Recently, the Big Recovery Portal (BRP), an innovative online platform dedicated to the transparent monitoring of funds allocated for Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery, has been launched. The initiative is a key component of the "Control of Recovery Costs" project, financed by the European Union*. N-iX, a global software solutions and engineering services company, is a software developer of the project.

The Portal stands as a centralized hub for:

  • A publicly accessible database of active recovery projects initiated by government entities, communities, donors, or philanthropic organizations;
  • Detailed tracking of financial investments in these projects, leveraging data from open sources;
  • Comprehensive analysis of priorities, urgency, potential risks, and any identified issues with the projects; and
  • An interactive platform enabling engaged citizens and civil society organizations to contribute to the oversight of specific recovery endeavors through a structured feedback mechanism.

Max Nefyodov, the Head of the BRP project, outlines the objective of the project: “Our goal is to collect all information about the state and process of Ukraine's recovery and present it in an understandable and accessible form. The tools of the portal allow every Ukrainian not only to find out how his city is returning to peaceful life and how the reconstruction process is going but also to have the opportunity to influence the priority of this reconstruction. Statistics and risk data related to reconstruction are available on the portal - they are publicly available for use by government bodies, the general public, and international organizations.”

"Being a key player in the creation of the BRP is a source of great pride for us at N-iX. We joined this initiative with a clear vision to use our technological expertise for meaningful impact. 

At N-iX, we are focused on leveraging technology and innovation to improve the lives of our clients, our specialists, and society at large. The BRP project aligns perfectly with this mission, as it aims to drive transparency and efficiency in monitoring the funds allocated for Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction. We are confident that this project will produce impactful outcomes, fostering a transparent and accountable environment for Ukraine's reconstruction initiatives," Nazariy Zhovtanetskyy, Chief Strategy Officer at N-iX, highlights N-iX involvement in the projects and its commitment to leveraging technology for social good.

“The BPR will develop in parallel with the reconstruction process in Ukraine. So, in the future, the portal will offer opportunities for businesses that want to participate in the reconstruction and provide additional data sources for further analysis, a mobile application, and more," adds Max Nefyodov. 

The Big Recovery Portal:

*Additional funding for specific segments of the project is provided by USAID, the Prague Civil Society Center, and the Kyiv School of Economics. The portal's implementation is led by a collaborative effort between the Center for Economic Strategy, the Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultations, and the NGO "Progress Technologies.

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By N-iX March 21, 2024

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