As the banking industry progresses through its digital transformation journey, mobile banking applications have become essential tools for financial institutions to engage customers and enhance their service offerings. In the competitive mobile app development market, choosing the right partner is crucial for success. However, with thousands of tech vendors, selecting the top mobile banking application development companies can be overwhelming for many banking institutions. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy vendor, we provide a selection of the top 15 players leading the charge in mobile banking application development in 2024. Additionally, we outline the crucial factors you should consider when selecting your potential partner. Let's dive in.

Selection criteria

The critical challenge for businesses that have decided to implement a cutting-edge banking app is the choice of a trustworthy tech partner. According to Clutch, more than 3,860 global mobile application development companies deliver projects for the banking industry. For your convenience, we've picked 15 trustworthy service providers in the field based on the following criteria:

  • An in-house team of 250+ tech experts. Midsize and large companies usually provide quicker access to tech talent and have optimized development processes;
  • Over ten years of industry experience;
  • 4.7+/5 ranking and at least ten reviews on Clutch;
  • A proven portfolio of successful mobile app development projects and success stories in the banking industry with client testimonials and references.

Best mobile banking application development companies around the world

1. N-iX

N-iX is one of the leading mobile banking application development companies that has been on the global market for 21 years. Our team spans more than 2,200 well-versed tech experts, including over 300 developers with expertise in finance. The vendor provides software engineering services for a wide range of retail, corporate, and investment banks and fintech companies from the UK, Europe, and North America. Over 11 years in financial software development, N-iX has delivered around 250 financial and banking projects. For instance, we have partnered with a leading UK-based digital challenger bank to redesign and rebuild their mobile banking application, providing a more convenient way for their customers to interact with their platform.

The company's domain expertise spans application rationalization, core banking modernization, streamlining compliance processes, payment gateway implementation and integration, and more. N-iX provides a comprehensive portfolio of services for the banking sector, including the development of neobanking solutions, retail and commercial banking applications, consumer lending software, payment systems solutions, and more. To help our clients implement innovative solutions and stay ahead of the curve, we utilize Generative AI, ML, IoT, RPA, and other cutting-edge technologies. In addition, N-iX is FSQS-certified and adheres to the PCI DSS standard, ensuring the highest level of security and regulatory compliance in the financial software development industry. 

N-iX: Year of foundation, number of experts, key clients

2. Deviniti

This Polish enterprise is the leader in terms of involvement in mobile application development—around 40% of the vendor's engineering efforts are dedicated to these projects. Their offering in the banking domain spans consulting, mobile app development, and custom software implementation. Besides banking, this vendor mainly caters to the needs of ecommerce and legal domains.


3. TechMagic

With a team of over 300 tech experts, this engineering vendor offers a wide range of mobile app development services, including design, development, integration, and consulting. In addition to their expertise in mobile banking applications, they specialize in building core banking systems, digital banking portals, and banking CRMs. The company's engineers can also help their clients develop lending software and custom banking solutions of any type.


4. Netguru

Since 2008, this representative of engineering companies has been a tech partner for banks and financial services corporations, as well as fintech and regtech scale-ups. The vendor's portfolio includes banking app redesign projects as well as the development of a banking-as-a-service platform. Their team develops mobile apps in iOS, Android, or both platforms and has expertise in fintech, ecommerce, retail, and other industries besides banking.


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5. Teravision Technologies

Established in 2002, this engineering company has R&D centers and offices in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. Their clientele spans over 20 organizations from the financial and banking sectors. Among its recent partnerships is cooperation with Primary Bid, the UK fintech enterprise that helps retail investors access share sales.

Teravision Technologies


One more example of a large enterprise on our list, this engineering company has over 2,000 specialists on board. Their key competence areas in the banking domain include the development of online banking software, core banking systems, and mobile banking solutions. Moreover, the company's experts specialize in building loan servicing and origination applications, as well as EMV and ATM software systems.


7. BairesDev

This vendor is among Latin America's top mobile banking application development companies, employing around 4,000 tech professionals. The company caters to the needs of banks, credit unions, fintechs, investment firms, and other financial institutions. In addition to mobile banking application development, their teams have experience in building digital banking platforms, online payment gateway & transaction systems, as well as implementing AI and Machine Learning for customer service.


8. Net Solutions

Over 24 years in the international market, this software engineering company has gained experience in iOS, Android, and cross-platform development. This vendor develops a wide range of banking and financial solutions, from digital wallets to custom web and mobile apps. Moreover, the company's specialists offer UX services for better banking experiences as well as the development of lending solutions.

Net Solutions

9. Zitec

This is one of the eight mobile banking application development companies in our selection with over 20 years of experience. Its portfolio includes successful projects for banking institutions, financial leasing companies, and payment service providers to online merchants. This company also implements solutions for other industries, such as logistics and transportation, retail, travel and hospitality, and others.


10. Yalantis

Headquartered in Warszawa, Poland, the company has R&D centers in Ukraine and Estonia. With a team of over 500 tech experts, the vendor has expertise in personal finance management, bank account and card management, and e-wallet integration. In addition, the vendor can ensure compliance with industry regulations.


11. Moon Technolabs 

With over 15 years of market experience, this IT vendor has gained multidimensional experience in custom mobile application development for the healthcare, education, ecommerce, banking, and finance industries. The vendor's team spans around 300 tech professionals. They help clients implement advanced encryption and API integration for secure real-time transactions. 

Moon Technolabs

12. CHI Software

This IT vendor was founded in 2006 and has established its presence in the US, Ukraine, Japan, and Cyprus since then. With approximately 800 engineers on board, this company offers the development of fintech and banking applications, as well as consulting, testing, and DevOps engineering for a banking domain. Apart from implementing digital banking solutions, they help clients with native and cross-platform mobile app development, money transfer platforms, and e-wallets.

CHI Software

13. Qubika

Another representative of top mobile banking application development companies from Latin America, this tech enterprise employs over 500 specialists. Mobile app development is one of the key company's specializations, making up 20% of all delivered projects. In addition, the vendor focuses on building core banking and payment systems.


14. ScienceSoft

Founded in 1989, this is one of the most experienced engineering vendors on our list. The company's tech team provides clients with a wide range of software development services, including implementing mobile banking apps, custom Internet banking solutions, B2C banking portals, banking CRMs, and more. As for mobile banking, their engineers are well-versed in the implementation of both core and advanced functionalities, such as personal financial management, loyalty program integration, personalized bank product offerings, augmented reality, and more.


15. Altkom Software & Consulting

This vendor is among the reliable mobile application development companies from Europe. Its expertise in this domain includes online banking, ensuring banking system and app security, and compliance. Apart from banking, the company's industry knowledge spans ecommerce, manufacturing, logistics, and insurance domains.

Altkom Software & Consulting

Why choose N-iX to implement your mobile banking application?

N-iX is a reliable partner for implementing your mobile banking application due to our extensive experience and expertise in the field. Here are several reasons why you should choose us among the multitude of mobile banking application development companies:

  • Deep domain knowledge: We have a deep understanding of the financial industry, having worked with recognized fintech companies such as Currencycloud. Our teams are proficient in developing secure, highly available fintech solutions that comply with the latest security standards and industry regulations.
  • Full-cycle mobile app development: Our services cover the complete lifecycle of mobile app development, from conceptualization, UI/UX, graphic design, prototyping, development, and quality assurance to integration. We also provide post-launch support of your application to ensure that it is in line with rapidly changing technologies and users' needs.
  • Focus on security and compliance: We adhere to the latest security standards and market regulations, such as GDPR, and PCI DSS to create end-to-end solutions for banks and financial companies. Our software engineers have implemented diverse digital platforms for the financial services industry, ensuring the highest level of data integrity necessary for banks and financial institutions.

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