Development of Financial Technology App for a Forex Trading Company

Finatek is the developer and operator of myForex Trading Platform, which enables banks and brokers to trade with many different providers and to manage all transactions on a consolidated screen. The entire process, from operation of the initial inquiry through trade and settlement, took place without human intervention.


Finatek approached N-iX after years of using its initial version of a desktop client, a cross-platform desktop application for Forex trading. In the process of five years, development team at N-iX helped Finatek further develop and enhance the platform. Some of the team’s contributions include:

  • customizations and extensions of a desktop client
  • integration of the desktop client with MS Office
  • client porting to Linux and MacOs


  • mobile client development, integration of multi-language support and integration with various platforms, including specific Japanese mobile platforms
  • web client development
  • server-side integration with various banking systems (we describe banking-fintech integrations in digital transformation framework article)
  • incorporation of additional functionality to Weblogic server and server-side adaptation to the JBoss application server


Finatek is a financial services company that allowed financial institutions to organize trading over the Internet.
United States
Partnership period
January 2005 - January 2010
Team size
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Expertise delivered
High Load Systems UI/UX
Java XML, RMI, Neva Object libraries, DDE, EJB, Servlets, Jasper reports, JSP, JSTL, HTML/XML/JavaScript, JNLP


myForex Trading Platform

myForex Trading Platform offers the ultimate, turn-key technology solution for retail Forex and CFD markets, providing a comprehensive, back and front office software along with managed hosting services to companies from around the world, ranging from start-up to well established trading firms.

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