Financial organizations increasingly rely on financial services software development to generate new revenue streams. From innovative mobile banking apps to cutting-edge fraud detection systems, these custom solutions can be the key to boosting customer engagement and market share. However, choosing the right technology partner is crucial. A mismatch can lead to missed deadlines, budget overruns, and software riddled with bugs, ultimately hindering your growth instead of fueling it.

So, how do you choose a reliable partner who can translate your vision into a secure, scalable, and high-performing financial software solution? Don't worry, we've got you covered. To help you find the perfect fit, we've compiled a list of top-performing financial software development companies known for their expertise, innovation, and dedication to client success.

Selection criteria

Navigating the vast array of financial software development companies can be daunting. We've selected top-performing providers to streamline your search and identify the best partner for your needs. We used Clutch, an IT service review platform, to pick candidates and prioritized the following criteria:

  1. The list comprises only large and midsize technology companies with at least 250 qualified experts on board. Such companies usually have optimized development processes and access to a larger workforce, which, in turn, ensures quicker project launches.
  2. We only selected financial software development companies with 15+ verified Clutch reviews. Aside from that, every enterprise on our list has a high rating (4.8 to 5.0).
  3. The selection includes only providers with more than five years of experience developing software for financial services.
  4. Our research only considered vendors with client references and testimonials demonstrating their success in delivering projects.

By focusing on these key criteria, we've assembled a list of top-tier financial software development companies well-positioned to meet your needs.

12 reliable financial software development companies

1. N-iX

N-iX has been a trusted partner for software development projects worldwide for over two decades. With a presence spanning over 25 countries across Europe and the Americas, the company has over 2,200 skilled engineers. Our client list features industry giants like Currencycloud, Cleverbridge, Mobile Trading Partners, and Baxter-FX, alongside numerous Fortune 500 companies.

N-iX collaborates closely with financial institutions, consumer financing businesses, investment platforms, and fintechs to provide tailored solutions driving business growth and innovation. Our services span software development, digital transformation, omnichannel banking, system refactoring, Business Intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain development. This comprehensive approach enables N-iX to meet diverse client needs across retail, corporate, and investment banking sectors.

N-iX company information

2. Vention

With over 3,000 specialists on board, this company is focused on building digital products for clients in financial services, healthcare, real estate, and other industries. The vendor has over 20 years of experience and offers various services, including financial software development, blockchain, business consulting, and custom software development. They have expertise in developing software for banking, insurance, wealth management, and capital markets.

Vention vendor information

3. Sigma Software

This engineering firm has successfully delivered projects for the finance, healthcare, and media industries for over twenty years. The vendor's team of 2,000 IT professionals specializes in financial software development, custom software, banking IT services, and more. In addition to developing new financial products and updating existing systems, they develop financial services platforms and provide cyber-security protection.

Sigma vendor information

4. Sombra

A reputable Ukrainian company with offices in Europe and Latin America, this vendor serves clients in financial services, healthcare, transport, and ecommerce industries. Its engineering team is skilled in custom software development, mobile app development, and cloud consulting. Their fintech services include web and mobile development, asset management, and digital payments solutions. Additionally, they provide fintech onboarding, identity management, and digital payment solutions.

Sombra vendor information

5. TechMagic

Another reliable tech firm with 10 years of market experience, this engineering company has successfully delivered projects in the finance, manufacturing, and automotive industries. This vendor's 300+ experts serve clients across eight time zones. Their expertise spans fintech and banking software development, blockchain, custom trading software, and crypto exchange development. They also develop custom BNPL and wealth management software.

TechMagic vendor information

6. Newwave Solutions

The company designs and develops products for businesses of all sizes in finance, real estate, healthcare, and other industries. This vendor's services include digital payment, banking wallet, and POS solutions. Additionally, they develop applications for finance companies and corporate banking apps.

NewWave vendor information

7. Fingent

The vendor is one of the trusted Indian finance software engineering companies. With over 20 years of engineering experience, the company has worked in the retail, healthcare, and finance sectors. Currently, it employs over 250 engineers. The company offers AI development, web development, and ERP consulting services. Its banking and financial software development services include fraud detection, customer experience, risk, and wealth management. This vendor also offers the development of mortgage systems and digital and mobile banking solutions.

Fingent vendor information

8. Simform

Founded 14 years ago, this IT company has offices in four time zones, including the USA and Canada. Its team of more than 1,000 developers delivers projects for the financial industry, consumer products and services, and business domains. Custom BFSI solutions they provide include payment systems, P2P lending and mortgage tech, and next-gen fintech solutions.

Simform vendor information


This reputable Polish IT company has served finance, business, and manufacturing clients for over 10 years. A team of more than 250 developers offer services from offices in Europe and Asia. Their financial services expertise spans software development for investment banking, cross-border transactions, and insurance and claim processing. The vendor provides solutions for regulatory compliance and reporting automation, onboarding, KYC/KYB, risk rating, and suspicious transaction monitoring.

CSHARK vendor information

10. HatchWorks AI

Established eight years ago, this IT company employs over 250 IT professionals. In addition to its headquarters in Atlanta, the company has eight offices in six countries. Its developers work primarily in financial software development and healthcare. They specialize in using generative AI to develop solutions for the financial industry.

HatchWorks vendor information

11. Experion Technologies

This company offers digital products for banking, financial services, real estate, and retail. Its 1,000 developers serve customers in four time zones. The vendor delivers 15% of its projects to clients in the finance sector. The company offers various services, from automating loan processes, collections, payments, and wealth management to pioneering P2P equity financing, sales automation, and financial fraud analytics.

Experion vendor information

12. Infinum

This software development vendor has over 20 years of experience and around 400 experts across Europe, the US, and the UK. Its clients include companies in financial services, healthcare, retail, and other industries. With over 15 years of experience in financial software development, this vendor offers a comprehensive suite of features. These include loan and cash advance solutions, instant or SEPA payments, digital document signing, and e-branch development.

Infinum vendor information

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As the finance industry becomes increasingly dynamic, agility and innovation are paramount. Partnering with the right financial software development company isn't just about acquiring software; it's an investment in a long-term collaboration that can propel growth, streamline operations, and elevate the customer experience. Beyond creating software, experienced partners become strategic allies, collaborating closely to understand your unique challenges, goals, and vision.

Having explored the capabilities of these leading financial software development companies, you're now well-equipped to make an informed decision. Discuss your needs and identify the strategic partner who will equip your financial institution to succeed in the dynamic finance industry.

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