N-iX COVID-19 Response

March 31, 2020

The global COVID-19 spread has created a new reality for all of us. People, communities, and businesses across the globe are adapting to the new normal and unite to fight the disease.

N-iX took prompt measures in response to COVID-19. Early in March, we introduced new travel and office safety norms to make sure our employees, clients, and other stakeholders are safe. On March 16, we moved almost all of our 1,000 people to work from home and will work in such a setup until the end of the quarantine.  As a technology-native company used to working in distributed teams, N-iX has switched to remote work mode smoothly without any significant challenges. Now we are delivering projects and quality service remotely without any disruptions.

We have taken important decisions and significant steps to ensure our business continuity and get through this together as a team. We started working on our contingency plan early, just as the virus got into Europe. All company management works daily on adjusting our strategy to ensure organizational resilience and continued operations for our partners across the globe. Therefore, N-iX is fully prepared for the challenges every business is facing right now, and the outlook for the company’s stability is very strong.

As a responsible business, N-iX has joined the global fight against COVID-19, as the threat we are all facing today requires all of us to do our part and help those who need it the most. Our company donated $70,000 and supplied 10,000 test kits to the communities where N-iX operates. Additionally, N-iX has launched a fundraising campaign among the employees so they can also contribute to the cause.

Even though we are now distanced from our colleagues, we stay in touch, support each other, and continue delivering value to our clients.  As it always happens, these uncertain times will pass, together we will come out of this stronger and see a new period of growth and success.

By N-iX
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