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N-iX VR studio delivers custom virtual reality solutions for various industries including gaming, advertising, education, real estate, hospitality and healthcare. Exploit the competitive advantages offered by virtual reality technology!


N-iX VR studio creates custom virtual reality solutions to get you virtually anywhere, explore any space, share your ideas or enhance your product presentation

Driven by innovation, VR is about to disrupt every industry and become a unique and powerful sales and marketing tool. As a part of Eastern European software development outsourcing company with over decade’s experience in all technology stacks, N-iX VR studio creates unparalleled virtual experiences and work with you to customize them to your business needs.
We specialise in design and development of custom 3D VR solutions that can easily move you to places that do not exist and bring you the experience that cannot be created with regular video footage. We make VR content for various industries, such as gaming, advertisement, interactive education, real estate, hospitality, healthcare and others. Depending on the requirements, VR can be experienced on mobile with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or on PC with a more advanced Oculus Rift or other headsets. To bring our virtual environments to life, we use such popular game engines as Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

UX and Graphic Design

UX and Graphic Design

Production of VR-ready 3D content

Production of VR-ready 3D content

Multiplatform solutions

Multiplatform solutions

VR games and consulting

VR games and consulting

We develop fully immersive Virtual Reality solutions to create a new wave of innovation for enterprises

N-iX VR developers build immersive VR and AR solutions to help enterprises innovate and achieve their digital ambitions. Improve your operational efficiency, boost ROI, develop new customer engagement strategies and much more with our Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions.

Our experienced Virtual Reality specialists provide end-to-end solution development from experience design to testing and support. We integrate our bespoke virtual reality applications with the latest VR headsets and motion controllers. N-iX experts create the highest quality 3D graphics and ensure the optimal frame rate to prevent motion sickness and deliver the best VR experience.

Our VR applications allow enterprises to achieve various goals such as:

  • Leverage VR for educational and training purposes;

  • Present new products and services in real-life environments;

  • Create innovative solutions for treatment and monitoring;

  • Monitor & troubleshoot real-time issues;

  • Use VR for physical products modeling & data visualization;

Our Enterprise VR Expertise

VR Simulations and Training

We create immersive Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for education and experiential training in virtually simulated environments. Our advanced simulations and training programs enable companies to learn and practice in real-time. This results in faster learning, improved efficiency of knowledge transfer and enhanced decision making.

Interactive Product Presentation

N-iX VR specialists know how to make your idea a reality. Our fully-immersive and engaging content brings product presentation to a completely new level. We enable companies to visualize and present their latest products in realistically simulated environments and reinvent their customer engagement strategies.

Remote Assistance

We deliver bespoke AR and VR solutions for remote supervision, object manipulation, and real-time instructing. We enable experts to interact with the reconstructed 3D models to streamline their workflow and effectively troubleshoot emerging issues.


In-house VR R&D department

We constantly expand our portfolio of expertise to stay up to date with the latest technology trends and to deliver innovative solutions. Our VR R&D is a part of N-iX Game Development and is led by passionate virtual reality enthusiasts experienced in delivering projects of any complexity.

Expertise in game development and content production

With years of experience in creating games on Unity and Unreal engine, N-iX offers strong expertise in 2D/3D content production, software engineering and hardware systems integration.

Multiple hardware support

We can deliver either lightweight, portable solutions for Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard or create a complex experience using not only the headset, but also motion capture devices, controllers, and even custom made hardware.

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