Data analytics in the automotive industry is now applied at every stage of automotive production. According to the McKinsey & Company report, by 2030, global revenues from automotive data-related services will grow to around $750B. Many automotive giants like Tesla, BMW, Ford, Toyota are built on data. They realized the value the gathered data can bring to their organizations in a short and a long-term perspective. 

Today, the automotive companies have difficulties with consolidating large amounts of data and analyzing it within a tight time frame. By 2025, an estimated 700M Internet-connected cars will collectively upload 10M terabytes of automotive data per month. Four terabytes will be processed each day. Thus, more and more companies decide to outsource the whole or part of their data analysis to be able to harness bigger volumes of data, tap into the best automotive expertise, and save costs on data analysis without compromising quality. According to the McKinsey & Company report, Central and Eastern Europe is the best place where you can find skilled automotive software developers especially if you are faced with in-house talent shortage.

“Several companies are already taking advantage of the CEE opportunity, but there is significant room for growth. In the automotive sector, R&D full-time-equivalent employees comprise only 1.9 percent of the workforce in CEE, compared to 13.4 percent in Germany.” - McKinsey & Company report 2020

We’ve looked into the top data analytics companies in the automotive industry across Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. These are both companies that focus primarily on big data and data analytics in the automotive industry and large IT outsourcing companies that can support your project with versatile expertise, such big data, BI, cloud solutions, DevOps, AI, etc. We’ve analyzed their companies’ websites, LinkedIn portfolios, and lists like The Best of The Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP,,, etc. And here come 11 automotive data analytics companies to watch out for in 2020 and beyond.

  1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the biggest Eastern European software development providers trusted by hundreds of companies around the world. With more than 21 years on the market, the company was recognized with numerous industry awards, including CRN, GSA UK, Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies by IAOP, and others. For several years in a row, N-iX is ranked among the top business service providers in Eastern Europe by Clutch. 

N-iX has got a wide range of tech expertise in AI & ML, data science, and Big Data analytics in the automotive industry. We help businesses ensure predictive vehicle maintenance and make data-driven decisions on the road. Among our big clients is Cardo Systems, the world market leader in wireless communication systems for motorcyclists; iCabbi, an Irish provider of taxi dispatch software; Bycyklen, a Danish company that offers a digital bike-sharing system. Besides automotive expertise, the company also provides IT outsourcing services in fintech, retail, telecom, media, and healthcare industries. 

N-iX has in-depth automotive expertise

  1. Future processing

This is a software development company that helps clients transform their businesses digitally by providing expert software engineering and consultancy services. One of the company’s specialties is automotive expertise. They provide data analytics services to many companies in the automotive industry and help them augment their teams with automotive software developers to meet their business goals.

Future Processing offers professional automotive cloud services

  1. Data Reply

This is a London-based company that offers a broad range of data processing and analytics services. They specialize in big data, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital communication, IoT, mobile and social networking. The company serves clients across the automotive, telecom, media, retail, healthcare, energy & utility sectors.

Data Reply specializes in data analytics in automotive industry

  1. Phocas

This automotive data analytics company delivers data analytics solutions to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers around the world. For automotive businesses, Phocas offers powerful data tools and dashboards that will enable them to quickly determine sales and inventory priorities and meet growing customer demand every day. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia but also has offices in Orange and Melbourne, Coventry in the United Kingdom, Irvine, Reno, and Orlando in America, and Copenhagen in Denmark. 

IT specialists at Phocas are ready to support your project with relevant automotive expertise

  1. Softweb Solutions

With offices in Chicago, Dallas and Ahmedabad, this software development company specializes in AI, data science, IoT, and XR. The company has experience in data analytics in the automotive industry as well as helps businesses gain valuable insights from data in retail, oil & gas, telecom, and healthcare industries. In 2018, the company was acquired by Avnet, a global technology solutions provider. Softweb Solutions is expected to accelerate Avnet’s IoT efforts as well as its data services and AI capabilities.

Softweb Solutions offers professional automotive cloud services

  1. iSoftstone

This leading Chinese software and IT services company provides technology services in Data Analytics, Mobility, Enterprise Application Integration, Cloud, and Quality Assurance. In addition, the company offers iSoftStone RapidStart solution accelerators: RapidStart Data Analytics, a reporting and analytics solution, and RapidStart SharePoint Migration that supports small to large scale SharePoint content migration.

iSoftStone Data Reply specializes in data analytics in automotive industry

  1. DBi

This is a Business Intelligence agency with a network of offices in more than 15 countries around the world. Its core competencies include data engineering, data science, and business intelligence. In 2013, the company joined Havas Group Media, the media division of the global marketing and communications group Havas. Also, DBI specializes in the Adobe Marketing Cloud and is one of the resellers of Google Analytics Premium EMEA.

DBi boasts a number of skilled automotive software developers

  1. Xomnia

As one of the leading Dutch big data vendors, this company helps organizations generate value from data by developing, integrating and maintaining their big data platforms and predictive solutions. They offer consultancy, end-to-end software product development, and staff augmentation services. The company helps businesses gain insights with the help of data analytics in the automotive industry as well as finance, retail, healthcare, etc.

IT specialists at Xomnia are ready to support your project with relevant automotive expertise

  1. Pythian

Founded in 1997, this IT services company provides cloud and data analytics services to companies in the automotive, hospitality, media & entertainment, e-commerce, and finance industries. They help businesses compete by adopting disruptive technologies such as advanced analytics, big data, cloud, databases, and infrastructure management. Pythian has partnerships with major public cloud vendors including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Pythian specializes in data analytics in automotive industry

  1. Mayato

This is a big data analytics provider that is a part of Positive Thinking Company group, a global tech consulting company. Their business analysts and data scientists provide data analytics services to leading companies in the automotive, retail, finance, healthcare industries. Using mathematical formulas, statistical analysis, and machine learning, their specialists help companies make founded business decisions based upon the valuable information hidden in data.

Mayato offers professional automotive cloud services

  1. QBurst

This is a full-service software development company with offices in America, Europe, Middle East, East Asia, and Oceania. The company serves clients in the automotive, education, healthcare, retail, finance industries. Among the key expertise the vendor offers are data science, cloud computing, web and mobile development. QBurst has experience in developing a wide range of solutions from responsive apps to data crunching engines and analytical subsystems.

QBurst has in-depth automotive expertise

Please note that the companies above are arranged in the random order. Also, the list of companies we presented in this article is not exhaustive and could be further extended by going more deeply into subclassifications. 


The number of automotive data analytics companies around the world is growing. Selecting the right vendor that suits your business needs can become a real challenge. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve selected the top 11 automotive data analytics companies with proven experience in providing data science, data engineering services to a variety of automotive companies.

Why choose N-iX among other automotive data analytics companies?

  • We have more than 2,200 IT specialists onboard ready to support your project with relevant automotive expertise;


  • We have a proven track record in delivering IT outsourcing services to many automotive companies including Cardo, Bycyklen, and iCabbi;


  • We have delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, and Bulgaria, which allows us to access a wide pool of professional automotive software developers;


  • N-iX has a reputation of a trusted IT outsourcing services provider, which is supported by numerous awards and industry ratings, including IAOP, CRN, GSA, Inc. 5000, Software 500,, and others;


  • N-iX maintains GDPR Compliance and adheres to data privacy and service quality standards (ISO 27001:2013 Certification, ISO 9001:2015 Certification, PCI DSS Certification, SOC mapping to ISO: 27001).


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