A cybersecurity assessment, or cyber risk assessment, is a crucial service that thoroughly evaluates an organization's security status. This assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities, evaluate risks, and offer actionable suggestions to enhance overall security posture. However, companies face numerous challenges when conducting regular cyber risk assessments. According to Statista, 41% of businesses view time constraints as the primary objection, with a lack of personnel to perform assessments following closely behind. To overcome these and other issues, businesses should partner with experienced cybersecurity service providers. We compiled a list of top cybersecurity assessment companies worldwide to help you choose the best one for your organization. Let's dive in.

Selection criteria 

Choosing among a multitude of companies that offer security assessment services might be complicated for enterprises. As of April 2024, Clutch lists over 5,000 vendors that help clients perform risk assessments. We evaluated the best cybersecurity assessment companies and compiled a set of criteria to find the most suitable company: 

  • More than 5 years on the market;
  • 10+ reviews and rank 4.6+/5 ranking on Clutch;
  • Comprehensive portfolio of providing cybersecurity services.

Using these criteria, we selected the top 15 cybersecurity assessment companies, mainly located in Europe, the US, and Canada.

Best cybersecurity assessment companies in 2024

1. N-iX

N-iX is a global software development company with more than 2,200 tech professionals on board. N-iX provides comprehensive cybersecurity services, guiding organizations through the entire security lifecycle to eliminate system vulnerabilities, reduce risks, enhance cyber resilience, and maximize cybersecurity investments. 

The security services N-iX offers include cybersecurity assessment, consulting, security operation center (SOC), application security services, as well as government and compliance framework adoption. Additionally, the company provides DevSecOps services tailored to accelerate and strengthen the software development lifecycle of businesses. 

N-iX assists businesses in meeting regulatory compliance requirements for heavily regulated sectors such as finance, banking, and healthcare. The company complies with numerous regulations and laws, including PCI DSS, FSQS, CyberGRX, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and ISO/IEC 27701:2019, validating its adherence to cybersecurity policies and standards.

With 21 years of experience under its belt, the company has been honored with multiple industry awards, including CRN Solution Provider List 2023, Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies by IAOP, and others. N-iX has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies and numerous industry-leading enterprises, which admitted the vendor as one of the leading cybersecurity assessment companies worldwide. 

N-iX: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

2. Edvantis

This is a software engineering company with offices in Europe and in the US. Its cybersecurity capabilities include monitoring the health of applications and environments, backups and disaster recovery, security updates, cloud and storage capacity assessments, and compliance. The company specializes in software and Hi-Tech, healthcare, Real Estate, transportation and logistics, public sector, and other industries.

Edvantis: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

3. Dataprise

For almost three decades, this vendor has been assisting organizations across the US in handling their IT needs. Despite the wide range of software engineering services, the company has deep expertise in cybersecurity. For instance, it offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and various security assessments. The evaluations are divided into internal, external, and continuous vulnerability scanning. 

Dataprise: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients


This vendor is one of the top cybersecurity assessment firms that has over 2,000 specialists across Europe, the US, and Canada. It offers various software development and cybersecurity services. The security assistance includes assessment, testing, analysis, reporting, implementation, and managed services. The company also has its compliance application platform to automate compliance efforts in different industries. These domains include fintech, logistics, retail, insurance, healthcare, automotive, and more.

ELEKS: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

5. TechMD

For over three decades, this company has provided cloud solutions, strategic consulting, infrastructure management, and cybersecurity services. The last ones are divided into such blocks: business continuity and disaster recovery, multifactor authentication and access control, endpoint detection and response, employee security awareness training, and proactive assessments and reviews. The vendor offers advanced security and compliance services with tailored programs for industries requiring specific compliance standards such as CMMC Level 3, HIPAA, ITAR, NYS DFS, PCI DSS, and others.

TechMD: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

6. TestArmy

Since 2010, this cybersecurity and quality assurance company has provided its services to European and American companies in banking, ecommerce, fintech, healthcare, and other industries. Besides cybersecurity assessment services, the company also offers penetration testing, infrastructure analysis, compliance services, and security consulting. The vendor also prepares companies for the ISO 27001 certification audit. 

TestArmy: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

7. Transputec

This is an IT services and solutions provider with over 35 years of experience in cyber security, AI development, cloud consulting, application development, and more. The company offers cyber security services like managed Security Operations Center, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), cyber security audit and compliance, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and more. The provider mainly serves healthcare, information technology, government, logistics, travel, retail, hospitality, and media industries. 

Transputec: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

8. Future Processing

This partner supports its clients by delivering plenty of software engineering services and consultancy. Their cybersecurity assistance consists of security lifecycle development, pen testing, application security testing, SecOps, and SIEM/SOC deployment. As one of the best cybersecurity assessment firms, the company has over 20 years of experience delivering secure and high-quality software.

Future Processing: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

9. CyberDuo

This is a company from the US offering IT and cybersecurity services. Besides vulnerability assessment and management, the vendor provides endpoint protection, EDR, managed firewall, SIEM and log management, cloud security, compliance services, and security awareness training. The company works with various industries like healthcare, automotive, finance, media, education, and more. 

CyberDuo: year of foundation, number of employees, key clients

10. Infopulse

This international vendor encompasses software R&D, application management, cloud and IT operations, and cybersecurity. Their security assessment services are divided into risk evaluation, risk treatment, security process audits, penetration testing, security testing of source code, and vulnerability assessment. The company works with banking, finance, telecom, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture and food, software, and hi-tech industries. 

Infopulse: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

11. Dotsquares

This British IT company specializes in providing various services, including software development, cloud computing, CRM consulting, and cybersecurity. The vendor offers Red Team exercises, which involve security assessments encompassing internal and external penetration testing, compromising wireless networks, monitoring physical access, strategic attack scenarios, credential brute force attacks, and additional measures.

Dotsquares: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

12. Sikich

Headquartered in the US, this company mostly focuses on cybersecurity services. As a managed security services provider (MSSP), the vendor upholds a robust security practice. This includes a 24/7 security operations center staffed by cybersecurity specialists who monitor systems and applications. The company integrates vital security functionalities, including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, incident response, intrusion detection, SIEM, endpoint threat detection, and log management.

Sikich: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

13. Bit by Bit

This database application development and networking company offers IT managed services, custom software development, and cyber security. The company has its security awareness platform and provides businesses with annual cyber security packages. However, it also offers additional services like cyber security assessment, penetration testing, ethical hacking, SIEM implementation, backup with disaster recovery, and more.

Bit by Bit: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

14. TechMagic

This full-cycle development firm offers software development solutions tailored to businesses of various sizes. It specializes in the fintech industry and has over 300 certified experts on board. The company also has expertise in providing cybersecurity services. In addition to cybersecurity assessment, the vendor offers security and penetration testing, ISO 27001 implementation, and SOC 2 consulting and readiness. This company helps mitigate risks as well as safeguard applications and infrastructure from potential security breaches. 

TechMagic: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

15. Euvic

The last and the largest one on our list is the company with 5,500 tech professionals, which provides a wide range of services from software development to consulting. Their cybersecurity services include risk assessment, penetration testing, evaluation of compliance with legislation and industry standards, infrastructure and systems estimation, and incident management. The company also provides training to raise cybersecurity awareness, security optimization, monitoring and reporting, management of identity, and access to IT resources. 

Euvic: year of establishment, number of employees, key clients

Why choose N-iX among other cybersecurity assessment companies?

  1. With over 21 years of experience in software product development and more than 20 security experts, we possess the necessary tools and expertise to address contemporary security and operational challenges effectively;
  2. N-iX has successfully delivered over 100 security projects for various-sized businesses in finance, telecom, healthcare, and other industries;
  3. N-iX complies with international data security standards, including PCI DSS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and GDPR.

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