N-iX experts – Erika Gutierrez, Head of N-iX Colombia, and Maria Karandin, VP & Head of Delivery Department at N-iX – have been honored with the 'Strong Women in IT 2023' award.

The award was presented as part of the 'Strong Women in IT 2023 – Global Edition' report, which focuses on several key areas:

  • Professional and personal experiences of female leaders;
  • Challenges facing women leaders in the current market;
  • Technology overload – do women in IT experience technology overload?
  • The most important trends in the IT industry.

The report comprises 251 stories of successful and inspiring women in the tech industry worldwide, including the stories of Erika Gutierrez and Maria Karandin.

In her role at N-iX, Erika Gutierrez leads the delivery of Latin American projects and ensures the development and operations of N-iX in Colombia. In the report, Erika has shared: “I've always put in milestones that I know I can reach, and I always see them as achievable. So for me, my greatest achievement is continually embracing and conquering new challenges without pause or hesitation—it's a constant and unwavering journey. In this context, achievement is a process of evolution, a trajectory I am continually building.”

With years of experience in management, Maria Karandin ensures the success of N-iX numerous clients across the globe. She has built enginerring teams and development centres from the ground up and delivered dozens of projects in various industries. In the report, Maria has shared: “My most significant achievement is building an efficient team of 150 engineers in a very short time. There were many stakeholders on the client's side and different technological directions. It was exciting experience to collaborate with the kind of experts we hadn't worked with before, adapting to new standards and different compliance requirements.”

According to the Strong Women in IT platform, the organizers of the report and the award, what sets this report apart from other studies is “an individual approach and a thorough analysis of answers to closed and open questions, as well as in-depth interviews with respondents, which allow not only to obtain quantitative data but also to take a closer look at the women and learn about their professional path.”

To access the full report, visit: https://strongwomeninit.com/en/report/ 

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By N-iX September 29, 2023

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