Dedicated Development Team for a London-based Marketing Automation Company

Code is a digital transformation business. It exists to help clients invent a new future for their marketing through technology and data. Code has a global presence and employees spanning ten cities, located in the UK, Europe, North America, Singapore, and Australia.

Code is a digital transformation business. Code exists to help clients invent a new future for their marketing through technology and data. Code offers its clients services in Transformation Consultancy, Data Engineering, Marketing Science and Marketing Technology. It also develops and maintains its own Forrester-recognized Marketing Technology solution, adZU, which is used by 10,000 businesses worldwide. Code’s key clients include Best Western, Christie’s, Domino’s, Jaguar Land Rover, L’Oreal, Mercedes-Benz, Mothercare, OMD, PHD, Samsung and Telstra. Code has a global presence and employees spanning ten cities, located in the UK, Europe, North America, Singapore and Australia.


Code Worldwide teamed up with N-iX to enhance the scalability of their platform, handle a growing number of clients, and enable integration with key technology platforms. The N-iX team started cooperation with Code from the integration of the adZU OS platform and a Code Worldwide’s client’s system by building API and implementing data synchronization. Also, the team has worked on integration of the adZU OS platform with the Google marketing platform and Facebook.

N-iX engineers have been working on performance and scalability improvements, helping to enhance the performance of the platform by optimizing database queries, improving and refactoring front-end part of the platform.

In addition, the team has successfully run the integration and release process for the whole adZU platform, coordinating the efforts of multiple development teams in 5 different locations that work on platform development.

United Kingdom, London
Marketing & Advertising
Partnership period
October 2018 - present
Team size
Team location
Ukraine, Lviv
Expertise delivered
Cloud Solutions UI/UX
AWS and Azure cloud-based solutions on top of .Net, Node.js and JS/TypeScript stack of technologies ranging from well-known traditional 3-tire architectures to distributed message-based microservice solutions, Data layer: from traditional SQL Server to MongoDB, Elastic and cloud-based DynamoDB, Front end: from traditional jQuery, Knockout to Vue.JS with forked Vuetifyjs to standardize UI development, CI/CD pipelines based on TeamCity, Octopus Deploy to facilitate development and best practices, Hybrid quality control with both formal manual (X-Ray), exploratory and automated Selenium, LoadImpact etc. to verify functional and non-functional requirements

Product overview

adZU platform

adZU OS is a SaaS web solution for marketing automation. It is highly configurable and is used by over 10,000 businesses in 113 countries. It is used to help other companies automate the creation of their key marketing communications, advertising materials, and brand experiences. The solution has been built to integrate with many of the leading marketing digital media and distribution platforms. Through its microservices architecture and open API, adZU integrates with such platforms as Adobe Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Alexa, Proof HQ, and Gigya.

Using the platform, companies can deliver integrated marketing campaigns, websites, social media activity, radio, and press ads, and they can take the activity from one platform and then reuse it on many others.

The adZU platform has a number of tools to enable planning multiple campaigns in multiple channels in one place, allow relevant input and control at local levels, as well as report and analyze their performance.

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