Product Discovery for enterprises

Initiate Product Discovery in Q3
to get ahead of the competition in 2024-2025

Helping you understand your products

N-iX offers you a team of experienced professionals who can analyze organizational pain points and provide
valuable insights. With a comprehensive understanding of the problem, domain specifics, and end-user
dynamics, we can help you drive customer loyalty and satisfaction through data-driven decision-making.

Our commitment goes beyond mere analysis. Dedicated to client-centricity, offer tailored solutions: whether
you are optimizing product delivery or positioning new offerings on the market.

Let N-iX take you on an individualized Product Discovery journey that sets you apart from your competition.

Cloud solutions development: your journey with N-iX Cloud solutions development: your journey with N-iX

Our services include:

  • Analyzing the need

Establishing your business objectives in order to deliver tailored product experiences.

  • Defining a strategy

We take full responsibility for strategy definition, implementation, and success measurement. We validate your initiatives and ideas as well as create new ones.

  • Identifying new market opportunities

You will have access to our skilled professionals with deep domain expertise who can help you gain insights into your product initiatives.

  • Conducting market research

You will better understand your target audience, competition, and trends to increase the quality of your products.

  • Developing a roadmap

We will create a roadmap with timelines, prioritized features, releases, and milestones if you're just planning or already in development.

  • Customer development

Working with your customers through interviews, surveys, and analytical tools to deliver advanced customer insights.

  • Bringing modern UX

Our UX professionals will adopt best design principles and create engaging, intuitive user experience.

  • Supporting decision making

At each stage of your product development, we provide second opinions and valuable insights for the continuous improvement of your product.

  • Gathering data

In order to continuously improve your product, we gather metrics, feedback, and performance indicators.

  • Analyzing infrastructure and code

Our solution architects review your technical base to improve performance and reduce costs.

Product discovery organizational steps


Introductory call

You schedule an introductory call with us—we prefer a personal approach and involvement from the very beginning.



We conduct a survey and QA session, which allows us to understand what support your business needs and how we can bring the most value.



We plan online/onsite discovery, including the scope, stakeholders, and experts involved.


Product discovery

We conduct discovery (which typically lasts about 2-3 weeks, depending on the scope).


Proposal delivery

You receive discovery results and a tailored proposal from N-iX. Then, you decide if you want to continue our collaboration.

The team behind effective Product Discovery

A Discovery Phase at N-iX is performed by a team of dedicated specialists (the Solution Group). The team comprises:

  • the Solution Architect,
  • the UX expert,
  • the Business Analysis expert,
  • the Project Coordinator,
  • and the Technology expert (a Solution Group Associate).

However, when additional expertise is needed, other experienced N-iX professionals are engaged in the process.

Cooperation options

01 Product management consulting

Get help evaluating the pros and cons, investigating market gaps, assessing risks, and planning the scope of your business idea before you commit to full-scale development.

02 Extension of your product team

Seamlessly integrate a product role and extend your existing team. By collaborating with your product team, we'll complement their skills and provide additional bandwidth.

03 Product management as-a-service

We offer end-to-end product management to cover the entire product lifecycle. At every stage, we provide comprehensive support from ideation to roadmap planning to launch.

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