Artificial Intelligence is actively fueling innovations and revenue growth in 2022 and beyond. According to Gartner, 40% of global businesses already have thousands of AI models deployed. Fortune 500 companies such as Uber and Amazon have already unleashed the potential of AI solutions. By incorporating Artificial Intelligence, they personalized customer service and ensured smart and precise risk evaluation. However, the capabilities of AI are not limited to that—with an experienced tech vendor by your side, you can optimize business operations, implement automation, and minimize human error.

But how to select the most reliable players in the Artificial Intelligence market? In this article, we have compiled a list of the best AI consulting companies that are able to rewire your decision-making.

Selection criteria

To help you select a trustworthy partner among the multitude of AI companies, we have shortlisted the best 15 providers of AI advisory and engineering services on the global market. In our selection, we referred to Clutch as an objective source of B2B reviews for leading tech companies. While searching for the top Artificial Intelligence consulting companies, we assessed them by the following criteria:

  • 250+ qualified tech experts on board. Midsize and large enterprises are more likely to have access to a larger number of the available workforce as well as optimized development processes;
  • 20+ years of industry experience in AI consulting and development;
  • 5+ reviews on Clutch and high review scores (4.7+/5) that point to the vendor’s reliability;
  • A proven portfolio of Artificial Intelligence case studies with testimonials and client references.

Top AI consulting companies with rich portfolios

1. N-iX

N-iX is a reliable global tech enterprise with over 21 years of experience in tech consulting and custom software development. Our expertise spans a wide range of domains, including manufacturing, logistics, fintech, telecommunications, retail, and other business verticals. With over 2,200 tech professionals on board, N-iX is one of the largest AI consulting companies on our list. The vendor has earned industry recognition and reached top positions in numerous rankings by GSA UK, CRN, IAOP, and more.

Artificial Intelligence consulting and development services are among the key specializations of N-iX. Our 200+ AI and Data professionals have hands-on experience with ML development, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, conversational AI, and recommendation systems. We are a single-stop company that guides clients through all stages of AI adoption: from building a strategy to deploying a solution to production. 

N-iX: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

Our consultants help enterprises get clear on their AI project objectives and develop a vision for Artificial Intelligence implementation. As a result of a partnership with N-iX, many global enterprises have boosted their operational productivity. 

For instance, when cooperating with a global Fortune 100 manufacturing company, our consultants assessed their logistics platform and introduced a strategy for AI-powered transformation. The project scope covered the implementation of NLP algorithms and a Computer Vision solution, as well as the end-to-end development of the multiplatform CV mobile app. As a result, our client improved the efficiency of internal warehouse management by automating manual processes and enabling real-time package tracking.

More examples of our impact: Artificial Intelligence in energy: Use cases, solutions, best practices

2. Elinext

Headquartered in Poland, this AI consulting company also has offices in Ukraine, Vietnam, Singapore, and Ireland. The engineering firm specializes in delivering Artificial Intelligence solutions for fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, and manufacturing domains. Their software developers are well-versed in the development of cognitive chatbots, speech recognition solutions, as well as the integration of AI with CRM systems.

Elinext: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

3. Icreon

This Artificial Intelligence consulting company has been providing advisory and engineering services since 2000. The company’s team has mainly supported clients from retail, consumer products and services, education, and finance industries. Among their key AI specializations are NLP, Machine Learning, and unsupervised learning Artificial Intelligence.

Icreon: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

4. Ciklum

For over 20 years of delivering robust Artificial Intelligence solutions, this engineering vendor has earned its place among top AI consulting companies. Their 200+ Data professionals have experience providing AI consulting and implementation services mostly to insurance and agritech vendors. The company builds on expertise in the areas of computer vision, AI-powered Data Analytics, and Machine Learning.

Ciklum: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

5. MobiDev

Founded in 2009, this is one of the youngest AI consulting companies on our list. This vendor’s AI and ML competencies span Data Science modeling, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and other expertise. Their consulting experts help businesses implement AI-powered software of different types, including sales forecasting and recommendation engines, predictive maintenance tools, and computer vision systems. Most of their clients are mid-size enterprises from finance, retail, and hospitality business verticals.

MobiDev: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

6. CHI Software

One of the AI consulting companies that have a presence across Europe and Asia, this IT enterprise specializes in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and signal processing. Since the vendor was set up in 2006, it has established fruitful cooperations with many midsize companies, mainly from finance, media, education, and real estate domains.

CHI Software: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

7. Zfort Group

This is one of the top AI consulting companies in Eastern Europe and has over 20 years of experience in implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions. During that time span, the vendor established cooperations with businesses from e-commerce, education, finance, hospitality, healthcare, and many other domains. The vendor’s team offers deep expertise in AI strategy formation, implementation of custom Artificial Intelligence solutions, as well as the auditing and upgrading of the existing AI.

Zfort Group: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

8. Accubits Technologies

With around ten years of market presence, this is an example of emerging, yet promising Artificial Intelligence consulting companies. Their in-house specialists provide AI solutions for various industries, including e-commerce, education, finance, government, and other domains. The vendor’s Artificial Intelligence focus areas include the development of intelligent conversation bots, the implementation of artificial neural networks, and AI classification tools.

Accubits Technologies: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

9. Ideas2IT Technologies

Though this midsize Indian tech company is one of the youngest in our selection of top AI consulting companies, it has earned a reputation as a reliable tech provider. The vendor’s track record includes the development of AI and ML solutions for healthcare, retail, and finance domains. Their tech professionals offer help with AI consulting, implementation of NLP algorithms, AI-powered robotic process automation, and development of Computer Vision solutions.

Ideas2IT Technologies: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

10. Altoros

Another representative of the best AI consulting companies with a vast tech portfolio, this IT firm has provided services for market leaders in healthcare, finance, and other industries. The company, which has around 400 IT specialists on board, has expertise in predictive analytics, Machine Learning algorithms, intelligent automation, and data-driven IoT. 

Altoros: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients


This Romanian AI consulting company is well-known for its multidimensional expertise—it covers automotive, retail, telecommunications, robotics, finance, and other domains. During 15+ years of market presence, the company’s consulting and engineering specialists applied their knowledge of conversational AI, cognitive computing, and robotic process automation to implement Artificial Intelligence solutions. year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

12. Waverley Software

One of the most experienced Artificial Intelligence consulting companies on our list, this engineering firm was founded in 1992. Its key domains for AI implementation are healthcare, fintech, telecommunications, robotics, and aviation. The vendor’s portfolio spans the implementation of pattern recognition solutions, deep learning tools, AI-powered chatbots, and computer vision systems.

Waverley Software: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

13. Abto Software

This Artificial Intelligence consulting company was set up in 2007, and since then has successfully delivered projects for over 200 clients. The vendor’s portfolio spans collaborations mostly with midsize companies in finance, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare domains. Their tech specialists offer assistance with AI-oriented business analysis, data preparation, development and evaluation of AI models, and the implementation of advanced analytics solutions.

Abto Software: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

14. Hidden Brains 

Another Indian IT enterprise on our list of the best AI consulting companies, this tech vendor has been present on the market for around 20 years. They handle projects mostly for education, healthcare, real estate, and agriculture. The company’s AI service list spans predictive analytics, data forecasting, sentimental analysis, the implementation of NLP solutions, and more.

Hidden Brains: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

15. Affirma Consulting

Since its foundation in 2001, this AI consulting company has become a trusted partner of many global finance, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare vendors. It has R&D centers in India, Ireland, Romania, and other locations. The company’s team deals with advanced analytics consulting, the development of AI and ML solutions, and the implementation of pattern recognition systems.

Affirma Consulting: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

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Why should you choose N-iX specialists to harness the power of AI?

  • N-iX is a reliable software development company with over 21+ years of market experience in delivering consulting and engineering AI and ML services for telecommunication, manufacturing, and automotive industries;
  • Our team consists of 2,200+ software engineers, with 200+ experts specializing in Data and AI;
  • N-iX’s portfolio spans over 30 Data projects for top global enterprises, including, Ringier, cleverbridge, Gogo, Redflex, and Fortune 500 companies;
  • The company complies with international security standards and regulations, such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 27001:2013, GDPR, and PCI/DSS;
  • N-iX is well-recognized in the industry—we were named a Rising Star in Data Engineering by ISG and appeared on top positions of numerous ratings, including IAOP, GSA, and CRN.

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