fewer have a track record of successful cases related to DevOps consulting

How do you find a vendor that can tackle any request, from optimizing your costs to streamlining SDLC with a tailored approach? To help you choose the right partner among DevOps consulting companies, we have compiled a list of the top vendors with robust expertise in the field and strong tech portfolios. 

The best DevOps consulting companies: What should you look for? 

The best way to circle out reliable DevOps consulting companies is to look into the practical business value they’ve delivered. Therefore, the extended list of case studies in DevOps consulting was the first crucial factor to narrow down our choice. While selecting, we referred to Clutch as a reliable source of B2B reviews for engineering vendors. What other aspects, except for proven experience in DevOps consulting, do matter?

  • High expert availability guaranteed by a talent pool of 250+ tech specialists;
  • 10+ years of industry presence, which translates into established development practices;
  • 5+ reviews on Clutch and 4.7+ review scores validating the company’s credibility and client success;
  • Client references and testimonials that prove the vendor’s ability to deliver measurable business value.

Top DevOps consulting companies around the globe

Here’s the list of experienced DevOps consulting vendors that have matched all our criteria and showcased their expertise through customer success.

1. N-iX

N-iX is a global engineering company with 21 years of experience in custom software development and tech consulting. Besides DevOps, N-iX specialists possess strong expertise in Cloud, digital transformation, Big Data, DataOps, MLOps, and other fields. N-iX is one of the top DevOps consulting companies with a global presence and access to the best DevOps experts from Europe and the Americas. The tech enterprise has over 2,200 engineers on board as well as offices and R&D centers in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Sweden, Colombia, and the US.

N-iX consultants help clients boost their infrastructure’s efficiency by performing maturity evaluation, selecting the best DevOps strategy, and creating a roadmap. Moreover, the company’s DevOps consulting team provides businesses with recommendations on technologies for the most efficient and cost-effective development process. N-iX’s team can assist you with infrastructure automation, orchestration, monitoring, logging, and creating automated CI/CD pipelines. The vendor has successfully delivered 70+ projects to North American and European businesses from energy, telecom, fintech, telecom, healthcare, and other domains.

For example, N-iX has delivered DevOps consulting services to a top US provider of IoT devices and services. The client needed to modernize their existing IoT device and SaaS solution and expand their functionalities. Our team has selected a cost optimization strategy and moved the on-premise infrastructure of the client’s SaaS platform to the Cloud. A significant part of the project was dedicated to optimizing and automating of the development and deployment processes. N-iX specialists built CI/CD pipelines for GitLab from scratch and implemented automated testing. As a result, the client optimized their infrastructure costs, boosted flexibility, and enhanced the platform’s efficiency.

N-iX: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

2. Future Processing

This vendor is one of the top DevOps consulting companies on our list, originating from Poland. The company’s experience in the field spans projects for trade, healthcare, insurance, and other domains. Their team is well-versed in DevOps metrics assessment, as well as the implementation of CI/CD pipelines and their improvement.

Future Processing: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

3. Netguru

Another Polish vendor on our list, this representative of midsize DevOps consulting companies, has been on the market for 15+ years. They work with clients in various domains, including fintech, healthcare, retail, and education. Its expertise includes DevOps strategy development and assessment, cloud migration and optimization, infrastructure automation, as well as building CI/CD pipelines.

Netguru: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

4. Dev.Pro

Though it is one of the youngest DevOps consulting companies in our selection, it has already delivered 10+ projects focusing on digital transformation through DevOps. The company has a track record of cooperating with enterprises in fintech, blockchain, healthcare, and other industries. They specialize in implementing IaC, CI/CD, configuration management, and infrastructure security.

Dev.Pro: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

5. Waverley Software

Among all vendors that have made it to our list of best DevOps consulting companies, this one is one of the most versatile. Since its foundation in 1992, the tech enterprise handled DevOps requests from robotics, telecommunications, retail, and e-learning businesses. Its service list spans planning DevOps implementation and integration, identifying weak spots, and reducing infrastructure maintenance expenses.

Waverley Software: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

6. Xebia

During 20+ years of market presence, this DevOps consulting company has established fruitful partnerships with clients in finance, logistics, retail, healthcare, and other industries. It offers consulting in the fields of digital transformation and organizational behavior management. Besides consultancy services, the company’s team helps clients with Agile and DevOps transformations as well as cloud migrations.

Xebia: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

7. Stridely Solutions

This midsize vendor among top DevOps consulting companies has provided consulting, infrastructure automation, continuous delivery, and deployment services since 2006. The vendor’s offering also includes CI/CD, continuous testing, and release management, to name a few. Their industry expertise includes manufacturing, energy and utilities, life science, and construction domains. 

Stridely Solutions: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients


One of the most experienced DevOps consulting companies on our list, this vendor was founded in 1991. Apart from DevOps consulting, they assist with the automation of CI/CD pipelines, continuous monitoring, cloud management, and DevOps automation. Their portfolio of DevOps projects spans clients from the pharmaceuticals, logistics, climatology, and other domains. 

ELEKS: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

9. Symphony Solutions

One of the list’s top DevOps consulting companies with less than 1K specialists on board, this midsize vendor provides services to clients that operate in IT, gambling, retail, and other industries. Their DevOps consultants help clients expedite current processes, choose the right toolset, and develop code integration and branching strategies.

Symphony Solutions: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

10. ITRex

This representative of reliable DevOps consulting companies has been delivering DevOps consulting and integration services since 2009. Its experts specialize in consulting on infrastructure and operations management, containerization, automation of infrastructure provisioning, as well as developing digital transformation strategies. Regarding industry focus, they mainly cooperate with clients from healthcare, travel and hospitality, retail, and entertainment domains.

ITRex: Year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

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Why should you choose N-iX consultants to help you optimize your DevOps processes?

  • The company’s DevOps team counts 60+ experts that provide consulting on cost optimization, introducing automated deployment cycles (CI/CD), infrastructure automation, and other requests;
  • Our portfolio spans 50+ completed DevOps projects for global enterprises, such as UK’s major energy supplier, leading manufacturing provider from the US, Fortune 500 industrial supply company, m3connect, Lebara, Deutsche Post, Orbus Software, Vable, and others;
  • N-iX’s Solution Group consists of certified DevOps and Cloud experts that can evaluate your existing infrastructure, set clear goals, and scale your DevOps processes to maximize their efficiency and optimize costs;
  • We have established partnerships with top cloud providers–AWS, GCP, and Microsoft and possess eight AWS designations;
  • Our industry expertise covers a wide range of domains, including manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, fintech, telecom, retail, and other domains;
  • N-iX adheres to international data protection standards and regulations, such as PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

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