Sergii Netesanyi

Sergii Netesanyi

Sergii leads N-iX's Solution Group, which provides tailored solutions and uses the latest technologies to help clients achieve their business goals. Having started his journey at N-iX as a Solution Architect, Sergii grew quickly to become a leader and transform a small group of consultants into a robust team of over 30 tech experts. This team now delivers close to 100 product and business discoveries annually, along with numerous POCs, MVPs, and scalable enterprise solutions for diverse industries and markets.

With over ten years of experience designing and implementing projects of different scale and complexity, Sergii has acquired an extensive background in cloud computing, data analytics, web development, IoT, and other tech domains. He is also expert in technical consulting, roadmap generation, budgeting, and cost optimization, ensuring the quality and efficiency of our solutions. As a knowledge contributor to N-iX Insights, Sergii delivers expert analysis on emerging technologies, solution architecture, and project execution, establishing his reputation as a leading professional in the tech community.

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