3D Modeling Texturing
3D Modeling / Texturing

N-iX covers all types of 3D art outsourcing: from PBR asset production to character sculpting, from stylized cartoon to photo-realistic, from individual assets to entire game levels. We design 3D characters, creatures, vehicles, weapons, props, scenery, and more.

Illustrations 600на800

Visually appealing content is the main driver for game purchase and media coverage. That’s why striking illustrations are essential for any gaming project. N-iX Game & VR Studio has hands-on experience in sci-fi, fantasy, realistic, and other illustration genres.

Concept Art
Concept Art

Concept art brings game design ideas and characters to life. Our 2D artists produce several creative concepts to view the same idea from different angles. We then work together with your team to select the best option depending on your vision and objectives. N-iX is massively experienced with diverse styles and genres, check out our portfolio.

VFX & Animation
VFX & Animation

Our 3D team constructs realistic skeletal animations for athletes, sci-fi robots, medieval knights, cartoons, and other characters. We have unmatched expertise with motion capture for sports simulators and other projects, contact us for more information.

User Interfaces600на800
UI / UX Design

Our artists work closely with game designers create UI that enhances user experience. N-iX designed graphical user interfaces and user experiences for games of various styles: from cartoon mobile games to hardcore sci-fi multiplayer shooters.

Our Advantages
Flexible Team

Thanks to our unique human resource management system, we are able to scale artistic team size in peak times of the project. Similarly, when art production volumes drop, we’re able to reduce the team size.

Versatile Styles

N-iX artists are experienced with versatile techniques. N-iX accumulated 5+ years of successful art production in photo-realistic, stylized, illustrative, retro, pixel art, and other styles, take a look at our portfolio.

Talent Pool

Game & VR studio is a part of a large & trusted software outsourcing company, N-iX LLC. Challenging projects and creative work environment allow us to source and retain experienced artists and top graduates of the elite Ukrainian art academies.

Cultural Awareness

As a European game studio, we share common cultural values and artistic vision with European and North American clients. We clearly comprehend your insights and translate them into high-quality art. On top of that, N-iX also has proven success working with customers from Asia as well.

Let’s Illuminate Games

Let’s discuss your project and develop a common vision.
N-iX artists then take over and convert raw ideas into breathtaking visual content. We always give our creative best in line with the chosen style and genre.

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