Businesses generate vast amounts of data, with an estimated 90% of the world's data created in the last two years alone. Despite this wealth of information, many organizations need help to derive meaningful insights due to the complexity and volume of the data involved. This challenge highlights the critical need for effective data visualization, simplifying complex data sets, and making them accessible and actionable for decision-making. Effective data science visualization bridges raw data and strategic insights.

A reliable data visualization company can transform your raw data into clear visual strategies that enhance understanding and propel business growth. Let’s explore our list of trusted vendors for comprehensive data visualization services designed to transform raw data into actionable insights.

Selection methodology

We have established a robust selection methodology grounded in quantitative and qualitative criteria to identify the best data visualization companies.

  • We prioritize companies with a substantial team of experts, specifically 250+ qualified engineers. This size indicates that the company can quickly assemble dedicated teams and scale solutions according to project needs.
  • At least ten years in the industry, which ensures that the companies deeply understand technology trends, solution development, and client needs.
  • We look for companies with at least five client reviews on Clutch. A high average review score (4.7+/5) is essential, indicating consistent client satisfaction.

Top 15 data visualization companies worldwide


data visualization companies - N-iX

N-iX is a leading data visualization company with a team of 200 data specialists and a strong track record of delivering successful projects for global clients. The company's data visualization services are part of a comprehensive suite of data analytics services that include Big Data engineering, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Science, and AI/Machine Learning solutions.

N-iX's data visualization services help businesses transform raw data into visually informative insights. This is achieved through:

  • Implementing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), DWH (Data Warehouse), or OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) systems;
  • Crafting detailed, custom reports that visually represent data trends, patterns, and outliers;
  • Designing and deploying interactive dashboards that provide in-depth views of key performance indicators;
  • Deploying real-time or near real-time analytics by establishing data visualization and automated reporting.

N-iX has successfully delivered data visualization solutions for several clients. For instance, we helped Cleverbridge, a Germany-based company, to develop a comprehensive data analytics solution that provides visually informative reports. Another example is our cooperation with a Fortune 500 industrial supply company, where we built a unified data platform on AWS, enabling the client to access all data in one place and optimize costs.

Furthermore, N-iX has established partnerships with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud, signifying their expertise in developing reliable cloud-based solutions.

2. Opinov8



With a presence in the UK and Ukraine, the vendor boasts a team of over 300 experts. This data visualization company serves industries that demand rigorous data solutions, including healthcare, finance, and retail. Specializing in data visualization, vendor offers comprehensive services such as data strategy, ecosystem guidance, and platform design.

3. Edvantis


Founded in 2005, this enterprise operates across Germany, the US, Poland, Ukraine, and several other remote hubs, employing a robust team of Data Science and engineering specialists. The company predominantly serves the healthcare, real estate, and transportation sectors, providing customized solutions that enhance operational efficiencies. Its expertise in data visualization spans Big Data analytics, predictive modeling, and Business Intelligence.

4. ScienceSoft


Established in 2005, this vendor caters to diverse industries, including healthcare, financial services, and retail. Their expertise encompasses everything from creating dynamic visual reports and dashboards to developing comprehensive data strategies, predictive analytics, and real-time Business Intelligence. They use tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau to build custom visualizations.

5. Sapphire Technology

Sapphire Technology

Founded in 2010, this is one of the top data visualization companies that employs over 300 specialists across offices in the US, Canada, and the UK. It primarily serves the healthcare, financial services, and retail industries, providing data visualization solutions. The company specializes in creating intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reporting systems, utilizing advanced tools like Tableau.

6. Softweb solutions

Softweb solutions

The enterprise, established in 2006, operates globally with a team of over 500 experts. Their data visualization services encompass custom dashboard creation, BI platform development, optimization, training, real-time data monitoring, and strategy consulting, tailored to industries including inventory management, healthcare, finance, banking, surveys, and HR.

7. EffectiveSoft


This global data visualization company caters across healthcare, finance, and retail industries. The company implements customized visualizations through its data visualization services, employing tools like Power BI and Tableau. Their expertise spans creating interactive reports and dashboards to geospatial mapping.

8. Successive Digital

Successive Digital

The vendor operates globally, employing experts across several regions, including North America, Europe, and Asia. They primarily serve the retail and logistics industries. The company's expertise encompasses developing custom data models, intuitive visual representations, and advanced analytics solutions that facilitate comprehensive insights into performance metrics.

9. Litslink


Founded in 2014, one of the leading data visualization companies is based in the US and Ukraine. Their expertise includes creating intuitive and interactive data visualizations, focusing on AI and Machine Learning technologies. The vendor uses data visualization tools, such as Power BI, Tableau, Logi Analytics, and Microsoft Fabric, to deliver visualizations to industries such as fintech, ecommerce, automotive, healthcare, etc.

10. Netguru


Founded 15 years ago, vendor offers expertise in various visualization tools and techniques for finance and healthcare. They provide diverse data visualization services, including Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, and Datawrapper, enabling clients to analyze, visualize, and present their data effectively.

11. Intellectsoft


One of the well-known data visualization companies, this vendor is headquartered in the US and has regional offices in Europe and Asia. The company serves diverse industries, including healthcare, fintech, and manufacturing. They create custom data visualization software and tools, complemented by Big Data analytics, IoT, and predictive AI development expertise.

12. Yalantis


Founded in 2008, the company has presence in Poland, Cyprus and Ukraine. Their expertise lies in requirements elicitation, domain-specific consulting, tool selection, and employee training, ensuring tailored data visualization solutions. Data vendor presents portfolio spanning IoT data management platforms, big data analytics for logistics and data lake solutions for manufacturing companies

13. Lingaro Group


Established over a decade ago, this data visualization enterprise operates globally. Renowned for its comprehensive data visualization services, it specializes in creating dynamic, AI-powered visual analytics and customized dashboards using advanced tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.

14. Launch Consulting Group

Launch consulting

Based in the US, this company delivers advanced solutions across numerous industries, including financial services, healthcare, and insurance. Known for its proficiency in creating dynamic visual analytics and customized dashboards, the vendor leverages top tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik.

15. BairesDev


Founded in 2009, this data visualization company employs around 4,000 specialists across Latin America. They provide a comprehensive suite of data science services, including predictive analytics, natural language processing and data pipelines. The vendor leverages tools like Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Google Visualization API to craft visuals, dashboards, and reports, facilitating trend identification.

5 factors to keep in mind when choosing a trusted data visualization companies

When selecting a data visualization company, consider several key factors to ensure successful collaboration and project outcomes. Here are some essential steps:

  • Look for a partner with a proven track record in Data Science. The number of years they have provided data visualization services can be a good indicator of their experience and reliability.
  • The company should demonstrate proficiency with various data visualization tools and technologies, such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, D3.js, etc. Their ability to use these tools to create interactive and static visualizations should be evident in their portfolio.
  • Consider looking for a company with experience in yours or a similar industry. Data visualization needs can vary significantly between finance, healthcare, retail, or manufacturing sectors due to different regulatory requirements and business processes.
  • Effective data visualization depends on integrating and processing data from diverse sources. Ensure the company has expertise in handling data integration and warehousing and the technical capability to manage Big Data and different data velocities and varieties.
  • Check if they can efficiently handle large volumes of data while maintaining performance and scalability. Consider whether they employ performance optimization techniques for fast data rendering and responsive user experiences.

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Why should you partner with N-iX as your trusted data visualization provider?

  • We have a team of over 2,200 software engineers and IT experts with extensive experience in data analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI;
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  • N-iX provides comprehensive services, encompassing initial consulting, development, ongoing support, and maintenance, alongside data-specific expertise to ensure optimal utilization and management of data assets.
  • We ensure your data stays protected by complying with all established data security standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and PCI DSS;
  • Our data services portfolio include cleverbridge, Discovery, Lebara, AVL, Orbus Software, Gogo, and Fortune 500 companies;
  • N-iX is recognized as a Rising Star in Data Engineering by ISG and Solution Provider 500 and Fast Growth 150 ratings by CRN.

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