According to a McKinsey report, the automotive industry is expected to grow from $31B in 2019 to $80B in 2030. As the industry evolves and technologies advance, manufacturers are looking for tech companies to incorporate automotive software development into their production. And that's where they encounter a few challenges.

Firstly, there are a lot of automotive software development companies, making it difficult to choose from. Secondly, how can one ensure that the chosen vendor delivers the promised on time? Finally, is there a guarantee that the efforts to save on development costs won't become a road to paying twice?

While these concerns can only be proved or denied once you start collaborating with a selected team, most of them won't even appear if you choose the right tech company. This article is here to help you navigate the selection process and explains what to consider to improve your chances of finding the best tech partner.

The automotive software market is expected to grow at 9.4% per year through 2030, according to McKinsey report.

Selection criteria

As of June 2024, Clutch lists over 1,900 automotive software engineering companies worldwide. To help you narrow the list of potential partners, we filtered the results according to the following criteria:

  • Over 250 software engineers on board;
  • 10 or more years of experience in software development for the automotive and mobility industry;
  • More than 10 client reviews on Clutch;
  • 4.5 or higher rating on Clutch.

Here's why we believe these factors are important. While there are many small companies and startups, we recommend that you partner with automotive software development companies that have at least 250 tech experts. This will ensure the availability of middle and senior developers skilled in various technologies, optimized development process, and quicker project launch.

Moreover, the vendors should have at least 10 years of experience in the automotive software development market. This way, they can consult you on the proven solutions and future tech trends in the niche to secure a competitive advantage.

It is also essential for the selected automotive software development companies to have at least 10 reviews from real clients. You can see that either on Clutch or GoodFirms profiles or in their "Testimony" website section.

In addition, pay attention to the customer satisfaction score and the reviews. They can help you understand whether this provider can become a reliable tech partner for you.

Best companies for automotive software development

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the top automotive software development vendors that is trusted by leading enterprises such as AVL, Fluke Corporation, Gogo, Cardo Systems, and many others.

We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), automotive suppliers, automotive software and car manufacturers. Our team advises on, designs, and delivers custom solutions for production sites, supply chain management, dealer networks, and vehicles.

N-iX has experts skilled in various technologies, such as cloud, Big Data, AI, ML, data analytics, IoT and embedded, robotic process automation, and more to create reliable, connected, and accessible solutions.

Our service offering for the automotive industry includes the full-cycle development of:

  • Connected vehicle solutions: cloud, Big Data platforms, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X);
  • AI/ML-powered predictive maintenance solutions: ML-based system to analyze data from various sources, recognize patterns, and act upon the results;
  • AR and VR applications: marker-based AR apps, large-scale VR simulations;
  • Embedded IoT applications: fleet management solutions, in-car entertainment and customization;
  • End-to-end automotive testing: longitudinal and lateral control, complex stabilization, collision detection;
  • AI-powered systems for self-driving vehicles: advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), highly autonomous driving systems (HAD);
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions: EV charger development, EV charger legacy system modernization;
  • Safety, monitoring, and driving assistance systems.

We're also among the top automotive software development consulting companies providing expert consultation for automotive projects. We offer strategic consulting services to help automotive enterprises develop technology roadmaps, prioritize initiatives, and optimize IT operations.

N-iX is one of the automotive software development companies that provides various IT services worldwide.

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2. Sigma Software

This vendor has been on the market since 2002. It offers its clients digital transformation support, vehicle software development, and R&D services. In addition to automotive software engineering, the tech enterprise provides various services to companies in media, gambling, healthcare, finance, banking, and other industries.

Sigma Software

3. Dotsquares

As one of the automotive software companies, this vendor helps its clients build ecommerce websites, CRM and CM systems, mobile apps, and more. It usually partners with B2C and B2B companies dealing with car sales, entertainment, rental, parking, and automotive parts. Its tech team also provides strategic marketing, support, cybersecurity, and other services.


4. QBurst

This firm deals with supply chain digitalization, connected vehicles, smart factory, autonomous vehicles, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and sales software development services. To build its solutions, the vendor uses IoT and edge computing, data engineering, cloud, DevOps, Machine Learning, and other technologies.

QBurst is another IT vendor for automotive software development


This is one of the largest automotive software development companies operating in the market since 1991. The vendor offers solutions for data management, fleet management, and self-driving vehicles. Its services include process and tech consulting, analytics, idea validation and PoC, and custom software development.

ELEKS is one of the software development companies for automotive industry.

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6. Euvic

For over 18 years, this tech firm has provided various IT services to businesses from healthcare, retail, transportation, and security verticals. For automotive clients, the vendor offers modernization and digital transformation, solution architecture, software integration, product design, mobile app development, AI and ML development, and other services.


7. Tremend

The vendor's services span automotive solution development, system infrastructure, middleware, connectivity, security, and functional safety. The firm provides various IT services to businesses in leasing, education, healthcare, ecommerce, and other industries. It has over 1,000 tech specialists skilled in cloud, DevOps, IoT, and other technologies.


8. Simform

The firm operates in the USA, Canada, and India and delivers software services for various-sized companies in finance, manufacturing, retail, and other verticals. For automotive businesses, it develops various telematic systems, builds project strategies, does performance engineering and testing, and more.


9. Fabrity

Since 2007 the company has provided digital solutions, software engineering, low-code, and cloud services for startups, SMBs, and enterprises. For the automotive vertical, it offers smart manufacturing, hyperautomation, production floor solutions, dealer network and supply chain solutions, and custom app development. The clients can choose either a vendor-managed dedicated team or client-managed team staff augmentation.

Fabrity is one of the automotive software engineering companies.

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10. Infinum

It is one of the automotive software development companies that focuses on developing software for digital experiences. For example, it has created car-sharing apps and a personalized loyalty program platform for one of the biggest car manufacturers. On the other hand, this vendor doesn't develop software and solutions for automotive manufacturing.


11. Apriorit

This vendor partners with mobility and automotive businesses and also provides various IT services for companies in cybersecurity, finance, healthcare, and other industries. Its recent creations for automotive enterprises include an in-car toll road payment system and a blockchain-powered car-sharing application.


12. Evozon

Since 2005, this firm has provided various IT services, including custom software development, tech consulting, designing and prototyping, testing and automation, ERP, and cloud computing. For the automotive niche, it develops B2B and B2C software that helps clients optimize supply chain and sales. The vendor's R&D is located in Romania.


13. Inetum Poland

The firm provides IT nearshoring services for various industries, including automotive, biotech, telecom, travel, and more. It has over 650 developers and six offices in Poland. The company has partnered with various European automotive businesses to develop BI and Industry 4.0 solutions for car manufacturers in Sweden and Belgium.

Inetum Poland

14. Softeq

As one of the automotive software development companies, this vendor caters to the needs of automotive startups, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers. The company creates ADAS software and hardware, navigation and infotainment solutions, and V2X systems. It has development centers in the US, Germany, Lithuania, and Mexico.


15. MMC Global

The vendor develops automotive solutions for fleet and workshop management and vehicle design. It can also build various applications for driver risk assessment, predictive maintenance, autonomous driving, and more. This firm also works with businesses in media and entertainment, hospitality, construction, and other industries.

MMC Global

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7 reasons N-iX is the best software development company for the automotive industry

At N-iX, we develop and modernize automotive solutions and software to ensure your business offers the best products and services to your clients. Here's what helps us excel in our work:

  1. A large talent pool of software engineers. As one of the top automotive software development firms, N-iX has over 2,200 in-house developers and access to over 588,000 tech experts in Europe and Latin America. It allows us to set up the tech team and roll out the project faster, and provide you with the agreed deliverables on time.
  2. 21 years on the market. During this time, N-iX has gained cross-industry experience and established decade-long partnerships with global automotive enterprises.
  3. Enterprise-grade clients featuring Fortune 500 companies. Since we've partnered with medium to large enterprises, we know how to manage large-scale projects across different countries. For our new clients, it means less time spent on preparation, smoother onboarding, and effective communication.
  4. Vast cross-industry experience. N-iX is one of the largest automotive software companies that also caters to the needs of businesses in retail, logistics and supply chain, finance, manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, energy, agritech, and other industries. This knowledge can be helpful for businesses that want to launch digital transformation, adopt solutions for better cooperation across the supply chain, and enter new markets.
  5. Variety of services. Whether your automotive project needs expert consulting, team extension, project management, custom solution development, or digital transformation services, N-iX has the resources and experience to provide them all. With us, you'll have a reliable tech partner ready to support your project during any phase.
  6. Compliance with standards and regulations. We develop our solutions and software in accordance with industry regulations and standards such as Automotive SPICE, ISO 9001, ISO 26262, ISO 29119, ISO 33050, and others. This way, our clients receive solutions that are reliable, safe, and easy to maintain.
  7. Strong employer brand and presence in 25 countries. We hire tech professionals from 25 countries across Europe and the Americas and help our clients roll out development centers in strategic locations.

If you're looking for a tech partner with cross-industry expertise, extensive tech capabilities, and convenient development center locations, contact the N-iX team. Let us know what you expect from your automotive project, and book a call to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.

Create reliable software for automotive projects with N-iX!

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