Nowadays businesses constantly look for new ways to efficiently process, store and manage huge amounts of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. Therefore, many companies rely heavily on Hadoop ecosystem and Hadoop-based solutions to make sense of various data streams. Unlike traditional relational database systems, Apache Hadoop enables companies to run applications on thousands of nodes involving thousands of terabytes of data. No wonder global corporations such as Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and eBay are among active users of this technology.

According to Market Research report, Hadoop market will grow at a CAGR of 58% through 2022 and will be worth more than $1 billion by 2020.

However, finding professional Hadoop developers is not easy, since this field is relatively new and the market for Hadoop experts is really tight. That is why many companies opt for outsourcing Hadoop development to Eastern European vendors, which offer the most attractive price to quality ratio. But where to look for qualified Hadoop developers in EE and how to choose the best ones? We give the answers to these questions in our article.


Must have expertise for Hadoop developers

A recent study by Harvard Business Review states that more than 80% of executives characterize their Big Data investments as successful.

Hadoop developers are leading the way for a significant amount of big data solutions, which makes them a valued asset on the global tech market. The majority of Hadoop engineers are involved in large-scale projects where they are responsible for planning and designing next-generation big-data systems or developing complex Hadoop applications. This work involves a lot of analysis and solid technical background. Thus, before choosing the best talents in the Big Data development field, one should look for the following skills:

  • Expertise in Java, JS, Node.js or OOAD for back-end programming;
  • Proven understanding of Hadoop in general and its main components such as MapReduce framework and YANR;
  • Knowledge of statistics and applied mathematics;
  • Ability to write MapReduce jobs;
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills applied to Big Data domain;
  • Solid knowledge of database structures, distributed storages and computations, theories, principles, and practices;
  • Knowledge of the Spark Ecosystem (including Spark Core, Spark SQL, DataFrames and DataSets, and Spark Streaming);
  • Hands-on experience with SQL and HiveQL;
  • Expertise in data loading tools such as Flume, Sqoop, Kafka;
  • Ability to write SQL queries for ad hoc analysis;
  • Data visualization and data migration skills;
  • Knowledge of multithreading and concurrency concepts;


Source: Newvantage Partners Big Data Executive Survey 2017

Top Locations for Hadoop development outsourcing in Eastern Europe


The interest towards big data and Hadoop-based services is rising across the globe and Ukraine is no exception. According to Glassdoor, more than 97 companies are currently looking for Hadoop developers in Ukraine and over 162 of employers are searching for Hadoop specialists in adjacent fields. Moreover, over 1,340 big data and Hadoop developers are engaged in the IT sector in Ukraine and this number grows exponentially year by year according to Linkedin.

A wide range of events for Big Data experts and analysts take place in Ukraine including international conferences such as AI Ukraine Conference, AI & Big Data Day, JEEConf, etc. Local communities also organize regular meetups and workshops for big data and analytics experts, which fosters the development of Hadoop community in the country.

As for Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies offering Hadoop and big data-related services, the most prominent ones are N-iX, SoftServe, Ciklum, Eleks, and Intellias. It’s worth noting that N-iX was featured on the international list of Top 50 Big Data & BI Consulting Firms according to along with 3 other Ukrainian companies.


Poland is another European country offering a decent talent pool of big data development experts. According to Linkedin, around 2,132 Hadoop and big data specialists are engaged in the IT sector there. Hadoop engineers have been among the most sought-after professionals on the local tech market lately. Around 339 companies are currently looking for Hadoop developers in Poland and over 459 of job postings on Glassdoor are related to big data queries.

To extend the big data expertise within the country, local communities organize various international tech events such as Big Data Technology Summit, Big Data Tech Warsaw, Devoxx Poland, etc. Moreover, different big data workshops are organized in Poland including Big Data Vision Workshop, BigDAISy’, and others.

Additionally, a number of global consulting companies such as Accenture, Atos Consulting, and others have established their regional offices in Warsaw. They are actively hiring Hadoop and big data developers, consultants, and analysts.

What’s more, Polish IT companies such as QBurst, SoftwareMill, Codeheroes, ClearCode, and ITMAGINATION were featured on Clutch among Top 50 Big Data Firms and Top Hadoop Consulting companies offering big data-related services to their clients.


Hungarian IT specialists are also adopting new trends quickly and Hadoop development is not an exception. According to Linkedin, 563 Hadoop and big data developers are employed in the country. Approximately 53 companies are currently in search for Hadoop engineers and more than 160 employers actively look for big data specialists.

The Hungarian IT community organizes international big data and analytics events such as Big Data Universe Conference, CRUNCH Conference, and ApacheCon Europe.

Moreover, a growing number of companies provide a variety of big data services and develop Hadoop-based applications in Hungary. For instance, Hungarian companies such as Pactera, Ness, Iqor, Neoris and others provide different types of big data and analytics services to their clients.


Romania is also known for its robust IT talent pool with around 750 big data and Hadoop developers engaged in its outsourcing sector (according to Linkedin). Currently, around 44 employers are searching for Hadoop developers in the country, including such prominent players as Microsoft, IBM, Vodafone, Adobe, etc. What’s more, around 286 companies are actively looking for big data experts in the region.

Romanian tech community organizes big data related conferences such as Voxxed Days Bucharest, Dev Talks, etc. as well as regular meetups to discuss the latest trends and news in the field.

What’s more, such software development providers as Qubiz, Ropardo, Incrys, and Softelligence offer a variety of data-driven services in Romania.


Today a growing number of companies are relying heavily on Hadoop ecosystem to derive all the benefits from their massive amounts of data. While business are starting to realize the enormous potential of building big data systems with Hadoop, the demand for these specialists is rising.

Before adopting the Apache Hadoop framework as a tool for managing and analyzing big data, business decision makers should take into account a number of factors such as required skills, top big data outsourcing destinations, reliable outsourcing providers, and much more.

If you are looking for qualified Hadoop developers to build scalable big data software, just drop a line to our experts.