Enterprise Software for IT Network Monitoring and Management

op5 develops and operates op5 Monitor, a technology for network monitoring and management based on the Nagios Open Source Project. op5 Monitor is a turn-key, fully supported product that monitors and troubleshoots IT environments and collects information both from hardware, software, virtual and/or cloud-based services.

Dedicated Development Team Software Product Development Software QA & Testing Cloud Solutions DevOps C/C++ PHP Nordic
  • Location Sweden
  • Industry Technology
  • Partnership period 2008- 2012
  • Team size 8 people
  • Team location Ukraine (Lviv)
  • Services Dedicated Development Team, Software Product Development, Software QA & Testing
  • Expertise delivered DevOps, Cloud Solutions
  • Technologies C/C++, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Perl, git, Shell. Design: OOA/OOP, Design patterns, UML , XML, Network protocols: Nagios, TCP/IP, NCP, DCHP, SLP

op5 is an open source company that develops and delivers enterprise software for IT monitoring and administration


Dedicated team for op5 contributed to the development and testing of op5 Monitor, namely to:Business Process View component development designed to combine program’s IT monitoring and Business Service Management components to give an overview of the applications and/or services that organization is providing either to customers or internally; Geomap development a geographical map that uses Open Street Map, Google Maps and Cloud made maps; Solaris Extension development enables op5 Monitor to operate on Solaris operating system; NagVis add-on integration a visualization add-on for op5 Monitor used to visualize op5 Monitor data such as to display business processes like a mail system, network infrastructure or critical production processes.


Dedicated team for op5 contributed to the development and testing of op5 Monitor.

The team also developed two extensions: op5 LogServer Extension enables to collect logs from any system and create sophisticated rule sets that can trigger alarms, notifications, and reports in op5 Monitor solution. op5 LogServer also helps to enhance security, data integrity and to meet compliance requirements;

op5 Trapper Extension adds specific functionality to further enhance control over IT environment. op5 Monitor receives standard SNMP traps out of the box. Managed devices send SNMP Traps to op5 Monitor in order to log events, which is very useful functionality for network monitoring and troubleshooting.

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